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    JOOMLA Syllabus

    •  Adding, changing and deleting a page.
    •  Uploading content and manage it.
    •  Changing the header / logo image.
    •  What is Joomla and why to use Joomla CMS?
    •  How to Install Joomla on local computer and server.
    •  How to install components and configure it.
    •  How to covert PSD (Photoshop or JPG file) to Joomla.
    •  How to create your own module.
    •  Creating a Website With Joomla.
    •  Admin / Dashboard panel knowledge and working.
    •  Module Installation.
    •  Component Installation.
    •  Creating Custom Theme Functions, Menus and Sidebars.
    •  How to redesign Joomla website.
    •  Working with Admin panel.
    •  Make live new project on server.