Data Science Course in Pune

Duration : 110 hrs

Learn 6 Courses In 1 Data Science Specialization Track In Pune with Placement

Are you looking for a Data Science Course in Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad, a “near me” classroom, or online training?

Technogeeks’ 110 hrs of interactive data science course in pune combines industry-based, job-oriented, hands-on, interactive training with 70 hrs of assignments and 70 hrs of real-time data science, machine learning hands-on projects with source code.

The IT professionals who created the data science courses in Pune will have you work on real-world data analytics and machine learning projects.

Learn Data Science Course In Pune from working IT professionals with 16+ years of data science and machine learning, data engineering experience.

Data Science Training from Technogeeks covers Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, and Python Programming.

Data Science Course In Pune is designed for both beginners and experienced working professionals.

In data science classes In Pune, you will learn Python Libraries for data science including 

(Matplotlib, Seaborn). For data analysis, you will use Python libraries (Numpy, Panda).

You will also use Tableau/Power BI tools for data visualization and analytics.

It covers all the essential topics in data science course in Pune, such as data aggregation, exploratory data analysis (EDA), Rest API, SQL, CRUD operations, Deep Learning, NLP & more.

Hands-on projects in training help you apply your knowledge in the real world.

After you finish the course, you will go through mock interviews and work on your CV to be ready for real interviews.

Is Data Science a Good Career in 2024?

Data science is a rapidly growing field, and the demand for data scientists will increase  significantly in 2024. It is the best career option worldwide as every organization needs a data scientist to analyze data obtained from online sources. 

An IBM analysis predicts that data science jobs are expected to grow by 30% with an estimated 2,720,000 job listings in this field by 2023 based on employer salaries and job openings. 

“The Data Science sector will be creating 11 million jobs by the year 2026” –  US Bureau of Labor Statistics. As various businesses are dealing with enormous amounts of data, which will keep growing significantly in the upcoming years, the need for proficient data scientists will also increase.

Data Science Training Syllabus​

Best Blended Syllabus for Data Science Course in Pune with Placement Oriented Training Institute​

Section 1 - Core Python & Advance Python

  1. What is Python and brief history
  2. Why Python and who use Python
  3. Discussion on Python 2 and 3
  4. Unique features of Python
  5. Discussion on various IDE’s
  6. Demonstration of practical use cases
  7. Python use cases using data analysis

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  1. Installing python
  2. Setting up Python Development Environment
  3. Installation of Jupyter Notebook
  4. How to access our course material using Jupyter
  5. Write your first program in Python
  6. Deployment on local and cloud platforms using Google Colab

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  1. Introduction to Python objects
  2. Python built-in functions
  3. Number objects and operations
  4. Variable assignment and keywords, String objects and operations
  5. Print formatting with strings
  6. List objects and operations
  7. Tuple objects and operations
  8. Dictionary objects and operations
  9. Sets and Boolean
    Object and data structures
  10. Assessment test

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  1. Introduction to Python statements
  2. If, elif and else statements
  3. Comparison operators
  4. Chained comparison operators
  5. What are loops
  6. For loops
  7. While loops
  8. Useful operator
  9. List comprehensions
  10. Statement assessment test
  11. Game challenge

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  1. Methods
  2. What are various types of functions
  3. Creating and calling user defined functions
  4. Function practice exercises
  5. Lambda Expressions
  6. Map and filter
  7. Nested statements and scope
  8. Args and kwargs in Python
  9. Functions and methods assignment

Milestone Project using Python

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  1. Process files using python
  2. Read/write and append file object
  3. File functions
  4. File pointer and operations
  5. Introduction to error handling
  6. Try, except and finally
  7. Python standard exceptions
  8. User defined exceptions
  9. Unit testing
  10. File and exceptions assignment

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  1. Python inbuilt modules
  2. Creating UDM-User defined modules
  3. Passing command line arguments
  4. Writing packages
  5. Define PYTHONPATH
  6. __name__ and __main__

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  1. Object oriented features
  2. Implement object oriented programming with Python
  3. Creating classes and objects
  4. Creating class attributes
  5. Creating methods in a class
  6. Inheritance
  7. Polymorphism
  8. Special methods for class

