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Best Software Testing Classes in Pune To Become Software Tester In 2023

Have you been looking for software testing classes in Pune to switch to the IT industry?

Are you interested in advancing your career and future by enrolling in the best software testing automation courses with placement?

Then you have found the ideal software testing training institute in Pune. Where you will be trained with software testing skills that can assure a job & a career in software testing.

We begin at the beginner level and continue our journey up to the advanced levels. These classes will teach you all you need to know about software testing skills.

All software testing courses start from the basics where you will start from scratch. In courses, you’ll learn everything you need to learn related to manual testing, selenium software testing, Big Data Testing, and ETL testing.

Live Online and Classroom Software Testing Courses In Pune

Software Testing Training in Pune With Best Blend Of Theory & Practical Training

Bootcamps To Master Software Testing Courses In Pune

The Selenium software testing course covers the essential elements of the Selenium framework for testing web applications. The course includes practical examples and the necessary knowledge of the Java language for creating automation tests. The training also aims to provide the skills needed to crack job interviews.

You will learn the following concepts in Selenium Software Testing Training:

  • Manual Testing Concepts
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
  • Types Of Testing
  • What Is JIRA Software
  • Core Java
  • Getting Started with Selenium
  • Selenium Components (Advanced Selenium)
  • Selenium WebDriver Architecture
  • Locator Techniques in Selenium
  • UI Testing in Selenium Part 1
  • UI Testing in Selenium Part 2
  • Grid & Robot Class
  • TestNG
  • Maven
  • Cucumber And Gherkin To Write BDD Acceptance Tests In Selenium
  • Jenkins
  • API Testing using REST API and POSTMAN Tool
  • Project
  • Best Practices and Interview Preparation

Manual testing involves testing an application to identify bugs, faults, and other issues. A manual tester executes the test cases without support from automated tools or scripts. It does not have any constraints in terms of environment and allows for human intuition and observation, which can be particularly useful for discovering defects in GUI applications. Additionally, programming knowledge is not necessary for manual testing, making it a good starting point for individuals seeking a career in the IT industry.

In Manual Testing Training, you will learn following concepts :

  • Software Testing Tools
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Testing Terminology
  • Windows & Web Application Testing
  • Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
  • Test Case Authoring
  • Build Release Process
  • Defect Reporting & Tracking
  • Test Closure
  • Additional
  • Project on Manual Testing
  • Project Best Practices

ETL testers are in high demand due to exponential growth in data warehouses. Technogeeks' recognized this opportunity and our ETL testing training provides individuals with the right skills, practical training, and experience, which offers career growth opportunities. Further, ETL Tester can specialize in one of the following areas to advance and become a software lead, Quality Assurance Manager, Senior Software Engineer, or Software Test Lead.

In ETL Testing Training, you will learn following concepts :

  • Introduction to ETL Testing & Industry Standards
  • ETL Tool Implementation & Testing Concepts
  • Coding & Testing Process Using Different Transformation Rules
  • Testing Techniques in ETL
  • SCDs (Slowly Changing Dimensions)
  • Common ETL Testing Scenarios
  • UNIX Commands Used in Informatica
  • Informatica Powercenter

Big Data testing verifies the performance, functionality, and security of big data applications and systems. These testing ensure that the data is processed, stored, and analyzed accurately and efficiently and that the results meet stakeholders' expectations. The testing process commonly involves using various tools and techniques to validate the data quality, check the processing and storage performance, and validate the security and privacy of the data. Ultimately these tests ensure that the Big Data systems can handle the large volume, velocity, and variety of data and deliver meaningful insights and decisions.

In BigData Testing Training, you will learn following concepts :

  • Introduction to Hadoop and Its Ecosystem, MapReduce and HDFS
  • Introduction to Pig and Its Features
  • Introduction to Hive
  • Hadoop Stack Integration Testing
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Hadoop Testing
  • Framework Called MRUnit for Testing of MapReduce Programs
  • Unit Testing
  • Test Execution of Hadoop: Customized
  • Test Plan Strategy Test Cases of Hadoop Testing

Key Features Of Software Testing Training

With real-world projects and immersive courses built by experienced IT experts, you'll master the full stack developer skills that top companies demand.

Our experienced instructors assist you in your learning by answering your questions, motivating you, and ensuring that you stay on track.

To help you progress your career and secure a high-paying role, you'll receive access to resume assistance, a Github portfolio evaluation, profile optimization.

  • Personalized feedback on projects and assignments.
  • Submissions until you pass the test and feedback loop on the capstone project.
  • Expert tips and industry best practices.
  • Additional learning resources are available.

FAQ - Software Testing

Each software testing course training is structured in a way that will give students a thorough understanding of software testing with a combination of theory and hands-on experience. The course content is delivered through live interactive sessions and assignments.

The course is designed to be completed by learning at least 5-10 hrs per week. This timeline makes sure that students complete the course within that timeframe.

The instructor will also review each project so that students can understand the concepts they learned in training.

The overall course structure provides students with well-rounded training in software testing. And allows them to build a strong foundation in software testing with hands-on experience.

Students will apply the knowledge gained to real-world scenarios working through the assignments and projects, and develop the skills needed to succeed in software testing roles.

For policies on enrolment in software testing classes, please checkout the course training enrolment Terms of Use and FAQs.

If you have an inquiring mindset and are fascinated by how software works, software testing is one of the best careers to explore

Particularly a detective who is concerned about his client and is eager to uncover the flaws in the software.

Over time, QA or QE leads to Test Manager or something similar to Test Automation Architect in the career ladder of a software tester.

However, if you prefer to learn something new every day, it is a niche career. Like tools used in software automation testing (Jenkins) also used in DevOps were you can learn the software development cycle on cloud with continuous deployment.

Software tester salaries in India range from 1.5 lakhs to 9.2 lakhs, with an average annual salary of 3.7 lakhs, according to Ambition Box.

There is no application. These courses are for everyone, regardless of experience and specific background. You will start from scratch for every Software Testing course that you invest in!

  • Depending on the students' learning speed, the course training can be finished in as little as two months.
  • See the Terms of Use and FAQs for other policies regarding the terms of access to our Software Testing courses.

Students are recommended to follow the below hardware requirements:

  • Minimum 2 GB of RAM to avoid computer slowdown.
  • Core 2 Duo or higher specifications processor.
  • Minimum 100 GB hard disk drive (HDD) to install and run the applications smoothly.

Note: Most consumer computers on the market meet these requirements today.

Following the above-recommended hardware specifications, you will get the best hands-on experience & the most out of the training.

  • If you want to advance your career, software testing is an excellent place to start.
  • While each function has its unique set of challenges, it is similar to other professional paths in that your responsibilities increase as you gain experience.

Job Profiles

Experience Level

Salary (in lakhs)

QA Analyst/Trainee Tester



QA Analyst/Software Tester

1-3 years


QA Analyst

3-5 years


Software Test Engineer

3-5 years


QA Team Coordinator

5-6 years


Test Manager

8-11 years


Senior Test Manager

14+ years


All software testing courses start from the basics. You’ll learn everything from scratch you need to learn related to manual testing, selenium software testing, and ETL testing.

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