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CodeIgniter Training in pune | Best CodeIgniter Training Provider and Institutes in pune
    CodeIgniter Basics
    • Introduction
    • Downloading and installing CodeIgniter
    • Basic configuration options
    • Managing CodeIgniter on different environments
    • Managing database settings on different environments
    • Securing the system files
    • Removing index.php from the address bar using .htaccess
    • Installing and using Sparks

    User Management
    • Introduction
    • Viewing users
    • Creating users
    • Editing users
    • Deleting users
    • Generating passwords with CodeIgniter
    • Generating passwords with CodeIgniter – the bare bones
    • Forgot password? – resetting passwords with CodeIgniter

    Creating E-commerce Features
    • Introduction
    • Amending configuration settings to run sessions in a database
    • Creating a basic cart
    • Adding and searching by product categories
    Saving the cart to the database

    Email, HTML Table, and Text Libraries
    • Introduction
    • Sending plain e-mails with CodeIgniter Email
    • Sending HTML e-mails with CodeIgniter Email
    • Sending attachments with CodeIgniter Email
    • Sending bulk e-mails with CodeIgniter Email
    • Using an HTML table with DataTable
    • Using an HTML table with DataTable and a database
    • Using word_limiter() for table output
    • Using word_censor() for cleaning input

    Managing Data In and Out
    • Introduction
    • Sending different data to multiple views
    • Validating user input
    • Preparing user input
    • Sticky form elements in CodeIgniter
    • Displaying errors next to form items
    • Reading files from the filesystem
    • Writing files to the filesystem
    • Creating and downloading ZIP files
    • Uploading files with CodeIgniter
    • Creating and using validation callbacks
    • Using the language class
    • Confirming cookie acceptance from the user

    Working with Databases
    • Introduction
    • Configuring CodeIgniter for databases
    • Connecting to multiple databases
    • Active Record – create (insert)
    • Active Record – read (select)
    • Active Record – update
    • ActiveRecord – delete
    • Looping through the database results
    • Counting the number of returned results with num_rows()
    • Counting the number of returned results with count_all_results()
    • Query binding
    • Finding the last insert id
    • Finding the number of affected rows
    • Finding the last database query
    • Using CodeIgniter database migrations
    • Moving to the current version with current()
    • Rolling back/stepping forward with version()
    • Generating an XML from a database result
    • Generating a CSV from a database result
    • Creating a Secure User Environment
    • Introduction
    • Escaping user input
    • Preventing cross-site request forgery
    • Escaping data – for a database
    • Using HTTPS with CodeIgniter
    • Calendaring, Right Place, and Right Time
    • Introduction
    • Building a CodeIgniter Calendar helper with database results
    • Building an appointment manager with Calendar Library
    • Creating a helper to work with a person's date of birth
    • Working with fuzzy dates in CodeIgniter

    Extending the Core
    • Introduction
    • Using CodeIgniter Sparks
    • Creating PDFs with the DOMPDF Spark
    • Creating Hooks in CodeIgniter
    • Clearing dead sessions from the database
    • Extending your controllers
    • Uploading a file with FTP
    • Creating libraries and giving them access to CodeIgniter resources
    • Making your own configuration files and using the settings
    • Using the language class – switching language on the go
    • Working with Images
    •  Introduction
    •  Installing ImageMagick on MAC with Cactuslab
    Uploading images with CodeIgniter

    Generating thumbnails – resizing
    Rotating images
    Cropping images
    Adding watermarks with text
    Submitting a form with CodeIgniter CAPTCHA