ETL Testing Using Informatica PowerCenter Training

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Best Blended Syllabus for ETL Testing with Informatica Training in Pune by a 100% Placement-Oriented Training Institute

ETL Testing Using Informatica PowerCenter Training, you will learn automate ETL testing. You will get In-Depth ETL Testing Knowledge that you can deliver complete, repeatable and auditable test coverage in less time.

ETL Testing Training covers Real-time scenarios as part of projects. The course is designed in such a way that you can learn all types of testing related to the ETL data chain i.e. you’ll learn database, data warehouse, ETL as part of training.

ETL Testing with Informatica Powercenter Training Course​​

Best Blended Syllabus for ETL Testing with Informatica PowerCenter Training in Pune by a 100% Placement-Oriented Training Institute

  • What is Data Warehousing?
  • Differences between OLTP and Data Warehousing
  • Why do we need two separate solutions for real-time and warehousing
  • Data Extraction
    • How to extract data from several sources and load it into a same target table
  • Data Loading
    • How to load data into final target table
  • Data Warehousing Life Cycle

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  • Basic Concepts In SQL (Select, Update, Insert and Delete)
  • How to design frequently used testing queries to validate the data in source and target for both of the reasons Data Quality and Correctness to ensure that expected data came into the final and mediator target tables or not.
  • Overview Of ETL Tool Architecture
  • How ETL tool works and what is the basic need of ETL tools in the market
  • What are the similarities between ETL tools and SQL

  • Why do we use ETL Tools if SQL is the only standard which any Database or Data Warehouse can use
  • How ETL tools work at the back end
  • Different ETL Tools in the market
  • What types of tasks tester performs on ETL for testing purpose
  • Informatica PowerCenter (Leading tool in the market)

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  • SAMPLE Loading from source to target
  • What is Data pipeline?
  • Significance of Data pipeline in ETL project
  • How to implement and test data pipeline using Informatica PowerCenter
  • Automated Data pipeline
  • Significance of SCDs
  • Informatica PowerCenter Transformations
  • SORTER Transformation
  • FILTER Transformation
  • EXPRESSION Transformation
  • JOINER Transformation
  • UNION Transformation
  • AGGREGATOR Transformation
  • SEQUENCE GENERATOR Transformation
  • SQL Transformation
  • LOOKUP Transformation and Its types
  • Source Qualifier Transformation
  • UPDATE STRATEGY Transformation
  • ROUTER Transformation

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  • Filter Transformation
  • Joiner Transformation
  • Union Transformation
  • Aggregator Transformation
  • Router Transformation

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  • Expression Transformation
  • Sorter Transformation
  • Sequence Generator Transformation
  • Lookup Transformation And Its Types
  • Source Qualifier Transformation
  • Update Strategy Transformation

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  • SQL Query
  • MINUS Query
  • COUNT Query
  • JOIN Query etc. as per the logic applied.
  • All transformations mentioned above will be implemented and tested during the class

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  • Different types of SCD’s which developer develops and a tester has to test as per
  • We implement SCD-1 and SCD-2 in class to show the implementation part more transparently and explain SCD-3 to define how to work on limited historical data as well which is used sometimes.
  • Types: SCD-1 and SCD-2 Implementation and Testing

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  • Data Marts
  • Need and usage of data marts and types of data marts
  • Dependent DM
  • Independent DM
  • Types of Tables:
    • Fact Table
    • Dimension table
  • Schemas:
    • Fact Table
    • Star Schema
    • Snowflake Schema
    • Fact Constellation Schema 

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  • What are the different and important points that need to be checked thoroughly while doing ETL Testing
  • More than 40 points will be explained and challenges for ETL Testing new
    Project/Migration Project will also be discussed.