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  1. Collections module
  2. Datetime
  3. Python debugger
  4. Timing your code
  5. Regular expressions
  6. StringIO
  7. Python decorators
  8. Python generators

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  • Python inbuilt modules
  • Install packages on python
  • Introduction to pip, easy install
  • Multithreading
  • Multiprocessing

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Section 2 - Data Analytics & Data Visualization

  1. Introduction in Excel
  2. Data Cleaning & Preparation
  3. Formatting & Conditional Formatting
  4. Lookup Function
  5. Analyzing data with Pivot Tables
  6. Charts
  7. Data Visualization/Dashboarding using excel
  8. Data Analysis using statistics

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  1. Introduction to data analysis
  2. Why Data analysis?
  3. Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence Bridge
  4. Introduction to Data Analysis libraries
  5. Data analysis introduction assignment challenge

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  1. Introduction to Numpy arrays
  2. Creating and applying functions
  3. Numpy Indexing and selection
  4. Numpy Operations
  5. Exercise and assignment challenge

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  1. Introduction to the Series
  2. Introduction to DataFrames
  3. Data manipulation with pandas
  4. Missing data
  5. Groupby
  6. Merging, Joining, and Concatenating
  7. Operations
  8. Data Input and Output
  9. Pandas’ in-depth coding exercises
  10. Text data mining and processing
  11. Data mining applications in Data engineering
  12. File system integration with Pandas
  13. Excel integration with Pandas
    1. Operations on Excel using a dataframe
    2. Data aggregation on Excel Data
    3. Data visualization using Excel Data
    4. Milestone Project – 2

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  1. Plotting using Matplotlib
  2. Plotting Numpy arrays
  3. Plotting using object-oriented approach
  4. Subplots using matplotlib
  5. Matplotlib attributes and functions
  6. Matplotlib exercises
Seaborn Visualization
  1. Categorical Plot using Seaborn
  2. Distributional plots using Seaborn
  3. Matrix plots
  4. Grids
  5. Seaborn exercises

Project– Getting insights using python analysis and visualizations on finance credit score data.

Assignment – Pandas built-in data visualization Data visualization

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Elective Module
  • Working with Elements
  • Working with Bookmarks
  • Working with Buttons
  • Working with New Tooltips
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Working with Interactions
  • Publish Power BI Dashboards
  • Power BI Service
  • Export Reports to PowerPoint, PDF
  • Implementing Gateways
  • Working with Parameters
  • Final Deployment of the Dashboard

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  1. Comparison Between Tableau & Programming-based Data Visualization
  2. Need Of Tableau
  3. Types Of Data Sources Supported By Tableau For Report Development
  4. How to Build Report & Dashboard in Tableau
  5. How To Build Charts In Tableau
  6. Data Visualization Using Tableau Features
  7. Types of Graphs
  8. Multiple graph combinations
  9. Multi-file format support in Tableau
  10. Data analysis without visualization
  11. Data analysis with visualization

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Section 3 - Mathematics and Statistics for Data Science

  1. Need of Mathematics for Data Science
  2. Exploratory data analysis (EDA)
  3. Numeric Variables
  4. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  5. Types of Data Formats
  6. Measuring the Central Tendency – The Model
  7. Measuring Spread – Variance and Standard Deviation
  8. Euclidean Distance
  9. Confidence Coefficient
  10. Understanding Parametric Tests

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Section 4 - Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Need for Machine Learning in Forecasting
  • Demand of forecasting analytics in current industrial trends
  • Scope of ML
  • Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithm Categories
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

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  • Introduction to Regression
  • Exercise on Linear Regression using Scikit Learn Library
  • Project on Linear regression using USA_HOUSING data
  • Evaluation of Linear regression using python visualizations
  • Practice project for Linear regression using advertisement data set to predict appropriate advertisements for users.
K- Nearest neighbors using Python
  • Exercise on K-Nearest neighbors using Sci-kit Learn Library
  • Project on Logistic regression using Dogs and horses’ dataset
  • Getting the correct number of clusters
  • Evaluation of model using confusion matrix and classification report
  • Standard scaling problem
  • Practice project on KNN algorithm.

