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    Data warehousing basic concepts
    Business Knowledge
    è Introduction to IBM Cognos TM1
    ·         Financial Performance Management
    ·         What is OLAP?
    ·         OLAP Vs OLTP
    ·         Dimensional Analysis Example
    ·         Examine OLAP Data Structures
    ·         TM1 OLAP Solution
    ·         Use different TM1 user interfaces
    ·         Examine TM1 users
    ·         Examine TM1 Technology
    ·         Important files in TM1
    ·         Demo 1:Connection to an existing TM1 server
    ·         Create a new TM1 server
    ·         The three core design principles
    ·         Create an application in TM1
    è Create dimensions
    ·         What is a dimension?
    ·         What is an element?
    ·          Using weights with elements
    ·          Using attributes
    ·          Create dimensions
    ·          Demo 2:Create dimensions manually
    ·          Demo 3:Modify existing dimensions
    ·          What is turbo integrator?
    ·          Demo 4:Create a dimension using turbo integrator
    ·          Workshop 1:Create a dimension using turbo integrator
    è Build cubes and Views
    ·         Store data in cubes
    ·          Build a cube
    ·          Consider dimension order
    ·          Name the cube
    ·          Create a view
    ·          Demo 5: Build a cube
    ·          Workshop 2:Build the sales plan cube
    è Load and Maintain Data
    ·         Determine the data source
    ·          Review the data structure
    ·          Load data with turbo integrator
    ·          Import data from an ASCII file
    ·          Using formulas in variables
    ·          Demo 6: Import data from an ODBC source
    ·          Use turbo integrator to maintain the model
    ·          Demo 7:Clear data from a cube using a process
    ·          Demo 8: Accumulate data
    ·          Demo 9: Save data
    ·          Workshop 3:Create the franchise revenue cube
    è Add Business rules
    ·          Add business logic
    ·          Create a rule
    ·          Demo 10: Create a simple rules
    ·          Demo 11:Create a rule to suppress a consolidation
    ·          Use a function in rule
    ·          Demo 12: Create a rule to share data between cubes
    ·          Optimize your rules
    ·          Using feeder statements
    ·          Demo 13: Add skip check and feeders
    ·          Using rule worksheets
    ·          Demo 14: Review a rule worksheet
    ·          Determine location of logic
    ·          Demo 15: Calculate gross margin
    ·          Workshop 4: Calculate average unit cost
    ·          Workshop 5: Complete calculations for sales plan measures
    è Automate common processes using scripts
    ·         Review scripting with turbo integrator
    ·          Benefits of custom scripts
    ·          Demo 16: load data from multiple columns to a single column
    ·          Demo 17: Create a dimension including a subset with turbo integrator
    ·          Demo 18: Create a dimension with uneven Hierarchy
    ·          Use TM1 as a data source
    ·          Demo 19: Export data to ASCII text using turbo integrator
    ·          Demo 20: Move data between versions
    ·          Use chores with turbo integrator
    ·          Demo 21: Create and schedule a chore
    ·          Workshop 6:Create subsets within a turbo integrator process
    è Customize drill paths
    ·         View related data
    ·          Create a drill path
    ·          Demo 22: Create a drill through path to a view in another cube
    ·          Demo 23: Create a drill path to an ODBC Source
    ·          Workshop 7:Create drill paths for commissions
    è Convert currencies
    ·         Convert currency
    ·          Review control cubes
    ·          Use rules tracker
    ·          Demo 24: Include reporting currencies in a cube
    ·          Workshop 8: Build the income statement cube with reporting currencies
    è Model for different fiscal requirements
    ·         Understanding Time
    ·          Discrete Time Dimensions
    ·          Demo 25: Add a year dimension
    ·          Continuous time dimensions
    ·          Develop continuous Time Model
    ·          Workshop 9:Add Last year calculations to franchise revenue3
    è Present data and Reports
    ·          Organize content in a TM1 application
    ·          Using application folders: Example
    ·          Demo 26: Add TM1 objects and external files to an application
    ·          Build worksheets with action buttons
    ·          Add an action button to a worksheet
    ·          Demo 27: Add an action button to a worksheet
    ·          Use worksheet controls to present data
    ·          Use controls for data validation
    ·          Use Toolbars to add controls
    ·          Demo 28: Add a data validation control to a Microsoft excel spreadsheet
    ·          Format reports
    ·          Demo 29: Change the formatting on a report and create a crosstab menu
    è Define workflow
    ·          Configure TM1 for workflow
    ·          Review TM1 security
    ·          Demo 30: Add users and groups to TM1 security
    ·          Install workflow
    ·          Demo 31: Install TM1 workflow
    ·          Create a workflow process
    ·          Demo 32: Add a new process and tasks
    ·          Use the toolbar
    ·          Demo 33: Submit budget for GO Americas expenses
    è Introduction to Executive viewer
    ·          Explore executive viewer
    ·          Self service analysis
    ·          Explore the executive viewer client interface
    ·          Demo 34: Create a view and connect to a data source
    ·          Examine a cube
    ·          Examine views
    ·          Identify components of a view
    ·          Focus on a specific data
    ·          Demo 35: Select and arrange members
    ·          Demo 36: Drag and Drop, stack, and hide dimensions
    ·          Workshop 10: Create a view