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  • Rank,dense_rank,row_number,lag,lead Etc

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  • Unix Commands Covered
    • cp – For Copying Files
    • mkdir – Creating Directory
    • rmdir – Remove Directory
    • grep – Search File
    • sed – It Can Perform Lots Of Functions On File
    • cut – cutting out the sections from each line of files and writing the result to standard output
    • awk – Used For Pattern Scanning & Processing
    • wc – To count the number of lines, words, and bytes in the files specified by the File parameter
    • chmod – Change Permissions
    • vi – we can edit an existing file or create a new file
    • sort – to print the output of a file in given order
    • uniq – can count and print the number of repeated lines
    • mv – we can edit an existing file or create a new file
    • touch – used to create, change and modify timestamps of a file
    • cat – reads files sequentially

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  • How developers work on PowerCenter
  • Different components of PowerCenter
  • Tasks developed in different components
  • Advanced Informatica Concepts
  • Unconnected lookup Transformation

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  • Healthcare project will be explained in Class and other documentation for Telecom,Banking, Insurance etc will be provided
  • Tasks And Types of Tasks
  • Worklet and Types of Worklets
  • Scheduling Workflow
  • Target Load Plan
  • Types of Batch Processing
  • Link conditions
  • Mapping Parameters
  • Mapping Variables
  • Defining Session Parameters
  • Difference Between Normal and Bulk Loading
  • Push Down Optimization
  • PMCMD Utility
  • PMREP Utility
  • Incremental Aggregation

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About Course

The topics covered in ETL Testing Training Syllabus – Data Warehousing Concepts, ETL Testing, Challenges in DWH ETL Testing compare to different testing environments, ETL Testing Workflow activities involved, sorts of ETL Testing, ETL Queries, Incremental load testing & PowerCenter Components.

The practical sessions throughout the course will help you in reinforcing your technical skills.

It is curated by working professionals with the changing requirements of the ETL Testing profession.

The assignments will further help reinforce your knowledge about ETL Testing and varied Data Warehousing scenarios. All of those will allow you to become an Industry-Ready Professional proficient in handling the bulk of real-world situations.

  • Batches Completed – 20+
  • Students Trained : 2000
  • Assignment Duration : 15+ hrs
  • 30 hrs of career-oriented training with affordable fees.
  • Capstone Projects : Real-world projects from industry experts.
  • Course Completion Certificate with unique verification ID.
  • Database Testing
  • Data Warehouse Testing
  • Informatica ETL Tool Testing
  • ETL Testing
  • Report Testing
  • Excel Testing
  • Unix Testing
  • OLTP and OLAP Testing
  • Module 1 – Introduction To Etl Testing And Industry Standards
  • Module 2 – Etl Tool Implementation And Testing Concepts
  • Module 3 – Coding And Testing Process Using Different Transformation Rules
  • Module 4 – Testing Techniques In ETL
  • Module 5 – SCDs (Slowly Changing Dimensions)
  • Module 6 – Common ETL Testing Scenarios
  • Module 7 – Unix Commands Used In Informatica
  • Module 8 – Informatica Powercenter

Technogeeks software training institute provides multiple software courses in Pune
location and ETL Testing is one of them. We are providing online/offline courses,
Handson project, well experienced trainers, and career guidance with placement
assistance. ETL Testing course duration is 2 months at nominal charges in
You can pay the two installments, which is inclusive of enrollment fee of
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Course Benefits​

  • Pay only after Attending one FREE TRIAL OF RECORDED LESSON.
  • No prerequisite.
  • Course designed for non-IT as well as IT professionals.
  • Flexible batch switch is available.
  • Informatica Classroom & Online Training – Can switch from online training to classroom training with nominal fee.
  • 100% placement calls guaranteed till you get placed.
  • Working professional as instructor.
  • Proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate or self-evaluate the concept or theory taught by the instructor.
  • Hands-on Experience with Real-Time Projects.
  • Resume Building & Mock Interviews.
  • Evaluation after each Topic completion.
  • Interview Questions
  • Resume preparations
  • Real-time Scenarios examples and solution discussion

Training Projects​

ETL Testing Live Projects with Informatica Real-time Scenarios

  • Healthcare project will be explained in Class and other documentation for Telecom
  • Banking, Insurance related data will be provided

Instructor-led ETL Testing Live Online/Classroom Training

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ETL Testing with Informatica PowerCenter Training Completion Certificate​

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  • Complete the ETL Testing course online/classroom course syllabus.
  • You can attend multiple batches of the same trainer & complete the ETL Testing course training.
  • Completion of all assignments & capstone project.

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ETL Testing Roles


Before enrolling, you can watch a recorded demo session to evaluate the quality of the course content and the instructor’s teaching style.

