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Technogeeks’ cloud computing training in Pune is curated by working IT professionals. Job seekers who are looking for a job-oriented Cloud Computing training institute in Pune can trust our software & IT training institute for their upskilling journey. These cloud computing courses are designed in a way to prepare you to take global certification exams from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP.

What will you learn in cloud computing training courses?

  • Students will learn in-depth cloud computing with in-demand tools and cloud services to run on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • It will also educate students to know the problems and use suitable algorithms, and technologies. It also enables them to analyze many Cloud Computing solutions.
  • Students will learn various aspects of AWS Cloud Architecture, AWS Elastic Compute Cloud services (EC2), Networking, Simple Storage Services (S3), Relational Database Services (RDS), Google Cloud Platform technology, and Azure Cloud Architecture Technology.
  • Cloud Computing Classes in Pune venture into essential technologies like Random Forest Models, Decision Trees, and Big Data & AI Services on Cloud Platforms.
  • During course training, you will be encouraged to scale and deploy Cloud infrastructure services independently.
  • These courses will give the students a tour of the core issues related to cloud computing that includes security, privacy, and interoperability.
    It will also teach you to identify the problem and use appropriate technologies, algorithms, and strategies to evaluate various cloud computing solutions.
  • These courses also describe the various services such as storage, security, network, monitoring and notifications hub, and databases of AWS, Azure, and GCP in great depth.
  • Some topics in the courses are designed as introductory modules to Cloud Computing and the types of Cloud Service Models – IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS. Further modules deal with deploying Virtual Machines, load balancers, and servers on AWS, Azure, and GCP. The concluding modules of cloud computing courses deal with storage and security services functions in AWS, Azure, and GCP.
  • Students are encouraged to deploy servers and load balancers using all cloud platforms. In the end, you will learn to analyze many Cloud Computing solutions. A separate module is devoted to Big data and AI Services on the Cloud.

Career Opportunity after completing Cloud Computing Training in Pune

After completing the Cloud Computing Training from our software training institute, you are able to apply for the following positions in an organization with respective cloud computing certifications.

  • Google Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Support Engineer
  • Cloud Practitioner
  • Cloud Architect
  • Google Cloud Data Engineer
  • Enterprise Cloud Designer
  • Enterprise Cloud Consultant
  • AWS Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Developer Associate
  • AWS SysOps Administrator Associate
  • Azure Data Engineer
  • Azure Developer Associate
  • Cloud Computing Administrator

What Will You Learn In Cloud Computing Classes In Pune?

⮚Module 1 - Basics of Cloud Computing

⮚ Module 2 – Setting up And Installations

⮚ Module 3- Elastic Compute Cloud - Ec2

⮚ Module 4- Elastic Block Storage - EBS

⮚ Module 5- Elastic File System - EFS

⮚ Module 6- Elastic Load Balancer - ELB

⮚ Module 7- Auto Scaling - As

⮚ Module 8- Virtual Private Cloud - VPC

⮚ Module 9- Route53

⮚ Module 10 - Relational Database Service - RDS

⮚ Module 11- DynamoDB

⮚ Module 12- CloudFormation - Cf

⮚ Module 13- Elastic Beanstalk - Eb

⮚ Module 14 - Identity & Access Management IAM

⮚ Module 15 - Simple Queue Service - SQS

⮚ Module 16 - Simple Notification Service - SNS

⮚ Module 17 - Organisation And Resource Groups

⮚ Module 18 - Lambda

⮚ Module 19 - API Gateway

⮚ Module 20 - Command Line Interface - CLI

⮚ Module 21 - CloudWatch

⮚ Module 22 - CloudTrail

⮚ Module 23 - Elastic Container Service - ECS


⮚ Module 1 - Introduction To Cloud And Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing

⮚ Module 2- Implement Data Storage Solutions (Implement Non Relational Data Stores)

⮚ Module 3- Implement Data Storage Solutions (Implement Relational Data Stores)

⮚ Module 4- Implement Data Storage Solutions (Manage Data Security)

⮚ Module -5 Manage And Develop Data Processing (Develop Batch Processing Solutions)

⮚ Module 6- Manage And Develop Data Processing (Develop Streaming Solutions)

⮚ Module 7- Monitor And Optimize Data Solutions (Monitor Data Storage)

⮚ Module 8- Autoscaling - AS

⮚ Module 9- Monitor And Optimize Data Solutions (Monitor Data Processing)

⮚ Module 10- Project Best Practices

⮚ Module 1 - Introduction To Google Cloud Platform

⮚ Module 2 - Managing GCP

⮚ Module 3 - Google Cloud Platform: Virtual Network

⮚ Module 4 - Security & Identity Fundamentals

⮚ Module 5 - Compute Services

⮚ Module 6 - Data Storage Services

⮚ Module 7 - Architecting With Google Kubernetes Engine

⮚ Module 8 - Application Development

⮚ Module 9 - DevOps

⮚ Module 10 - Automation

⮚ Module 11 - Big Data And AI Services

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