Data Analyst Jobs In Pune [Updated 2024]

Data Analyst Jobs In Pune [Updated 2024]

data analyst jobs in pune

Data Analyst Jobs In Pune [Updated 2024]

Data Analyst Jobs In Pune [Updated 2024]

Data Analyst Jobs In Pune [Updated 2024]


Data Analyst Jobs In Pune [Updated 2024]


Most of the Companies hired Data Analysts to collect, process, and analyze large amounts of data. They help the company understand the data to make better decisions. By analyzing data, they find important facts and patterns. 

This helps improve the company’s performance by solving problems and providing answers based on data. After analyzing the data, they create a report  using business intelligence tools like Power BI, Tableau and present it to the management team. 

This is important because a lot of top executives in companies might not know how to program. Using graphs helps them understand the data better.

As per LinkedIn Statistics, there are 10,000+ Data Analyst Jobs in Pune.  So it’s clear that there is a huge demand for Data Analysts.

In this blog will explain what are Data Analyst  jobs in pune, skills, opportunities and career growth.

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Data Analyst Jobs In Pune 

If you search for a Data Analyst Job you may have a question in mind: What are the requirements to apply?

Step 1: Educational Degree

If you apply for Data Analyst jobs you have to make sure you completed a degree in a related field. This means you’ve done projects where you analyzed data, and it’s good if you know a programming language too like Python and SQL.

A degree in a relevant field such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, or economics is typically required to become a data analyst.

Step 2 : Relevant Skills

  • As we discussed earlier we have a good understanding of one programming language such as Python, SQL, etc which is mainly used in Data Analysis. 
  • Good at figuring out things and understanding complicated data sets.
  • Knowledge of Data Visualization tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Matplotlib will be more beneficial to crack the interview. 
  • You must have good communication skills because you have to present findings and insights in front of stakeholders.

These are the skills that HR mainly focuses on in your CV, so update your CV accordingly. This will increase the chances of your CV being selected and leave a good impression on the interviewer, as they typically see your CV first. Remember, first impressions matter.

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Step 3 : Hands-on Experience

Gaining hands-on experience is mandatory to crack the interview. Try to get professional training to gain hands-on experience with data analysis tools and techniques.

If you are searching for data analytics training in Pune, look no further than Technogeeks. Technogeeks is the best place to learn. Instructors are working professionals, so you get training as per current market demand. Daily assignments are provided after completing each module, so candidates have a clear understanding of what they learned from the module. After completing training, two Real hands-on projects were provided by the trainers.

Step 4 : Build a Strong Portfolio

  • Create a portfolio that highlights your data analysis projects.
  • Add detailed descriptions of the problem-solving processes and what tools & technologies you used.
  • Add relevant certifications, like if you completed a data analyst course, which you mentioned in your CV course completion certificate.
  • Edit your portfolio to fit the skills needed for the data analyst jobs that you apply for.

Step 5 : Build a Network and Job Search

  • Connect with professionals in the data analysis field through online platforms or job portals like LinkedIn. They can offer advice, mentorship, and potential job opportunities. Additionally, connecting with professionals in the field can help you expand your knowledge by sharing their experiences working on projects, strategies for meeting targets, preferred technologies, and more.
  • Start searching and create your job profile on job portals like, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc. Explore Data Analyst jobs in Pune.
  • Customize your resume and cover letter to highlight your relevant skills, experience, and qualifications for each job application.

Step 6: Prepare for Interviews

Many candidates fail to prioritize preparation and instead rush into interviews. However, without proper preparation, they risk losing out on job opportunities if they fail to perform well during the interview. The main drawback is that they lose their confidence.

So keep one thing in mind before applying for interviews: you have to give your 100% for preparation. If you feel confident that you are ready for the interviews, then you should start applying.

Be prepared to discuss your previous projects and experiences, and how they relate to the requirements of the job. Additionally, ensure you’re ready to discuss the skills mentioned in your CV, as interviewers mainly ask questions based on what you’ve listed in your CV.

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Data Analyst Salaries In Pune

As per Indeed Statistics, Data Analyst Salaries In Pune are – 

Job RolesSalary
Data Analyst5.6 LPA
Business Analyst8.5 LPA
Business Intelligence Analyst7.5 LPA
Reporting Analyst12.5 LPA
Systems Analyst10.6 LPA
Financial Analyst4 LPA

Note: You get the salary depending on organization, location, and, most importantly your skills.

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Conclusion – 

I hope you get a better understanding of Data Analyst Jobs in Pune. 

  • Data analyst jobs in Pune offer an exciting career path for those interested in data analytics.
  • Pune has many job opportunities for data analysts in different industries.
  • Technogeeks is the best place to learn Data Analyst in Pune.


Can I become a data analyst in 3 months?

Yes, it’s possible to become a data analyst in 3 months. It totally depends on how you grab the concepts, your hardwork and your consistency like how much time you invest daily for learning. 

Can a fresher become a data analyst?

Yes, freshers can become a data analyst by acquiring relevant skills through education or professional training institutes.

Do data analysts need coding?

Yes, data analysts typically need coding skills, especially in languages like Python and SQL Programming.

Is data analyst a good career in 2024?

Yes, Data analyst is a good career option in 2024 and continue to do so in the future as well.



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