Yes, we do provide the placement assistance in which how we work on real time projects will be taught,resume preparation and Job openings will also be provided.More than 80% of candidates have changed their profile by getting either promotion or getting new job offers on good package.

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  1. Staging layer: The Staging layer is responsible for the Temporary storage of extracted data before it’s transformed and loaded into the target system.
  2. Data Integration layer: The Data Integration layer is responsible for transforming and integrating data from various sources.
  3. Access layer: The Access layer provides access to the transformed data in the target system to end-users.
  • Some common challenges in ETL testing include dealing with large data volumes, ensuring data quality, validating complex data transformations, integrating with third-party tools, ensuring performance and scalability, and verifying metadata. It’s a difficult  and challenging task that requires significant expertise and attention to detail.

➤  Create and execute ETL test cases.

➤  Identify and report defects.

➤  Verify data quality.

➤  Ensure performance and scalability.

➤  Collaborate with project teams.

➤  Analyze business requirements.

➤  Document test results.

➤  Perform regression testing.

 ➤  Identify and mitigate risks.

➤  Use automation tools.

➤  Continuously learn and stay up-to-date.

  • So, The answer is not more than a simple yes or no. It depends on your job description.
  • ETL testing may require some level of coding knowledge, but it typically does not require advanced coding skills like software developers.

No, an ETL testing job is not necessarily easy. It requires a solid understanding of ETL concepts and tools, as well as testing methodologies and best practices.

The salary for an ETL tester in India can vary depending on various factors such as location, Years of Experience, Industry, and Company size. In India  ETL tester salary  starts from ₹ 4.0 Lakhs to ₹ 9.0 Lakhs with an average annual wage of ₹ 5.8 Lakhs.

The salary for an ETL tester in India can vary depending on various factors such as location, Years of Experience, Industry, and Company size. In India  ETL tester salary  starts from ₹ 4.0 Lakhs to ₹ 9.0 Lakhs with an average annual wage of ₹ 5.8 Lakhs.

1  Requirement Analysis

2  Test Planning

3  Test Data Preparation

4  Test Execution

5  Defect Tracking

6  Test Reporting

7  Test Closure

Informatica PowerCenter: 

This is widely used in ETL testing  that provides a comprehensive set of data integration capabilities, including data profiling, data quality, data transformation, and data lineage.

Here are the top 5 automation tools which is used in ETL testing:

Apache NiFi

2  Informatica Data Validation Option (DVO)

3  QuerySurge

4  Talend

5  Tricentis Tosca

So the answer is not a simple yes or no, but It depends on your job description. 

ETL testing may require some level of coding knowledge, but it typically does not require advanced coding skills like software developers.

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Talend Open Studio, Apache NiFi, IBM InfoSphere DataStage this ETL tool can vary depending on the specific requirements of the project and the skill level of the user. However, some ETL tools are designed to be more user-friendly and easier to use than others.

Learning ETL testing can provide benefits such as improved job prospects and earning potential, better data quality, increased efficiency, and a better understanding of data integration and warehousing.

ETL is commonly used for data integration, data migration, and business intelligence. It involves extracting, transforming, and loading data from various sources into a target system.

ETL should be used when there is a need to extract data from multiple sources, transform it to fit a target data model, and load it into a target system.ETL should be used when there is a need to extract data from multiple sources, transform it to fit a target data model, and load it into a target system.

Industry Oriented ETL Testing course. Eight hours a week for three to twelve weeks.

Yes, ETL testing has a bright future as organizations continue to invest in data analytics solutions and as data volumes and sources continue to grow.

ETL testing professionals with the right skills and expertise will continue to be in demand in the coming years.

The scope of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) testing is vast and varied,  as it plays a critical role in ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and reliability of data used for analysis and decision-making. The scope of ETL testing can be divided into the following categories: Data validation, Data transformation, Data cleansing, Data quality and Performance.

To become an ETL tester, you typically need a combination of education, technical skills, and work experience. 

Qualifications for ETL testers is required  bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science or a related field is typically required to become an ETL tester.

Some employers may also consider candidates with a degree in a non-technical field if they have relevant technical skills and experience.

The average starting salary for an ETL tester in India is around ₹4.0 Lakhs per year, but this can vary based on several factors. ETL testers with the right qualifications, skills, and experience can expect to earn competitive salaries in the Indian job market.

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