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    Hands on Practice

    100 % Practical Oriented Devops Training


      DevOps Introduction

    • DevOps Introduction
    • What is DevOps?
    • DevOps Roles
    • DevOps Necessities
    • DevOps Problems & Solution
    • Making a DevOps Transition
    • Continuous Delivery and Benefits
    • Lean thinking, a change of culture
    • Linux Fundamentals
    • Commands in Linux
    • Networking Concepts
    • Module-2

      Jenkins and GIT

    • Devops Realtime Environment Configuration
    • DevOps Application in Realtime Application
    • DevOps and AWS Comparison
    • Cloud Computing and AWS Introduction
    • Significance of DevOps in Cloud Computing
    • Securities on cloud
    • Hosting on cloud
    • Module-3


    • Jenkins and GIT
    • Introduction to VCS
    • VCS usage in Real time Project
    • Introduction to GIT
    • File workflow in GIT
    • Introduction to Continuous Integration
    • Introduction to Version Control (GIT)
    • GIT commands and GitHub
    • Configuration Management and Automation
    • Jenkins Introduction and installation
    • Jenkins Configuration
    • Installing Artifactory
    • Setting Up Version Control system
    • Jenkins Maven Integration
    • Jenkins Best Practice
    • Test Automation
    • Notification System
    • Module-4

      Advanced Docker

    • Containerization using Docker
    • Introduction to Containers
    • Introduction to Docker
    • Docker Demo
    • Image Distribution
    • Dockaer Container
    • Create Docker Ized Application
    • Module-5

      Puppet and Its Usage in Project

    • Advanced Docker and Docker Commands
    • Docker Networking
    • Docker Volume
    • Docker FIles
    • Persistence Storage
    • Docker Swarm
    • Docker Compose
    • Module-6

      Quick Revision and Project Discussion

    • Quick Revision and Project Discussion
    • Test on all the Topics which covered till
    • Hands on with Real time Scenarios
    • POC (Proof Of Concept)
    • Project
    • Module-7 (Optional)

      Continuous Monitoring Project using Nagios

    • Automation Using Puppet
    • How Automation is possible using Puppet
    • Introduction to Puppet
    • Configuration management using Puppet
    • Puppet Language Constructs
    • Puppet classes
    • Puppet template
    • Puppet Architecture
    • Node classification
    • Puppet Master and agent
    • Automation implementation in puppet
    • Module-8 (Optional)

    • Chef
    • Introduction to chef
    • Chef environment
    • Building the Cook Book
    • Node Object & Search
    • Data-bags
    • Roles in chef
    • Deploying Nodes in Production using chef server
    • Module-9 (Optional)

    • Ansible
    • Introduction to Ansible
    • Setup & Configuration
    • Ansible Playbooks
    • Different Roles and Command Line usage

Devops is a term the derived from software Development and IT Operations. There are several tools and terms in Devops like implementation, code integration, testing, release, deployment, Configuration Management and continuous monitoring.

There is a variety of tools in Devops for different layers and tasks like:
  • Version Control System (VCS)
  • Source code management
  • Testing using tools like selenium
  • Continuous integration using Jenkins
  • Continuous Deployment using Docker
  • Configuration management using Puppet, Chef, Ansible
  • Continuous Monitoring using Nagios

So you can learn a complete ecosystem to management a project end to end and can handle projects in any domain on any technology using DevOps . So this is one of the demanding and growing technology in the IT Industry and very few IT professionals are working on the combination of all above mentioned tools.

So if you explore this software Development and IT Operations category ecosystem (Devops) then can get long term stability in this field. And we provide Training on DevOps by IT working professional on weekends in Pune.

Technogeeks is of the the best training Institute for Devops where you will get the perfect combination of Theory and practical’s by IT working professionals in devops classes and after completion of training you will get ample opportunities for switch or to get job on DevOps in IT industry in MNC

So it is the 100% practical and job oriented session on Devops and its related technologies like VCS, Jenkins, Docker, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Nagios and you will get complete hands-on on each of these components of devops and we also provide a complete project implementation and scenarios based VM so that you will get end to end idea about how companies use Devops in projects for clients.