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    Technogeeks Provides ETL + Hadoop BigData Testing Course in which we cover complete Envorenment based on : OLTP, OLAP, BigData, Hadoop, Hive, SQOOP, Shell Script, Informatica PowerCenter


    Introduction to Hadoop, Bigdata ETL and DW Concepts

    • Introduction to Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Introduction to BigData
    • Hadoop Nodes, Rack, Cluster
    • What is Data Warehousing?
    • Differences between OLTP and Data Warehousing
    • HDFS , YARN, Hive Architecture
    • SQOOP usage and applications
    • Introduction to Hive Data warhouse
    • Introduction to Dala Lake
    • Why we need two separate solution for real time and warehousing
    • How to extract data from several sources and load into same target table
    • How to perform transformation logics on data
    • How to load data into final target table
    • Introduction to Data Mart

    • Types of Tables:
    • Fact Table
    • Dimension table 
    • Fact Table
    • Star Schema
    • Snowflake Schema
    • Fact Constellation Schema 


    Hadoop Real Time Cluster with Hue
    Types of Nodes in Hadoop
    Deamons in Hadoop Ecosystem
    HDFS Deamons
    YARN Deamons
    Live Hadoop Demo with all the components
    Hue Hands on with HDFS
    Hue Hands on with Hive
    • SCD ( Slowly Changing Dimensions )
    • Different types of SCD’s which developer develops and a tester has to test as per different types of data needs of clients
    • We implement SCD-1 and  SCD-2 in class to show the implementation part more transparently and explain SCD-3 to define how to work on limited historical data as well which is used sometimes
    • Types:

    • SCD-1
    • SCD-2
    • SCD-3


    • ETL Tool Implementation and Testing Concepts
    • Basic Concepts In Sql (Select, Update, Insert and Delete)
    • How  to design frequently used testing queries to validate the data in source and target for both of the reasons Data Quality and Correctness to ensure that expected data came into the final and mediator target tables or not. 
    Overview Of Etl Tool Architecture
    • How ETL tool works and what is the basic need of ETL tools in the market
    • What are the similarities between ETL tools and SQL
    • Why we use ETL Tools if SQL is the only standard which any Database or Data Warehouse can use
    • How ETL Tools work at back end
    • Different ETL Tools in the market
    • What types of tasks tester performs on ETL for testing purpose
    • Informatica PowerCenter (Leading tool in the market) 


    Informatica PowerCenter Mapping and usecases
    • ETL Logic in Informatica PowerCenter
    • Informaica usage with Datawarehouse Projects
    • Why we use Informatica with Bigdata Tools
    • Differentiate between HQL, Pig Latin and Informatica
    • Informatica Basic mapping with Test cases
    • Informatica complex mappings with test cases


    Data Sources, Data Ingestion in Hadoop and SQOOP
    • Data Validation in Hadoop using SQOOP scripts
    • SQOOP Performance testing
    • Data Truncation and count 
    • MINUS Query
    • COUNT Query
    • UNION Query
    • JOIN Query 


    Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Data Lake and Layes
    • Hive Query Testing in Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Different Interfaces available to access Hadoop Ecosystem for Tester
    • Real time HQL scripts for validation and testing
    • Test usecases in Hive Layers - Staging, Data Stre and Data warehouse
    • Hive performance testing
    • Shell Scripts to test commands
    • Additional benefits:
    • Interview Questions
    • Resume preparations
    • Real-time Scenarios examples and solution discussion
    • Assignments
Cloudera and Hortonworks
Training with Real time Project by It Working professional
This course is designed based on combination of Informatica, BigData and Hadoop Ecosystem
Trainer has 9+ years experience in It Industry

Every Saturday we conduct Demo Sessions

Real time project on Banking and Healthcare Domains