Decision tree and Random forest with python

  • Intuition behind Decision trees
  • Implementation of decision tree using a real time dataset
  • Ensemble learning
  • Decision tree and random forest for regression
  • Decision tree and random forest for classification
  • Evaluation of the decision tree and random forest using different methods
  • Practice project on decision tree and random forest using social network
  • Data to predict if someone will purchase an item or not
Support Vector Machines
  • Linearly separable data
  • Non-linearly separable data
  • SVM project with telecom dataset to predict the users portability
Principal Component Analysis
  • Introduction to PCA
  • Need for PCA
  • Implementation to select a model on breast-cancer dataset
  • Model evaluation
  • Bias variance trade-off
  • Accuracy paradox
  • CAP curve and analysis
Clustering in unsupervised learning
  • K-means clustering intuition
  • Implementation of K-means with Python using mall customers data to implement clusters on the basis of spending and income
  • Hierarchical clustering intuition
  • Implementation of Hierarchical clustering with python
Association Algorithms
  • A priori theory and explanation
  • Market basket analysis
  • Implementation of Apriori
  • Evaluation of association learning

POC – To make a model to predict the relationship between frequently bought products together on the given dataset from a supermarket.

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  • Introduction to Natural Language processing
  • NLTK Python library
  • Data stemming technique
  • Data Vectorization
  • Exercise on NLTK
  • POC– Apply NLP techniques to understand reviews given by customers in a dataset and predict if a review is good/bad without human intervention.

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  • Neural Network and Deep Learning
  • What is TensorFlow?
  • TensorFlow Installation
  • TensorFlow basics
  • TensorFlow with Contrib Learn
  • TensorFlow Exercise
  • What is Keras?
  • Keras Basics
  • Pipeline implementation using Keras
  • MNIST implementation with Keras

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Section 5 - Working with Databases with Python

  • What is SQL? 
  • Why do we need SQL integration with Python?
  • Data types in SQL
  • DDL, DML, and TCL sub-languages in SQL
  • Significance and type of Joins in SQL
  • Where clause in SQL
  • Group by clause in SQL
  • Create command in SQL
  • Insert command in SQL
  • Select command in SQL
  • Select command variants in SQL
  • Update command in SQL
  • Delete command in SQL
  • Drop command in SQL
  • Truncate command in SQL
  • Commit and rollback concepts in SQL
  • SQL integration with Python
  • Table operations in SQL using Python
  • Working on multiple tables using Python and SQL
  • CRUD operations in SQL

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  • REST principles
  • Creating application endpoints
  • Implementing endpoints Using Postman for API testing
  • Python, database and front-end integration concepts and implementation

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  • CRUD operations on the database
  • REST principles and connectivity to databases
  • Creating a web development API for login registers and connecting it to the database
  • Deploying the API on a local server

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Section 6 - Major Project

  • Project use cases Introduction
  • Project Scenarios
  • Project life cycle
  • What is version controlling in project management
  • What is GitHub
  • Significance of GitHub in project management
  • Code submission for testing and deployment
  • Predictive analytics tools and techniques
  • Project best practices

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About Data Science Course In Pune​

  • We, at Technogeeks, provide the best Data science Course in Pune, covering all aspects of the Data Science project life cycle, including data collection, Data Cleaning, Data Exploration, Data Modelling, etc.,
  • Our Data Science certification classes provide students with one of the best hands-on exposures to essential technologies to master data science & machine learning. 
  • With hands-on projects based on Python & its libraries, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing through live interaction with the instructor, learners will have a great opportunity to become data science professionals.
  • All prerequisites are covered from the beginning of the course, including core concepts of Python, OOPs Concepts in Python, machine learning techniques, Mathematical statistics,& more.
  • Our data science course comes with mentorship from the instructor.

This is the most comprehensive data science course in Pune, with Real-time Projects & 25+ tools and techniques. The course covers all the essential tools in data science, from data collection to data analysis , data visualization, machine learning, deep learning & NLP.

