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Duration of course: 20 hrs

Best Blended Syllabus for Advance Java Course in Pune by a 100% Placement-Oriented Training Institute

Become a Java Programming Expert. Take your Java programming skills to the next level with the Technogeeks Advance java course.

Are you looking for Advance java classes in Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad or a “near me” classroom? Then Technogeeks’ 35 hrs of interactive advance Java training combines industry-based, job-oriented, hands-on, interactive training with assignments & real-time advance Java projects with source code.

Java Courses in Pune Course Syllabus designed by working professionals so candidates get knowledge as per current market demand. At Technogeeks we covered live projects in Java and Web Applications.

To Become a Java Programming Expert you have to learn from experts. Take your Java programming skills to the next level with the Technogeeks Advance Java courses in Pune.

Advanced Java course is designed to give you a stepping stone to work on advanced and latest Java technologies and its ecosystem, enterprise applications, or mobile applications.  For every topic, the concepts are explained with a blend of theory and live projects with code.

Advanced Java programming course content goes deeper into programming topics like how to use Java servlets in the role of Web application control. Designed for the more experienced as well as fresher Java developer, you should have a good working knowledge of the Java programming language before taking an advanced java course.

Advance Java Training Course In Pune​

Best Blended Syllabus for Advance Java Training in Pune by a 100% Placement-Oriented Training Institute

  1. Database and SQL Fundamentals
  2. Database, Schema, Tables, Columns and Rows
  3. DDL & DML
  4. Sequences, Stored Procedures
  5. Using SQL Terminals

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  1. J2EE Overview
  2. Why J2EE?
  3. J2EE Architecture
  4. J2EE APIs
  5. J2EE Containers

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  1. HTML Forms
  2. Servlets Overview
  3. Servlet Lifecycle: init(), service(), destroy()
  4. GenericServlet, ServletRequest, and ServletResponse
  5. HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse and HttpServlet
  6. Request-response, headers, GET, POST

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  1. JDBC Fundamentals
  2. Advanced JDBC
  3. Introduction to Row Sets
  4. JDBC classes and the java.sql
  5. Connecting to databases
  6. JDBC design patterns

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  1. HTTP as a stateless protocol
  2. Hidden form fields
  3. Cookies
  4. Session Tracking
  5. Http Session
  6. Exception handling and error pages
  7. Directives
  8. Single Thread Model interface

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  1. Overview
  2. JSP architecture , JSP tags and JSP expressions
  3. Fixed Template Data , Lifecycle of a JSP
  4. Model View Controller (MVC)
  5. Model 1/Model 2 Architecture
  6. Data Sharing among servlets & JSP
  7. Request, application, session and page scope
  8. JSP implicit objects

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  1. RMI overview
  2. RMI architecture
  3. Example demonstrating RMI

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  1. Enterprise Bean overview
  2. Types of enterprise beans
  3. Advantages of enterprise beans
  4. The Life Cycles of Enterprise Beans
  5. Working with Session Beans
  6. Stateful vs. Stateless Session Beans
  7. Working with Entity Beans
  8. Message Driven Beans

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  1. What is Struts?
  2. Struts classes – ActionForward, ActionForm,
  3. ActionServlet, Action classes
  4. Understanding Action Mappings
  5. Struts flow with an example application
  6. Struts Tiles Framework
  7. Struts Validation Framework
  8. Internationalizing Struts Application
  9. Struts with Message Resources

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About Course

  1. How to navigate and use the NetBeans IDE to create Java projects, packages and programs.
  2. Hands-on with all the APIs available in the Java Enterprise Edition
  3. Fundamentals of JDBC with different interfaces in the JDBC API.
  4. Client/Server Architecture in Java 
  5. J2EE Architecture
  6. Servlet Life cycle, Servlet API, Servlet config, CRUD operations using servlets
  7. Session Management and many other hands-on critical concepts.
  8. Learn how Servlets play an important role in the Web platform & how JSP is built over the Servlet architecture.
  9. Understand how JSPs can help to separate Web logic and functionality from page layout.
  10. In depth study of Struts, a Java MVC framework.
  11. To build web applications that perform well, scalable, and easier to maintain.

