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RPA Training in Pune | Robotic Process Automation Training in Pune

    Robotic Process Automation, RPA Certification Training classes in Pune

    Course Highlights

    • RPA UiPath
    • RE Framework
    • OCR
    • UiPath Advance Certification Readiness
    • RPA and industry use cases
    • Different types of Robots – Attended and Unattended Robots.
    • Windows, Web and Citrix Automation
    • Excel and Email Automation
    • Work queue, Assets and Security
    • Orchestrator & Deployment
    • RE Framework
    • Citrix and SAP Automation
    • Real time projects

    Target Audiences for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) UiPath Training?

    • Software Developers
    • QA / Testers
    • Business Analysts
    • BPO Professionals
    • Operation Managers
    • Finance & Accounting
    • Project Managers

    Module-1 RPA Overview & Industry Use Cases

    • What, When and Where RPA
    • Industry Use Cases
    • RPA Tools (UiPath, AA and Blue Prism) overview
    • RPA implementation lifecycle.

    Module-2 UiPath Studio Overview

    • Sequence, Flow Chart & Decision
    • Variables and arguments
    • Loops
    • If else, Decisions and Switch

    Module-3 Excel Automation

    • Read/Write/Create
    • Filter, Sorting & Query
    • Merge

    Module-4 Email Automation

    • Read/Send
    • Download Attachment
    • IMAP & Outlook

    Module-5 Application Automation

    • Windows
    • Web
    • Citrix
    • PDF

    Module-6 Project Organization

    • Modular files
    • Input / Out
    • Arguments
    • Reusable components

    Module-7 Work Queue

    • Upload to Queue
    • Read from Queue – Get item by item
    • Read from Queue – Get all items in one go
    • Transactions (Success and Fail)
    • Defer item
    • Priority
    • Throw exception

    Module-8 Orchestrator

    • Dashboard
    • Security
    • Assets
    • Audit Trails
    • Logs

    Module-9 Deployment

    • Package publishing
    • Client Deployment
    • Bots provisioning
    • Deployment
    • Version Control

    Module-10 RE Framework

    • State Machine
    • RE-Framework
    • Fitting our processes in RE Framework
    • Running entire program from RE Framework

    Module-11 Code Stage (Overview)

    • Overview to .Net / C#
    • Injecting code stage
    • Run different types of scripts such as Java,Python,batch,powershell,VB.net.
    • Web Services Automation i.e. consume data that are exposed over web using SOAP and REST.
    • Integration with different databases

    Module-12 Advance Exception Handling

    • Try / Catch / Finally
    • Throw / Rethrow
    • Global Handler

    Module-13 Theory

    • RPA Project Life Cycle
    • Opportunity Assessment
    • RPA Documentation process
    • RPA process in life Cycle(How to test workflows, bots)
    • Risks and Challenges
We also help people to prepare for UiPath Certification
  • Multiple Batches Available 
  • Candidates can attend multiple batches as well.
  • Certification Preparation
  • Job Assistance
We provide RPA (RObotic Process Automation) Training by IT Working Professional on Weekends in Pune
Technogeeks has trained more than 150 IT Professionals on RPA  in Pune and many people out of them working in IT

We have Morning, After-noon and Evening slots available for RPA Training

  • We cover complete Project life-cycle based on UiPath RPA.
  • We work on complete Process Development, Automation, Testing, Deployment lifecycle
  • People can learn complete RPA UiPath based track in 2 months time with complete Project implementation