  • Programming Language
    • Core Python & Advance Python
    • SQL
  • Python Run Environments
    • Google Colab, Jupyter Notebook
  • Python Distribution
    • Anaconda
  • IDE
    • Pycharm
  • Data Analysis
    • Numpy, Pandas
  • Data Visualization
    • Matplotlib, Seaborn, Tableau
  • Machine Learning
    • Regression Techniques
    • Linear Regression
    • scikit-learn
    • KNN algorithm
    • Decision Tree and Random Forest
  • Supervised Learning Models
    • Support Vector Machine
  • Unsupervised Learning Algorithms
    • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
    • K-means Clustering
    • Association Rule Learning
  • Python Library
    • sci-kit learn
  • Natural Language Processing
    • Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)
  • Deep Learning
    • Keras
    • TensorFlow
  • API Development & Unit Testing
    • REST API
    • Postman
    • Flask
  • Rest API Integration With Databases for Web App Development
    • CRUD operations
    • REST Principles
  • Python programming language.
  • Learn Seaborn to create beautiful statistical plots with Python.
  • You will build a portfolio of data science projects with real-world data.
  • Get set up quickly with the Anaconda data science stack environment.
  • Master critical data science skills.
  • You can analyze your own data sets and gain insights through data science.
  • Learn Pandas for data manipulation with Python.
  • Learn Matplotlib to create fully customized data visualizations with Python.
  • Learn NumPy for numerical processing with Python.
  • You will create data pipeline workflows to analyze, visualize, and gain insights from data in tools like Tableau and PowerBI.
  • Replicate real-world situations and data reports in hands-on examples.
  • APIs integration using the Flask framework
  • Understand Machine Learning from top to bottom.
  • Create supervised machine learning algorithms to predict classes.
  • Create regression machine learning algorithms for predicting continuous values.
  • Explore how to deploy machine learning models as interactive APIs.
  • Learn how to use Scikit-learn to apply powerful machine learning algorithms.
  • Learn best practices for real-world data sets.
  • Understand the full production workflow for the machine learning lifecycle.
  • You will also learn about deep learning using the TensorFlow and Keras frameworks.
  • Construct a modern portfolio of data science and machine learning resume projects.
  • Data Science Generalist
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Engineering

Data science has become one of the most in-demand career paths in recent years. As businesses increasingly rely on data to drive decision-making, the demand for professionals with the skills to collect, analyze, and interpret that data has grown exponentially.

If you are considering a career in Data Science, then Pune is a great place to start your search. There are many companies in Pune that are looking for talented Data Scientists. With the right skill set, you can earn a very good salary in Pune.

A candidate’s skill set, educational qualifications, work experience, company size, and job position provided, all determine the pay range for data science practitioners. Those with a strong programming background, particularly in Python, who are able to query databases with SQL, create machine learning models, and have strong data analysis skills, can command a higher salary.

Organizations such as IBM, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Accenture, TCS, and Deloitte, all offer a competitive salary to certified and talented data science experts. In Pune, the average salary for a data scientist is ₹9, 41,035 per year (Source: Glassdoor), making it an attractive city for those looking to enter or further their career in data science.

  • We, at Technogeeks, provide the best Data science Course in Pune, covering all aspects of the Data Science project life cycle, including data collection, Data Cleaning, Data Exploration, Data Modelling, etc.,
  • Our Data Science certification classes provide students with one of the best hands-on exposures to essential technologies to master data science & machine learning. 
  • With hands-on projects based on Python & its libraries, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing through live interaction with the instructor, learners will have a great opportunity to become data science professionals.
  • All prerequisites are covered from the beginning of the course, including core concepts of Python, OOPs Concepts in Python, machine learning techniques, Mathematical statistics,& more.
  • Our data science course comes with mentorship from the instructor.
  • Welcome to the complete course on learning Data Science and Machine Learning on the internet! After teaching over 3000 students, we’ve put together what we believe to be the best way to go from zero to expert in data science and machine learning in Python!
  • This course is designed for the student who is a novice to Python and is ready to dive deeper into using those Python skills for Data Science and Machine Learning. The typical starting salary for a data scientist can be over 3 lakh to 8 lakh rupees, and we’ve created this course to help guide students in learning a set of skills that will make them extremely employable in today’s workplace environment.
  • We’ll cover everything you need to know about the complete data science and machine learning tech stack required at the world’s top companies. Our students have gotten jobs at Wipro, Infosys, Capgemini, Accenture, TCS, and other leading tech companies!
  • We’ve designed the course using our years of teaching experience both online and classroom to deliver a clear and structured approach to guide beginners and experienced professionals from other fields through understanding not just how to use data science and machine learning libraries, but why we use them. This course is a good mix of real-world case studies and the math behind how machine learning algorithms work.
  • We cover advanced machine learning algorithms that most other courses don’t! Including advanced regularization methods and state-of-the-art unsupervised learning methods, such as K Means Clustering, Apriori Association, etc.
  • This comprehensive course is designed to be on par with Bootcamps & Specialisation usually cost thousands of rupees, and includes the following topics:
  •     Programming with Python
  •     NumPy with Python
  •     Deep dive into Pandas for Data Analysis
  •     Full understanding of Matplotlib Programming Library
  •     Deep dive into seaborn for data visualizations
  •     Machine Learning with SciKit Learn, including:
    • Linear Regression
    • Regularization
    • K Nearest Neighbors
    • K Means Clustering
    • Decision Trees
    • Random Forests
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Support Vector Machines
    • Hierarchical Clustering
    • PCA
    • Model Deployment

