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Data Warehousing & BI Course and Training in Pune - Technogeeks

    Duration of the course : 5 Weekends

    Training includes : 20+ assignments, 3POCs

    and 1 Real time Project



    1. Introduction to Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence
    • What is Data Warehousing?
    • Inmon [Top-Down Design]
    • Ralph Kimball [Bottom-Up Design]
    • Inmon Vs Ralph Kimball
    • Data Warehousing Tools, Schema Modeling Tools, CA, ERwin
    • Dell Toad Data Modeler, Oracle Data Modeler
    • ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center, Talend DI Open Studio, IBM Data Stage, SAS, Data Warehousing categories
    • What is BI - Business Intelligence?, BI Definition, BI Tools, Classification of BI Tools.
    2. Data Warehouse Architecture
    • Relational Vs Analytical
    • What are - OLTP, OLAP, OLAP categories - MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP
    • Data Warehouse Vs Data Mart, Dependent and Independent Data Mart
    • Data Warehouse Architecture, Source System
    • ETL Extraction, Transformation
    • What is a cube?, Benefits of cube?, How to create the cube?, How to deploy a cube?, How to create a report using a cube?


    3. Data Warehouse Dimension & Fact Tables
    • DIMENSION TABLE - What is a Dimension Table?, Dimension table categories
    • FACT TABLE - What is Fact Table?, Fact Table Granularity, Fact Table categories.
    4. Data Modeling
    • What is Data Normalization?, Data Normalization Rules - 1NF, 2NF, 3NF
    • Data De-Normalization, Dimensional Modeling - What is DM?, Principles, Benefits, Type and Technique
    • Test-1


    5. Building Data Warehouse with ERwin
    • Source System Understanding, Future Data Requirement and Understanding
    • Designing and Developing Dimension Table
    • Designing and Developing Fact Table Designing and Developing ER Model With ERwin
    • Designing and Developing Entity Relationship Modeling.
    6. Introduction to Open Source ETL Tool Talend DI Open Studio 5.x
    • Open source ETL Talend DI Open Studio -Difference between Licensed and Open Source ETL Tools
    • Licensed and Open Source ETL Tools
    • Working with ETL Transformation in Talend Open DI Studio


    7. Building ETL Project With Talend DI Open Studio 5.x
    • Building ETL Project Talend DI Open Studio
    • Understanding the Data Source System which will be a future Data Requirement Identify Business Requirement Gathering
    • Building the ETL Talend Technical Design Document, Building an ETL Project
    8. Introduction to Data Visualization BI Tool Tableau 9.x
    • Data Visualization BI Tool : Tableau 9.x-Introduction to Data Visualization with Tableau, Exploring Data Visualization with Tableau
    • What is Data Visualization?, Exporting Data and Working With Tableau


    9. Building Data Visualization BI Project With Tableau 9.x
    • Building Data Visualization BI Project With Tableau 9.x
    • BI Reporting Understanding
    • Report and Dashboard Template Document
    • Tableau Design and Development Database Source Connection
    • Test-2
    • Live project session
    • Resume building & Mock interview session