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Best React Full Stack Course in Pune | Online/Classroom Training

    The Best React Course to Learn by Building (Practice) Projects

    The Complete React Web Developer Course Syllabus

    Module 1 - Introduction to Full Stack Web Development Concepts

    • Introduction
    • What is MERN?
    • What is SPA?
    • How does MERN stack work?
    • Installing Node js for React
    • Installing the IDE

    Module 2 - HTML, CSS AND JS (ES6 functions)

    • Introduction to HTML
    • Semantic HTML5 Elements
    • Introduction to CSS
    • CSS Design Pattern
    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Javascript ES6 Functions

    Module 3 - Basics Of React JS

    • What is React JS?
    • Setting up Starting Project
    • Understanding the JSX
    • Understanding Components
    • Working with Multiple Components
    • Using Props to pass Data between Components
    • Rendering Lists of Data
    • Handling Events
    • Child Parent Communication
    • Working with State

    Module 4 - Frontend Development with React JS

    • Starting Setup, Routes and Pages
    • Adding a Userlist and UserItem Component
    • Styling our Components
    • Adding a Main Header
    • Adding Navlinks
    • Implementing Basic Desktop and Mobile Application
    • Understanding Portals
    • Handling Drawer State
    • Rendering User Places & Dynamic Route Segments
    • Getting Route Params
    • Adding a Modal
    • Implementing the Form Components
    • Implementing the Custom Form Hook

    Module - 5 Setting up a Node.js development environment for project

    • Module Introduction
    • Require and Module Exports
    • Asynchronous Non-Blocking Code
    • Creating Node and Angular
    • What is REST API?
    • Adding the Node Backend
    • Adding the Express Framework
    • Serving Static Files
    • Exploring MiddleWare
    • Using the express router
    • Improving the Server.js code
    • Fetching Initial Post
    • Using the Angular HTTP Client
    • Understanding CORS
    • Adding the POST Backend Point
    • Adding Angular

    MODULE- 6 Working with MongoDB

    • Module Introduction
    • What is MongoDB?
    • Comparing SQL and NoSQL
    • Connecting React to MongoDB
    • Setting Up MongoDB
    • Adding Mongoose
    • Understanding Mongoose Schemas and Models
    • Creating a POST Instance
    • Connecting Our Node Express App to MongoDB
    • Storing Data in the DB
    • Fetching Data from the DB
    • Transforming Response Data
    • Deleting Documents
    • Updating the Frontend after Deleting Posts
    • Adding Posts with the ID

    Module 7 - Enhancing the App

    • Module Introduction
    • Adding Routing
    • Styling Links
    • Client Side vs Server Side Routing
    • Implementing the EDIT form Feature
    • Updating Post on the Server
    • Re-Organizing the Backend Routes
    • Adding Loading Spinners

    Module 8 - User Authentication

    • Adding Auth Page and Login Form
    • Adding Auth Context For App Wide State Management
    • Adding Authenticated and Unauthenticated Routes
    • Hashing the User Password
    • Generating Tokens on the Backend
    • Backend Route Protection with Auth Middleware
    • Using & Attaching JWT Tokens in React
    • Using Tokens to Update and delete Places
    • Adding Authorization
    • Authorization on Delete Places
    • Adding Auto Login
    • Managing the Token Expiration Date
    • Finishing Auto Login and Auto Logout
    • General App Improvements

    Module 9 - Errors Handling

    • Module Introduction
    • Testing Different Places to Handle Errors
    • Testing Different Places to Handle Errors
    • The Error Interceptor
    • Displaying the Basic Error Dialog
    • Adding an Error Dialog
    • Returning Error Messages on the Server
    • Finishing Touches

    Module 10 - App Deployment

    • Module Introduction
    • Deployment Options
    • Deploying the REST API
    • React Deployment - Finishing the Two App Setup
    • Using the Integrated Approach

To obtain the React.js training course certification, you have to fulfill the following criteria:


  • Complete the React JS course online/classroom training.
  • You can attend multiple batches of the same trainer & complete the React js full course training.
  • Completion of all assignments & capstone project.
  • Pay only after Attending one FREE DEMO CLASS
  • No prerequisite.
  • Course designed for non-IT as well as IT professionals.
  • Flexible batch switch is available.
  • Classroom & Online Training - Can switch from online training to classroom training with nominal fee.
  • 100% placement calls guaranteed till you get placed.
  • Working professional as instructor.
  • Proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate or self-evaluate the concept or theory taught by the instructor.
  • Hands-on Experience with Real-Time Projects.
  • Resume Building & Mock Interviews.
  • Evaluation after each Topic completion.

Best Blended Syllabus for React Full Stack Course in Pune by a 100% Placement-Oriented Training Institute

The React Full-Stack Training Course from Technogeeks will teach you the fundamentals of the React MERN Technology Stack, which is a critical web development stack for building web apps & websites.

The main goal of this React Certification course is to teach you the minutiae of the MERN full stack development process so that you can become a professional React (MERN) developer.

Through live blended online and classroom instructor-led training, you will master the fundamentals of React, to understand and develop React components as well as how to build and deploy apps using the MERN stack.

You will learn how to use the frontend (client-side) web development stack - HTML, CSS, and Javascript - using the React course (with ES6 functions).


Then you learn the fundamentals of React, including its various components and how to interact with multiple components.

You'll work on both desktop and mobile applications. Where you learn how to use the REST API to interact with the client.In training React State and Props, React Event Handling, and React Routing are also covered.

KYC - Know Your (React Full Stack) Course

  • Batches Completed – 60+
  • Students Trained : 800+
  • Course Duration : 40 hours of Blended Learning
  • Real Time Projects
  • Assignment Duration : 15 hours
  • Course Completion Certificate

In React Full Stack Training, you will learn following concepts :

  • Introduction to Full Stack Web Development Concepts
  • HTML, CSS AND JS (ES6 functions)
  • Basics Of React JS
  • Frontend Development with React JS
  • Setting up a Node.js development environment for project
  • Working with MongoDB
  • Enhancing the App
  • User Authentication
  • Errors Handling
  • App Deployment
  • Capstone Project

React Components & technologies Covered in Course

  • Frontend Tech – HTML, CSS, Javascript (with ES6)
  • React JS
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • Middleware Architecture
  • Server.js
  • MongoDB
  • JSON Web Token (JWT)

Technogeeks Students Reviews on Google

4.8 (4.8/5 based on 974 student reviews)

Batch Schedule

Date Type Timings
1st Sep Weekdays (Tue to Fri) 11 AM to 12 AM
5th Sep Weekdays (Tue to Fri) 8 AM to 9 AM
7th Sep Weekend (Sat to Sun) 11 AM to 1 PM
22nd Sep Weekend (Sat to Sun) 9 AM to 11 AM

Build a geolocation & image sharing app with React MERN stack

In the app, you will be registering multiple users and they will be able to log in with the email ID and password. They are able to see how many places they have visited and can delete/update the post. They will be posting the data with the image. Other users can see how many places other logged-in users had visited.