Informatica ETL Development Training

Duration of course: 80 hrs

Informatica ETL Development Course in Pune with Placement

Become an ETL developer with zero coding experience at a flexible learning pace.

The Informatica PowerCenter ETL development training from Technogeeks will teach you everything you need to know about the PowerCenter ETL tool, data integration, and data warehousing.

You will learn how the ETL cycle works, from gathering data to storing it in a data warehouse.

You’ll get hands-on experience developing, debugging and testing complex mappings, workflows, and data transformations.

In this training, you will cover various transformation techniques like expressions, lookups, and joiner transformations, as well as error handling, debugging and logging into PowerCenter.

You will also learn about the architecture and functionality of PowerCenter Repository, including creating and managing folders, users, and security.

The training will also touch upon advanced topics like real-time data integration, data quality, performance optimization in PowerCenter, and how to effectively manage metadata and lineage information.

In conclusion, the Informatica PowerCenter training will equip you with the necessary skills to design, implement, and maintain a robust data integration solution in an enterprise environment.

ETL Development Training Syllabus

Best Blended Syllabus for ETL Development with Informatica PowerCenter Training in Pune by a 100% Placement-Oriented Training Institute

  • What is Data Warehousing?
  • Differences between OLTP and Data Warehousing
  • Why do we need two separate solutions for real-time and warehousing
  • Data Extraction
    • How to extract data from several sources and load it into a same target table
  • Data Loading
    • How to load data into final target table
  • Data Transformation
    • How to perform transformation logics on data
  • Data Warehousing Life Cycle
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  • Basic Concepts In SQL (Select, Update, Insert and Delete)
  • How to design frequently used testing queries to validate the data in source and target for both of the reasons Data Quality and Correctness to ensure that expected data came into the final and mediator target tables or not.
  • Overview Of ETL Tool Architecture
  • How ETL tool works and what is the basic need of ETL tools in the market
  • What are the similarities between ETL tools and SQL

  • Why do we use ETL Tools if SQL is the only standard which any Database or Data Warehouse can use
  • How ETL tools work at the back end
  • Different ETL Tools in the market
  • What types of tasks tester performs on ETL for testing purpose
  • Informatica PowerCenter (Leading tool in the market)

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  • Sample Loading From Source To Target

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  • Filter Transformation
  • Joiner Transformation
  • Union Transformation
  • Aggregator Transformation
  • Router Transformation

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  • Expression Transformation
  • Sorter Transformation
  • Sequence Generator Transformation
  • Lookup Transformation And Its Types
  • Source Qualifier Transformation
  • Update Strategy Transformation

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  • SQL Query
  • MINUS Query
  • COUNT Query
  • JOIN Query etc. as per the logic applied.
  • All transformations mentioned above will be implemented and tested during the class
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  • Different types of SCD’s which developer develops and a tester has to test as per
  • We implement SCD-1 and SCD-2 in class to show the implementation part more transparently and explain SCD-3 to define how to work on limited historical data as well which is used sometimes.
  • Types: SCD-1 and SCD-2 Implementation and Testing

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  • Data Marts
  • Need and usage of data marts and types of data marts
  • Dependent DM
  • Independent DM
  • Types of Tables:
    • Fact Table
    • Dimension table
  • Schemas:
    • Fact Table
    • Star Schema
    • Snowflake Schema
    • Fact Constellation Schema 

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  • What are the different and important points that need to be checked thoroughly while doing ETL Testing
  • More than 40 points will be explained and challenges for ETL Testing new
    Project/Migration Project will also be discussed.

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  • Rank,dense_rank,row_number,lag,lead Etc

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  • Unix Commands Covered
    • cp - For Copying Files
    • mkdir - Creating Directory
    • rmdir - Remove Directory
    • grep - Search File
    • sed - It Can Perform Lots Of Functions On File
    • cut - cutting out the sections from each line of files and writing the result to standard output
    • awk - Used For Pattern Scanning & Processing
    • wc - To count the number of lines, words, and bytes in the files specified by the File parameter
    • chmod - Change Permissions
    • vi - we can edit an existing file or create a new file
    • sort - to print the output of a file in given order
    • uniq - can count and print the number of repeated lines
    • mv - we can edit an existing file or create a new file
    • touch - used to create, change and modify timestamps of a file
    • cat - reads files sequentially

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  • How developers work on PowerCenter
  • Different components of PowerCenter
  • Tasks developed in different components
  • Advanced Informatica Concepts
  • Unconnected lookup Transformation