and much, much more!

As always, we’re grateful for the chance to teach you data science, machine learning, and python, and hope you will join us in the course to boost your skillset!

  • Batches Completed: 200+
  • Students: 2000+
  • Learning Mode: Live Interactive Online training, Classroom training in Pune
  • Training hrs: 110  hrs of training
  • Assignments Duration: 70 hrs of Assignments
  • Projects: 70 hrs of Real-time Projects (2 major projects)
  • Tools Covered: 23+ tools
  • Modules: 25
  • Certificate: Course Completion Certificate with unique verification ID
  • Mentor Support: 1:1 Mentorship
  • Resources: Classroom Recordings, Notes, Assignments, Projects, Interview FAQs
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Assistance: Telegram channel for placement Assistance:
  • Reviews: 1700+ reviews on Google by students with a 4.8 average rating

Course Benefits​

  • Comprehensive course covers all aspects of the data science project life cycle, like data collection, data cleaning, data exploration, and data modelling, and culminates with the interpretation of data.
  • Pay only after attending one FREE TRIAL OF RECORDED LESSON.
  • No prerequisite.
  • Tips from working Data scientist, Data Analyst on how to write clean and reusable code, data analysis & machine learning models.
  • Carefully selected data science, machine learning questions to provide you with all the practice you need during training.
  • Course designed for non-IT & IT professionals.
  • Classroom & Online Training – Can switch from online training to classroom training.
  • 100% placement calls guaranteed till you get placed.
  • Working professional as instructor.
  • Hands-on Experience with Real-Time Projects.
  • Proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate or self-evaluate the concept or theory taught by the instructor. 2 – Python POC, 5 – Data Science POC.
  • Hands-on Experience with Real-Time Projects.
  • Resume Building & Mock Interviews.
  • Evaluation after each Topic completion.
  • Interview Preparation Support.

Training Projects

Technogeeks cover multiple projects in this training to make sure that candidates must be able to work in real-time.

Credit Score Data

Getting insights using python analysis and visualizations on finance credit score data.

USA Housing Data

Practice project for Linear regression using advertisement data set to predict appropriate advertisements for users.

Predicting Purchase Behaviors

Practice project on decision tree and random forest using social network data to predict if someone will purchase an item or not.

Instructor-led Data Science Live Online/Classroom Training

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Data Science Certification From Technogeeks

Data Science Training Completion Certificate From Technogeeks Will Help You With

  • Career Opportunities in Data Science
  • Improving Reputation as skilled professional
  • Competitive Advantage among the cohort
  • Proof of Learning
  • Establishing Professional Credibility

Batches Completed

Industry Oriented Syllabus

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Happy Students

Self Assessments

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8+ Years Of Experience

Recorded Sessions

1 Year Of Access

Data Science Certification Training

Trainer’s Profile

Our trainers are experts in their fields. They simplify complex concepts for the students and make them easy to understand. They solve each and every type of student’s query. Their teaching method is more focused on real-time examples, preparing the students for industry interviews. Students will have one-on-one coaching sessions with them so that they will be able to ask questions at any time.

