Data Analytics & Visualisation with Python Course in Pune

Duration of course: 50 hrs

Best Blended Syllabus for Data Analytics & Visualization With Python in Pune by a 100% Placement-Oriented Training Institute

The Data Analytics & Visualisation with Python training classroom is inclined towards hands-on practice to give students Python-related relevant skills to get control over all the aspects of python programming, Data Analytics & Visualisation using Python.

The Data Analytics & Visualisation using Python certification course is designed for a wide range of learners and is structured, keeping up with all the requirements, expectations, and standards of the industry.

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Data Analytics & Visualization With Python Course​

Best Blended Syllabus for Data Analytics & Visualization Training in Pune by a 100% Placement-Oriented Training Institute

  • What is Python and brief history
  • Why Python and who use Python
  • Discussion on Python 2 and 3 Unique features of Python
  • Discussion on various IDE’s
  • Demonstration of practical use cases
  • Python use cases using data analysis

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  • Installing python
  • Setting up Python environment for development
  • Installation of Jupyter Notebook
  • How to access our course material using Jupyter
  • Write your first program in python

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  • Python built-in functions
  • Number objects and operations
  • Variable assignment and keywords String objects and operations
  • Print formatting with strings
  • List objects and operations
  • Tuple objects and operations
  • Dictionary objects and operations
  • Sets and Boolean
  • Object and data structures assessment test

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  • Introduction to Python statements
  • If, elif and else statements
  • Comparison operators
  • Chained comparison operators
  • What are loops
  • For loops
  • While loops
  • Useful operators
  • List comprehensions
  • Statement assessment test
  • Game challenge

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  • Methods
  • What are various types of functions
  • Creating and calling user defined functions
  • Function practice exercises
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Map and filter
  • Nested statements and scope
  • Args and kwargs
  • Functions and methods assignment
  • Milestone Project (Making tic-tac-toe in python)

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  • Process files using python
  • Read/write and append file object
  • File functions
  • File pointer and operations
  • Introduction to error handling
  • Try, except and finally
  • Python standard exceptions
  • User defined exceptions
  • Unit testing
  • File and exceptions assignment

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  • Python inbuilt modules
  • Creating UDM-User defined modules
  • Passing command line arguments
  • Writing packages
  • name and main

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  • Object oriented features
  • Implement object oriented with Python
  • Creating classes and objects
  • Creating class attributes
  • Creating methods in a class
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Special methods for class
  • Assignment - Creating a python script to replicate deposits and withdrawals in a bank with appropriate classes and UDFs.

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  • Collections module
  • Datetime
  • Python debugger
  • Timing your code
  • Regular expressions
  • StringIO
  • Python decorators
  • Python generators

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  • Install packages on python
  • Introduction to pip, easy_install
  • Multithreading
  • Multiprocessing

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  • REST principles
  • Creating application endpoints
  • Implementing endpoints
  • Using Postman for API testing

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  • CRUD operations on database.
  • REST principles and connectivity to databases.
  • Creating a web development API for login register and connecting it to database.
  • Deploy the API on local server.

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  • Data Analysis using Numpy and Pandas
  • Data Visualization using Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • Dealing with missing values, NaN values
  • Standard scaler
  • Correlation-based processing
  • Divide data in test and train splits to supply to machine-learning algorithms
  • Time series analysis

Reshaping Data:

  • Data Manipulation as per requirement
  • Derive columns based on rules
  • Filtering data
  • Compression and decompression techniques

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  • Introduction to data analysis
  • Why Data analysis?
  • Data analysis and Artificial intelligence bridge
  • Introduction to Data Analysis libraries
  • Data analysis introduction assignment challenge
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  • Introduction to Numpy arrays
  • Creating and applying functions
  • Numpy Indexing and selection
  • Numpy Operations
  • Exercise and assignment challenge

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  • Pandas series
  • Introduction to DataFrames
  • Missing data
  • Groupby
  • Merging, joining and Concatenating
  • Operations
  • Data Input and Output
  • Pandas in depth coding exercises
  • POC - Analysis of e-commerce dataset using pandas
  • POC - Getting insights on employee salaries data using data analysis in python

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  • Plotting using Matplotlib
  • Plotting Numpy arrays
  • Plotting using object-oriented approach
  • Subplots using matplotlib
  • Matplotlib attributes and functions
  • Matplotlib exercises
  • Seaborn visualization
  • Categorical Plot using Seaborn
  • Distributional plots using Seaborn
  • Matrix plots
  • Grids
  • Seaborn exercises
  • Project - Getting insights using python analysis and visualizations on finance credit score data. Pandas built-in data visualization
  • Data visualization assignment

Capstone Project

Python and Web based Project Development

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Data Analytics & Visualization Training Completion Certificate​

To obtain the Data Analytics & Visualisation using Python Training Certification, you have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Complete the Data Analytics & Visualisation using Python training course (online/classroom) syllabus.
  • You can attend multiple batches of the same trainer & complete the course training.
  • Completion of all assignments & final project.
  • When you successfully complete the course, you will get a course completion certificate with a unique identification number from Technogeeks.


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Course Benefits​

  • Pay only after Attending one FREE TRIAL OF RECORDED LESSON.
  • No prerequisite.
  • Course designed for non-IT as well as IT professionals.
  • Flexible batch switch is available.
  • Classroom & Online Training – Can switch from online training to classroom training with nominal fee.
  • 100% placement calls guaranteed till you get placed.
  • Working professional as instructor.
  • Proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate or self-evaluate the concept or theory taught by the instructor.
  • Hands-on Experience with Real-Time Projects.
  • Resume Building & Mock Interviews.
  • Evaluation after each Topic completion.


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About Course

Core Python

  • Syntax & Numerical Operators
  • Data Types
  • Control Flow
  • Loops
  • OOP
  • Collections
  • Regular Expression (Regex)
  • File Handling
  • Exception Handling
  • SQL integration
  • SQLite Database

API Design Using Flask


  • Numpy, Pandas, Excel, CSV, JSON handling using a data frame.

Visualization with Python Libraries

  • Matplotlib
  • Seaborn


  • Batches Completed – 300+
  • Course Duration : 50 Hours
  • Assignments with 2 Real Time Projects
  • Assignment Duration : 30 hours

Training Projects​

  • Getting insights using python analysis and visualizations on finance credit score data.
  • Pandas built-in data visualizations

Data visualization assignment

  • Capstone Project : Python and Web based Project Development



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