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  • Healthcare project will be explained in Class and other documentation for Telecom,Banking, Insurance etc will be provided
  • Tasks And Types of Tasks
  • Worklet and Types of Worklets
  • Scheduling Workflow
  • Target Load Plan
  • Types of Batch Processing
  • Link conditions
  • Mapping Parameters
  • Mapping Variables
  • Defining Session Parameters
  • Difference Between Normal and Bulk Loading
  • Push Down Optimization
  • PMCMD Utility
  • PMREP Utility
  • Incremental Aggregation

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About Course

ETL Development Training Syllabus covers the following topics,

  • Introduction To Etl Development And Industry Standards.
  • Learn how to configure, install, and administer PowerCenter for ETL development.
  • Data Warehousing Concepts
  • Challenges in DWH ETL Testing compared to different testing environments.
  • ETL Development Workflow activities
  • Learn to Drag and drop different objects (known as transformations) and design process flow for Data extraction transformation and load.
  • Informatica PowerCenter’s process of data fetching from the source, transforming it, & loading it to data warehouses.
  • Sorts of ETL Development
  • SQL queries to fetch data from different tables or even separate databases.
  • Incremental load testing & PowerCenter Components
  • Unix Commands Used In Informatica
  • SCDs (Slowly Changing Dimensions)
  • Mapping Design
  • Testing Techniques In ETL
  • Analytic Functions
  • Common ETL Development Scenarios
  • Data Marts & their types
  • Active & Passive Transformations
  • Communicating with all major data sources mainframe, RDBMS, Flat Files, XML, SAP, etc., and moving/transforming data between them.

The course's practical sessions will help you reinforce your technical skills.

ETL development training is designed by working professionals to meet the changing requirements of the ETL profession.

The course assignments will help reinforce your knowledge of ETL development and varied data warehousing scenarios.

Those will allow you to become an Industry ready professional, proficient in handling real-world situations.

👉Batches Completed – 200+

👉Students - 2000+

👉Learning Mode: Live Interactive Online/Classroom

👉Training hrs - 45 hrs of training

👉Assignments Duration: 35+ hrs of Assignments

👉Projects: Real-time Projects (2 major projects)

👉Modules: 15

👉Course Completion Certificate with unique verification ID

👉Mentor Support: 1:1 Mentorship

👉Resources: Classroom Recordings, Notes, Assignments, Projects, Interview FAQs

👉Mock Interview

👉Job Assistance: Telegram channel for placement Assistance:  OR Search for "technogeeks solutions"

👉Reviews: 1600+ reviews on Google by students with a 4.8 average rating

  • Database Testing
  • Data Warehouse Testing
  • Informatica ETL Tool Testing
  • ETL Testing
  • Report Testing
  • Excel Testing
  • Unix Testing
  • OLTP and OLAP Testing
  • Module 1 - Introduction To Etl Development And Industry Standards
  • Module 2 - Etl Tool Implementation And Testing Concepts
  • Module 3 -Mapping Design 
  • Module 4 - Testing Techniques In ETL
  • Module 5 - SCDs (Slowly Changing Dimensions)
  • Module 6 - Common ETL Development Scenarios
  • Module 7 - Unix Commands Used In Informatica
  • Module 8 - Informatica Powercenter

In the ETL Development Course, you will use Unix Command Line and Informatica PowerCenter on real-world projects to master the skills needed to become skilled ETL developers.

Data has been the new frontier for companies ever since data was called the new oil.
The roles of BI engineers, data scientists, and data analysts have become integral parts of any organization that practices Business Intelligence (BI). Data professionals aim to add value by gleaning useful insights from data. But data needs to undergo a preparation step
before the data team can use it. That is where ETL experts step in.

Businesses choose Informatica PowerCenter over other tools because of its best ETL implementation ratio, which is 100%.

Because PowerCenter is easy to use and has clear instructions, the company spends less on new employee training and can deploy the tool more quickly.

PowerCenter can work with various datasets, standards, applications, and systems. So, organizations worldwide are quickly adopting it, which means there are a lot of jobs for professionals with the right skills.

PowerCenter is the market leader in the ETL segment, with 5000 active customers, which provides huge job opportunities for professionals with the right skills.

Although other ETL tools are quite good, you cannot compare Informatica's open positions with those of other tools. 

Since over 70% of businesses use it, learning Informatica will make it easier for you to get a job in ETL development.

ETL stands for Extract, Transform, and Load. The ETL process involves the following steps:

Extraction of data from different data sources like databases, web, and data files.