Key Highlights of Our Trainers:

  • Certified Professionals with Over 8 Years of In-Depth Experience
  • Imparted Knowledge to Over 2,000 Students Annually
  • Demonstrated Strong Theoretical and Practical Expertise in Their Respective Domains
  • Possess Expert-Level Subject Knowledge and Stay Current with Real-World Industry Applications

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Tools Covered In Data Science Course

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Data Science Roles

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Science Consultant
  • Machine Learning Architect
  • Web & Social Media Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Machine Learning Consultant
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Science Consultant

FAQs Of Data Science Course In Pune

Data science course fee in Pune is very nominal comparatively which is offered by Technogeeks and you can enroll in INR 5000 to book your seat for that you can get in touch with our career counsellors. 

Data Science is all about types of techniques , algorithms, statistics implementation in computation to predict future data based on historical patterns of industries who use digital computation and store data in storages like file system , data bases , data warehouse , bigdata platform like Apache Hadoop , HDFS , Hive , Spark based platform , Cloud platforms , in house servers , legacy servers , etc.

We have trained candidates who came from different background including B.E , B.Tech , BCA , BSc. , M.E , M.Tech , MCA, pursuing graduation , post-graduation and people who are working in Non-IT Industry but require Data science in their own industry to modify and improvise the existing work model in their own domain.

  • We offer online as well as offline course, which provide flexibility to the candidates to join the session without any availability and presence issues.
  • We do offer weekdays as well as weekends-based batches so that candidates can opt batch when they enrol, based on their own availability
  • We do offer recorded sessions as well as live sessions to the candidates, to make sure that if candidate miss any session then must have a backup recording available to continue training without any disconnect or gap in sessions.
  • This Data science course in Pune track is designed in such a way that candidate can start from scratch and can easily move from beginner to intermediate level with the help of continuous practical based live sessions followed by a serious of complex exercises
  • Once candidate feel that they reached intermediate level , we start working on use cases and project with best practices so that candidate can move to expertise level and can feel like technically he / she fit for Industry
  • One of the major challenge which mainly fresher’s face is written test , group discission , communication and inter personal skills , which is not part of technical skill , but mandatory exercise which companies follow at the time of hiring to make sure that candidate is suitable for profile or not , so we do take care of all these non-technical but mandatory steps with the help of mack interview and evaluation based on written test and communication testing rounds 
  • We do offer placement opportunities and help companies with our candidates CVs as well as help our candidates to get placement opportunity 

So, overall Technogeeks has designed this Data science training program in such a way that candidates’ should develop all technical as well as inter personal skill based profile and get hired by top MNCs, that is why this training program  is one of the best data science course in Pune   

You can talk to our career counselor for any doubts or queries. If you have any doubt related to your background or skill set related to confusion, do let us know, and we are happy to help shape individuals’ careers in a constructive direction.  

Pune is a rapidly growing city in India known for its strong IT and software development industry. The city is home to many leading technology companies and research institutions, making it a perfect place to learn about the latest trends and best practices in data science and machine learning. Learning data science and machine learning in Pune allows participants to network with professionals in the field, which can lead to potential job opportunities and career advancement.

Additionally, Pune is home to many start-ups and enterprises actively using and investing in data science and machine learning technologies. This means high demand for professionals with these skills in Pune.

The city is also home to renowned educational institutions, such as the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research and the University of Pune, known for their data science and machine learning research. This makes Pune a great place to learn data science and machine learning from experienced professionals and experts in the field.

Furthermore, Pune offers a great quality of life and an affordable cost of living compared to other major cities in India. This makes it an ideal location for learning data science and machine learning and starting a career in the field.

Like our other IT training courses, the data science course is taught through Google Classroom so that you can take it in a classroom in Pune as well as in an online mode.

The Data science course from Technogeeks is taught in a Pune classroom with the help of Google Classroom software. All sessions of the course are recorded while streaming live, where students can interact with the instructor during a live data science class.

And you can get the same experience as being in the classroom.

Since its inception, Technogeeks has helped many working professionals and freshers start their careers from scratch and transform their dream job into reality. 

You can check our official telegram channel for the job openings provided by us and the recent months’ placement statistics, including the May –2024 statistics.

Data science course from Technogeeks is designed so that you can start from scratch. Learn the programming logic before hands-on machine learning or any other complex module.

We helped people, even those who had never worked with programming languages, understand the basic concept first.

