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C Language Training Pune | Technogeeks, Data Structure Training Institutes Pune, C Language Classes Pune.
    WEEK - 1
    ·         Introduction to C Language – Background, Simple C Programme, Identifiers, Basic data types, Variables, Constants, Input / Output, Operators. Expressions, Precedence and Associativity, Expression Evaluation, Type conversions, Bit wise operators, Statements, Simple C Programming examples. Selection Statements – if and switch statements, Repetition statements – while, for, do-while statements, Loop examples, other statements related to looping – break, continue, goto, Simple C Programming examples.
     WEEK - 2
    ·         Designing Structured Programmes, Functions, basics, user defined functions, inter function communication, Standard functions, Scope, Storage classes-auto, register, static, extern, scope rules, type qualifiers, recursion- recursive functions, Preprocessor commands, example C programmes
    ·         Arrays – Concepts, using arrays in C, inter function communication, array applications, two – dimensional arrays, multidimensional arrays, C programme examples.
    WEEK - 3
    ·         Pointers – Introduction (Basic Concepts), Pointers for inter function communication, pointers to pointers, compatibility, memory allocation functions, array of pointers, programming applications, pointers to void, pointers to functions, command –line arguments.
    ·         Strings – Concepts, C Strings, String Input / Output functions, arrays of strings, string manipulation functions, string / data conversion, C programme examples.
    WEEK - 4
    ·         Derived types – Structures – Declaration, definition and initialization of structures, accessing structures, nested structures, arrays of structures, structures and functions, pointers to structures, self referential structures, unions, typedef, bit fields, enumerated types, C programming examples.
    WEEK - 5
    ·         Input and Output – Concept of a file, streams, standard input / output functions, formatted input / output functions, text files and binary files, file input / output operations, file status functions (error handling), C programme examples.
    ·         Searching and Sorting – Sorting- selection sort, bubble sort, insertion sort, quick sort, merge sort, Searching-linear and binary search methods.
    WEEK - 6
    ·         Data Structures – Introduction to Data Structures, abstract data types, Linear list – singly linked list implementation, insertion, deletion and searching operations on linear list, Stacks-Operations, array and linked representations of stacks, stack application-infix to postfix conversion, postfix expression evaluation, recursion implementation, Queues-operations, array and linked representations.
    ·         Q&A session for all the topics covered, Hands-on workshop/project.
C With Data Structures
C With Data Structures