Transformation of data to fit the format and structure of the target database like a data warehouse.

Loading it into the target database. And validating the data to ensure it is accurate and complete before storing it.

This process integrates data from multiple sources and makes it available for analysis and reporting.

ETL is a data integration process that includes three steps: extract, transform, and load.
These steps collect & combine data from multiple sources into a consistent format. Later, load into a data store, warehouse, or target system.

Anyone with basic knowledge of SQL queries can take this live interactive, hands-on, industry-based training (if you don't, we have a module with a SQL refresher). Being a GUI tool, PowerCenter requires minimal knowledge of coding or programming.

The following professionals are eligible to add PowerCenter skills to their resumes,

  • Business Intelligence
  • ETL
  • SQL
  • Database Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Graduates & Post Graduates want to make a career in BI

The pandemic has made the business landscape challenging for every industry sector. With rising inflation, uncertainty about globalization, civil unrest, wars in different parts of the world, and broken supply chains, it is more important than ever that decision-making become critical in 2022 and beyond.
To make the best decisions, people in decision-making positions need relevant information. To get insights that will help them create business and marketing strategies that will set them apart from their competitors.
And data warehouses are a critical infrastructure when these leaders need well-collected, unadulterated, secure data.
The best possible source for that data is a well-designed in-house or cloud-based data warehouse.

Data warehousing is essential for making informed business decisions as it provides a centralized repository for storing and analyzing large and diverse data from different sources. They enable the organization to effectively manage and utilize data for strategic and data-driven decision-making with trends and insights.

Data warehousing provides following benefits, including:

  1. Improved data quality: Data warehousing ensures data is cleansed, standardized, and transformed into a consistent format, resulting in improved data quality and accuracy.
  2. Faster and more efficient decision-making: Data warehousing enables organizations to access and analyze relevant data quickly and efficiently, reducing the time required to make informed decisions.
  3. A better understanding of customers: Data warehousing enables organizations to collect, store, and analyze customer data, providing a better understanding of their needs and behaviour.
  4. Improved business agility: Data warehousing enables organizations to adapt to changing business requirements and respond quickly to new market opportunities.

Learning data warehousing skills can be highly beneficial for data management, data analysis, and business intelligence professionals. It can also provide a competitive advantage and enhance career opportunities in a rapidly growing and high-demand field.

Course Benefits​

  • 0% Interest installments option.
  • No prerequisite.
  • Pay only after attending one FREE TRIAL OF RECORDED LESSON.
  • Syllabus includes from basic to ETL development topics.
  • The course is conducted by working professionals so that you get industry based knowledge.
  • Comprehensive course covers all aspects of ETL development.
  • Carefully selected questions to provide you with all the practice you need during training.
  • Classroom & Online Training – Can switch from online training to classroom training.
  • Tips from working professionals with years of experience in Java Development on how to write clean and reusable code.
  • Course designed for non-IT & IT professionals.
  • Evaluation after each Topic completion.
  • Proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate or self-evaluate the concept or theory taught by the instructor.
  • Hands-on Experience with Real-Time Projects.
  • Resume Building & Mock Interview with Technogeeks team.
  • 100% placement assistance that you will get guaranteed interview calls till you get placed.
  • Get shareable completion certification from Technogeeks with a unique identification number.
  • In-Person training in Pune with access to online live interactive classes whenever you need it.
  • Enroll in weekday or weekend class.
  • Get one year access to class recordings.

Training Projects​

ETL development Live Projects with Informatica Real-time Scenarios

In the project module of the training, you will be provided with Healthcare, Telecom, Banking, Insurance related data to create an ETL project.

Instructor-led ETL Development Live Online & In-person Training

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ETL Development with Informatica Training Certification From Technogeeks​

ETL Development Training Completion Certificate From Technogeeks Will Help You With

  • Career Opportunities in ETL Development, Testing
  • Improving Reputation as skilled professional
  • Competitive Advantage among the cohort
  • Proof of Learning
  • Establishing Professional Credibility

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ETL Development Roles

ETL Development Training FAQ

Before enrolling, you can watch a recorded demo session to evaluate the quality of the course content and the instructor's teaching style.

Yes, we do provide the placement assistance in which how we work on real time projects will be taught,resume preparation and Job openings will also be provided.More than 80% of candidates have changed their profile by getting either promotion or getting new job offers on good package.

Checkout our Telegram Channel for Placement Assistance (Open in Mobile Browser):

If you miss classes, you can get recording sessions of the lectures.