  • Absolute Beginners 
  • Beginner Python developers are curious about Machine Learning and Data Science with Python.
  • Any Under-Graduates, Graduates, Post Graduate & Master’s holders.

The data science course starts with basic Python programming and statistics basics so you can do coding and understand the mathematical part of machine learning and data analysis.

Also, you learn data analytics and visualization from scratch.

  • In the 21st century, the new oil is “Data,” and “Data Science” is the data refinery to get insights from RAW data!
  • According to Harvard Business Review, Data Scientist is the trendiest job of the 21st century.
  • As internet use became widespread, data generation exploded, and obviously, there was a need to understand the data to use it for data-driven decision-making.
  • Organizations are trying to find ways to use the data they already have to learn more, which has led to a higher demand for data science skills in India. 
  • This high demand for data science skills has made it a popular job choice for new graduates and skilled professionals.

Calculus, linear algebra, and statistics are three math disciplines that will consistently appear on any data science professional’s list of data science prerequisites.

The good news is that statistics is the only math required for most data science jobs.

The core data science skills that an aspiring data science professional needs to add to their skills resume are:

Python, Machine Learning, Statistics, Data Visualisation, Scikit-learn, Business understanding, communication, Math, SQL, Critical Thinking, ETL – preparation, and Excel.

Hot/Emerging Data Science Skills to Look For,

Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Apache Spark, NLP – Text Processing, Pytorch, Big Data tools, Unstructured data, No-SQL, Hadoop, Kaggle & Scala, Computer Vision & more.

PyCharm and Jupyter Notebook are both popular choices for Python in data science. PyCharm offers comprehensive features, a powerful debugger, and easy integration with Git and virtual environments.

At the same time, Jupyter Notebook is favored for its interactive and collaborative features and ability to display results in various formats, including code, markdown, and visualizations. Ultimately, the best choice depends on personal preference and the project’s specific needs.

You will do your Assignments/Case Studies using Jupyter Notebook, and Pycharm will be installed on your system, and access details will be shared during the class. For any doubt, the Technogeeks support team will promptly assist you. Also, if you have any system configuration issues, don’t worry. We have Google Collab as a solution available.

The IT experts have created and outlined the Data Science course to land your dream jobs.

We do provide placement assistance with data science course.

You will learn through live classes from top Industry experts in live interactive classes in Pune and online instructor-led live interactive training.

All data science syllabus modules are meant for professional upskilling to support data Science roles which are in high demand in the market because of the increased use of data in every sector, from electric cars to marketing.

Data Science Course with Placement support assistance will ensure a job interview with mock interview support to give you a driving seat in your career!

For us, it is on a best-effort basis but not time-bound – in some cases, students reach out to us even after more than six months for career guidance.

There are a lot of data science companies in Pune, India due to it being an IT hub and manufacturing hub.

In Pune there are multitude of industries from SMEs to MNCs which use the data science to analyse their data as well as for market research which creates the data science related positions in Pune itself.

Amdocs, KPMG, Infosys, TCS, Atos are a few examples of these companies.

Like any other field, data science is always evolving with technology innovation and market maturity. According to experts, getting data ready for analysis takes up to 80% of a data scientist’s time. But as automation progressing in data science it becoming like web designing where you don’t need to write code but the tool will do that for you.

As quantum computing & quantum information science are advancing data scientists must understand quantum mechanics and how to use a quantum algorithm to solve a particular problem.

Before enrolling, you can watch a recorded demo session to evaluate the quality of the course content and the instructor’s teaching style.

The data science course syllabus includes all concepts, topics and tools to become a Data scientist and have ample opportunities to become a Data Scientist in Pune or any IT hub in India. 

And there are other job opportunities like working from home or applying for overseas jobs.

Technogeeks’ course includes,

➤Python Programming



➤Data collection and analysis

➤Data Wrangling

➤Data visualization

➤Data Analytics

➤Predictive analytics

➤Process of finding patterns in datasets

➤Machine Learning Algorithms/ Models




➝Reinforcement Learning

➝Cluster analysis

➝Regression-based forecasting

➝Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

➝Supervised Learning

➝Unsupervised Learning

➝Simple and multiple linear regression

➝K-nearest neighbor (KNN)

➝Association rules

➤Data Wrangling

➤Logistic regression

➤Deep Learning

➤Neural Networks

➤ Natural Language Processing (NLP)

➤Rest API

All these topics are enough to give you a holistic understanding of the data science domain. Also, you will get to learn side-by-side by applying the learned knowledge in in-person classes in Pune and in live online training.