Technogeeks Java classes in Pune Course duration is 3 months. After completing the course you go through multiple mock interviews, CV Preparation, Hands-on Projects, Profile Enhancement and more. 

Technogeeks Java classes in Pune are eligible to all educational backgrounds, candidates  and skill levels. Whether you’re a fresher, or have some experience, you can join Technogeeks Java classes in Pune to enhance your skills and become a successful Java Developer. 

Technogeeks software training institute provides Advanced Java courses in Pune

location. We are providing online/offline courses, Handson project, well experienced trainers, and career guidance with placement Assistance. Java courses In Pune duration is 3 months at nominal charges in Technogeeks. You can pay the two installments, which is inclusive of enrollment fee of 5000 rupees and GST.

Yes, Java Programming is a well-paying job in the IT Industry. Skilled and experienced Java developers can earn high salaries because Java is widely used across different industries.

As per Indeed Statistics, Java Developers average salary is ₹6,70,902 per year.

If you want to learn Java Programming and want to become a Java Developer in 2024 it’s a good idea to start learning now. Java continues to be widely used in various industries, offering lots of job opportunities for skilled developers. 

By learning Java Programming, you can prepare yourself with valuable skills that are in demand in the job market, setting yourself up for a successful career in software development. Technogeeks software training institute is the best place to learn Java Programming in 2024.

👉Batches Completed – 

👉Students – 

👉Learning Mode: Live Interactive Online Training, Classroom Training In Pune

👉Training hrs – 30-35 hrs of live interactive training

👉Assignments & Projects

👉 Skills Covered: Database and SQL, J2EE, Servlet, JDBC, Session Management, JavaServer Pages, RMI (Remote Method Invocation), Java Beans, Struts Framework

👉Modules: 9

👉Shareable Course Completion Certificate with unique verification ID

👉Mentor Support: 1:1 Mentorship

👉Resources: Classroom Recordings, Notes, Assignments, Projects, Interview FAQs

👉Mock Interview

👉Job Assistance: Telegram channel for placement Assistance:  OR Search for “technogeeks solutions”

👉Reviews: 1500+ reviews on Google by students with a 4.8 average rating

In Java Advance Course you will be introduced with free, open source IDEs. Both support a variety of languages & particularly well-suited to Java application development.

  1. Netbeans
  2. Eclipse
  3. JDK (Java Development Kit)
  4. JDBC
  5. SQL

The advanced Java course at Technogeeks covers essential concepts in the most accessible live interactive training format. It helps aspirants learn Java online & in the classroom in Pune. 

Advanced Java training helps you learn how to handle all the APIs available in the Java Enterprise Edition. 

Technogeeks’ advance Java training is outlined by working IT professionals & industry experts to ensure that the syllabus is industry-based and the latest.

With Technogeeks, you can learn Java advance course online with more accessible learning and excellent retention.

Technogeeks’ instructor-led live sessions are available as recorded sessions, allowing you to learn Java online on your laptop or phone.

You can access study material on your device even when you miss the live sessions.

You will get access to every live session at the end of the day.

The advanced Java course is for learners with a programming background, specifically in Java, who want to learn Java Software Engineering with best practices.

Specifically, learners should be already comfortable with loop statements – “for” and “while”. Conditional Statements – “if”, “else”, and both calling and authoring methods (functions), etc. 

Servlets are classes written in the Java programming language that allow server programs to interact with clients. Servlets run on top of a web server. They allow developers to add functionality to a website without having to modify the underlying application. They allow the server to process requests from clients and return responses back to those clients.