ETL stands for Extract/Transform/Load, and it is a process that extracts data from source systems, transforms it into a consistent data type, and then loads it into a single repository. The process of validating, confirming, and certifying data while avoiding duplicate records and data loss is ETL testing. ETL Testing validates that data can be quickly and efficiently transported between different software systems.

Yes, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) developers typically require coding skills. An ETL developer should have at least two years of experience in coding in at least one programming language.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is not an ETL tool in itself. Still, it is a key component of many ETL processes. Structured Query Language (SQL)  is a programming language used for managing and manipulating data in relational databases.


ETL development can be a good job with high demand, competitive salaries, and opportunities for career advancement. An ETL developer is designs and builds systems to move and transform data from different sources to a target system, such as a data warehouse or database.

ETL stands for (Extract, Transform, Load) and is not a programming language itself but rather a process for moving and transforming data between systems. However, ETL development often involves programming various languages to automate the ETL process.

An ETL developer in India can expect to earn around INR 4-10 lakhs per year. 


Learning ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) can be challenging for beginners, but with dedication and practice, it is certainly achievable.

Here are some tips that can help you learn ETL effectively:

➜  Start with the basics

➜  Learn the tools

➜  Practice

➜  Seek help

➜  Stay updated

Average salary in Infosys is  ₹ 4 LPA to  ₹ 6 LPA.

Yes, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is a high-paying job, especially for experienced professionals with strong skills in ETL tools and technologies.

Yes, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is typically a batch job. Batch processing in ETL allows large amounts of data to be processed efficiently and accurately without impacting the performance of the source systems.

There are several ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools that are in demand, and the choice of the tool often depends on the specific needs and requirements of the organization.

However, some of the popular ETL tools in the market currently are:

⮞  Apache NiFi

⮞  Talend

⮞  Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

⮞  Informatica PowerCenter

⮞  Apache Spark

Here are the some ETL tools:

1  Apache NiFi


3  Microsoft SSIS

4  Informatica PowerCenter

5  Apache Spark

6  IBM InfoSphere DataStage

7  Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

ETL Developer salary for freshers in India ₹ 3 Lakhs to ₹ 10 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 6 Lakhs. 

Technogeeks software training institute provides ETL developer course in 25k with 100% placement assistance and also give you the best career path for ETL developer like Introduction to ETL Development & Industry Standards, ETL Tool Implementation & Testing Concepts, Mapping Design, Active Transformations, Passive Transformation, Testing Techniques in ETL, SCDs (Slowly Changing Dimensions), SCD1 Implementation and Testing, SCD2 Implementation and Testing, Data Marts, Tables & Schemas, Common ETL Development Scenarios, Analytic Functions, UNIX Commands Used in Informatica, Informatica PowerCenter, Project.

Yes, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) developers typically require coding skills. ETL development involves:

➜  Extracting data from various sources.

➜  Transforming it into a suitable format.

➜  Loading it into a target database or data warehouse.

To perform these tasks, ETL developers typically use ETL tools such as Informatica, Talend, or DataStage, which require programming and scripting skills.

Yes , ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) development can be a good career choice for those who are interested in working with data and have a passion for technology.

  • There are many training institutes in Pune to provide you with courses and placements, but technogeeks software training institute gives you the best career guide, Training, and Experienced trainers; we provide 100% placement assistance. Technogeeks has helped many working professionals and freshers start their careers from scratch and transform their dream job into a reality. 
  • You can check our official telegram channel for the job openings provided by us.

Industry Oriented ETL development course. Six hours a week for Four to Five weeks and also providing Assignment and their learning Duration is 15+ hrs with hands-on projects. Technogeeks is the best training institute to learn ETL development course. 

To become an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) developer, you typically need to follow these steps:

1  Obtain a bachelor's degree

2  Learn programming languages

3  Gain experience with databases

4  Learn ETL tools

5  Gain experience working with data integration

6  Stay updated with the latest trends

Here are some of the best courses for ETL development:

  • Informatica ETL Developer Training
  • Talend ETL Developer Training
  • Data Warehousing and ETL Fundamentals
  • ETL Testing Training
  • SQL Bootcamp
  • Python for Data Science and ETL

4.8 rating by more than 1600+ reviewers on Google!

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ETL Testing Training covers Real-time scenarios as part of projects and assignments so that you can get end-to-end product and project knowledge. You will get In-Depth ETL Testing Knowledge on each Topic.


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