Landing the first job as a Data science depends on different factors like

  1. What type of company you’re applying
  2. Do you fill all skill requirement required by the company
  3. Are you able to satisfy the employer in all the interview rounds?
  4. If yes then definitely can start your career as a Data Scientist even as a fresher!

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, data science, or a similar discipline is usually required for data scientists. Many companies in this industry, however, prefer a master’s degree. You will also need the following abilities, which we cover at Technogeeks:

  • A firm grasp of statistics, mathematics, computer foundations, and machine learning.
  • Knowledge of at least one programming language, ideally R or Python.
  • Database expertise.
  • Knowledge of Big Data tools. 
  • Data wrangling, cleaning, mining, and visualization experience.

The salary package for data science jobs in India depends on several factors like location, industry, company size, experience level, and specific job responsibilities. According to industry reports, the average salary of a data scientist in India is around INR 10-15 lakhs PA.

Fresher data scientists in India can expect to earn around INR 3-8 lakhs per year. Experienced data scientists can earn up to INR 30 lakhs or more PA, depending on their expertise and the company they work for.

Becoming a Data Scientist in three months takes a lot of work. This is because:

  • Certain Bootcamps are not competent to offer you the required data science skills. 
  • Only some students are talented enough to quickly catch up with the learning material.
  • Many essential skills are needed after finishing the Bootcamp.

But, here at Technogeeks, we have an extensive data science course that will build up from the basics to some of the most advanced and ‘hot’ skills in the market.

Python alone won’t help you become a data scientist even when it has many libraries to work on data. 

There are machine learning libraries like Scikit learn, SciPy and TensorFlow. There are libraries for handling data like NumPy and Pandas. But you will need database management skills like SQL, MySQL, etc. To handle large datasets, you will also need knowledge of big data tools like Hadoop, ETL, etc. You should also have cloud computing skills. 

  1. The salary of the data scientists in India by experience:

    • A guy with 2-3 yrs CTC would be anywhere between 5-7 LPA.
    • Guy with 3-4 yrs CTC would be <10 LPA
    • Guy with 4-5 yrs salary Ranges between 10-15LpA
    • Above 5 yrs his salary would be a whopping 20-30 LPA depending on his skillset.
  1. Today, mostly python is used for data science. However, we cannot guarantee that it is the finest.

    • Python is easy to understand and write and has a wide range of libraries for data scientists to use.
    • C++ is a low level general purpose programming language. It is way too fast, almost 10-20 times faster than python.

    So, normally we use python for data science. But there are a few cases in which C++ is a better fit.

  1. You will need to learn both SQL and python languages to become a data scientist. 

    • Python is needed for the handling of data. Its machine learning libraries will help you in prediction and libraries like Pandas, NumPy will help you in analysis. 
    • SQL is a database language. You will need it to store structured data like in tables.

Pune, oh, it’s known as the “student’s paradise” for some really good reasons. You see, this city has this amazing blend of rich educational opportunities and a vibrant, youthful culture. 

First off, there are world-class universities and colleges in Pune. The place is like an educational hub. 

You’ve got places like the University of Pune, which is a big name in itself, and then there’s the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), which is renowned globally for cinema and television education. 

Some of the most visited attractions in Pune are: 

With a student-friendly environment, it’s no wonder they call it a “student’s paradise.” 

Students from all over the country flock to Pune to enroll in various programs. And it’s not just about the University of Pune; there are numerous other institutions that provide a wide range of courses, like Technogeeks

The legacy of education in Pune is truly rich, and that’s why students come here for a promising future.

But Pune isn’t just about academics. Making it a hotspot for professionals, the city offers excellent job opportunities. 

It’s considered the second-largest IT hub in India, so tech enthusiasts find their haven here. 

And let’s not forget the weather. Pune boasts a lovely climate throughout the year, which is quite a relief compared to some other cities with extreme temperatures.


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