Advance Java Online & Offline Classes Benefits​

By enrolling Advance Java course you get the following benefits

  1. 0% interest installment option.
  2. No prerequisite.
  3. Pay only after attending one free trial of a recorded lesson.
  4. The syllabus includes all important advanced Java concepts and various frameworks.
  1. The course is conducted by working professionals so that you get industry-based knowledge.
  1. A comprehensive course covers all aspects of advanced Java.
  2. Carefully selected questions to provide you with all the practice you need during training.
  3. Classroom and Online Training: You can switch from online training to classroom training.
  4. Tips from working professionals with years of experience in Java development on how to write clean and reusable code
  5. The course is designed for non-IT and IT professionals.
  6. Evaluation after each topic’s completion
  7. Proof of concept (POC): to demonstrate or self-evaluate the concept or theory taught by the instructor.
  8. Hands-on experience with real-time projects
  9. Resume Building and Mock Interview with the Technogeeks Team
  10. 100% placement assistance means that you will get guaranteed interview calls until you get placed.
  11. Get a shareable completion certification from Technogeeks with a unique identification number.
  12. In-person training in Pune with access to online live interactive classes whenever you need it
  13. Enroll in a weekday or weekend class.

Training Projects​

Advance Java Real Time Projects

  1. CRM Applications
  2. MVC Development
  3. Server Site Scripting
  4. Troubleshooting

Instructor-led Advance Java Live Online Training

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Advance Java Training Completion Certificate​

To obtain the Advance Java Course certification, you have to fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Complete the Advance Java course online/classroom training.
  2. You can attend multiple batches of the same trainer & complete the Advance Java course training.
  3. Completion of all assignments & capstone project.

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Advanced Java Course FAQs

According to Payscale Data, the average compensation for a Java Full stack developer is INR 6.50 lac. In comparison, a Python full-stack engineer makes roughly INR 3.50 lac. Please checkout the Technogeeks placement page to get to know about our placed candidates.

Technogeeks software training institute provides multiple software courses in Pune location and Core Java is one of them. We are providing online/offline courses, Handson project, well experienced trainers, and career guidance with placement assistance. Core Java course duration is 2 months at nominal charges in Technogeeks.
You can pay the two installments, which is inclusive of enrollment fee of 2000 rupees and GST.

There are many classes in Pune to provide Training courses with placements. Still, the technogeeks software training institute gives you the best career guide, Training, Experienced trainers, Placements etc., so why do you wait to visit our technogeeks page for more details and be part of our institute?


There are many classes in Pune to provide courses and placements, but technogeeks software training institute gives you the best career guide, Training, and Experienced trainers. We provide 100% placement assistance. Technogeeks has helped many working professionals and freshers start their careers from scratch and transform their dream job into a reality. 

You can check our official telegram channel for the job openings provided by us.


Here are some of the fields where Java is commonly used:

  1. Web Development
  2. Desktop Applications
  3. Game Development
  4. Enterprise Application Development
  5. Mobile Development
  6. Big Data

Yes, you can attend demo session before you enroll either we can provide you the recorded lecture so that you can watch it as per your schedule or you can attend live demo lecture either online or offline


Yes, we do provide the placement assistance in which how we work on real time projects will be taught,resume preparation and Job openings will also be provided.More than 80% of candidates have changed their profile by getting either promotion or getting new job offers on good package.

Checkout our Telegram Channel for Placement Assistance (Open in Mobile Browser):


If you miss classes, you can get recording sessions of the lectures.

Pune, oh, it’s known as the “student’s paradise” for some really good reasons. You see, this city has this amazing blend of rich educational opportunities and a vibrant, youthful culture. 

First off, there are world-class universities and colleges in Pune. The place is like an educational hub. 

You’ve got places like the University of Pune, which is a big name in itself, and then there’s the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), which is renowned globally for cinema and television education. 

Some of the most visited attractions in Pune are: 

With a student-friendly environment, it’s no wonder they call it a “student’s paradise.” 

Students from all over the country flock to Pune to enroll in various programs. And it’s not just about the University of Pune; there are numerous other institutions that provide a wide range of courses, like Technogeeks

The legacy of education in Pune is truly rich, and that’s why students come here for a promising future.

But Pune isn’t just about academics. Making it a hotspot for professionals, the city offers excellent job opportunities. 

It’s considered the second-largest IT hub in India, so tech enthusiasts find their haven here. 

And let’s not forget the weather. Pune boasts a lovely climate throughout the year, which is quite a relief compared to some other cities with extreme temperatures.

4.8 rating by more than 1600+ reviewers on Google!

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