Salary of Tableau Developer in 2023

Salary of Tableau Developer in 2023

salary of tableau developer

Salary of Tableau Developer in 2023

Salary of Tableau Developer in 2023

Salary of Tableau Developer in 2023


Salary of Tableau Developer in 2023

Salary of Tableau Developer in 2023

Business intelligence and data analysts question how much the salary of Tableau developers is. Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies now use Tableau as their preferred data visualization tool after Salesforce acquired it for $15.7 billion in 2022. 

Gartner evaluates global BI tools. Tableau is clearly a world-class tool.

Recognized as the most innovative data visualization platform by Gartner for 10 consecutive years, Tableau empowers data analysts and BI professionals worldwide. 

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What is a tableau? tableau logo-Salary of Tableau Developer

Tableau is basically a business intelligence tool that helps us visually analyze the data, maybe in a graph report, etc. Now that the definition of Tableau is very long, I’ll make it short for you. 

Supposing you have a database in Microsoft Excel, this kind of data can be from any database. It can be Big Data, Hadoop, SQL, or any cloud database that is given here. You can use Tableau to look at this information in the form of different plots or reports. It’s a very very powerful tool!!

What are the different types of tools that Tableau offers? 

There are 8 different major tools offered: 

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Prep Builder
  • Tableau CRM Analytics
  • Tableau Data Management
  • Tableau Public
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Reader

The first four tools, tableau desktop and tablet online, are used to create different types of reports, and the last three tools are used for publishing the report. 

When you create a report, you want somebody to see it in your company and among your colleagues as a CEO. Anyone wanting to see this report can use the last three options here, so it’s a very easy and powerful tool.

Tableau is very compatible with different types of databases; it can be connected to spreadsheets, databases, big data, and different cloud systems.

You can connect to almost 50 different types of databases when you create different reports you want to publish on different devices. It supports everything (your desktop, tablet, and mobile phones)!! So it has compatibility features where you can adjust the layout, font size, etc.

report-Salary of Tableau Developer

How does Tableau recognize data?

Now let us try to understand how Tableau recognizes data and how it distinguishes, so I will just take an example from Microsoft Excel. If you want to create a summarized report (a graph, a pie chart or something else), you must first create a pie or table. 

When you create the pie table, you see that these are the fields. All the column headings have been combined into one place, and you can create a report using these filters. Columns, rows, and values are different things that you can use.

When you open any database, this is just an example of Excel; it can be SQL, it can be MS Access, or anything. It is divided into two parts: the dimensions and the measures. 

Whatever you have in the text, be it dates or geographical things, it will be considered as dimensions. We have the numbers, figures, and float values that will be considered as measures, so when you see this Tableau, that’s a Tableau user interface. 

If you see Tableau, it’s divided into two different parts: one is this dimension, and the second is the measured part. 

So if you see the upper part, there is nothing but the textual thing and the geographical requirements here, whereas, in the measures part, you can see these are nothing but the numbers or the calculated fields. Tableau allows you create several visualizations using these dimensions and metrics.

Salary of Tableau developer

Sure, here is a table of the current salary of Tableau developer in India, according to AmbitionBox:

Job Title

Average Salary (INR)

Tableau Developer

5.8 Lakhs

Senior Tableau Developer

10.0 Lakhs

Lead Tableau Developer

15.0 Lakhs

Tableau Architect

20.0 Lakhs

Here is a table of the current salary of Tableau developer in the United States, according to Glassdoor:

Job Title

Average Salary (USD)

Tableau Developer


Senior Tableau Developer


Lead Tableau Developer


Tableau Architect



Note that these salaries are just estimates. Factors like company, location, and experience level impact earnings. Researching salaries in your industry and location provides a more accurate estimate of earning potential.

What are the different types of charts offered by Tableau?

Tableau supports 24 different types of charts that you can create. What are those different types of charts? 

Let us see that, one by one, 

  1. Bar chart
  2. Line chart
  3. Pie chart
  4. Area chart
  5. Scatter plot
  6. Treemap
  7. Map
  8. Heat map
  9. Bullet graph
  10. Gauge
  11. Dashboard
  12. Histogram
  13. Box plot
  14. Waterfall chart
  15. Sankey diagram
  16. Gantt chart
  17. Parallel coordinates
  18. 3D scatter plot
  19. Bubble chart
  20. Choropleth map
  21. Packed bubble chart
  22. Violin plot
  23. Candlestick chart 
  24. Word cloud


These are different types of charts that you can create here. 

There are many reasons why Tableau is good.

Let us see that the first thing is that it has a great speed that you can use. 

The second thing is that it’s user friendly. It has a beautiful and interactive dashboard that you can work with. It also has a direct connection to multiple databases. 

Next is that it is easy to publish and share with anyone worldwide, including your colleagues, your manager, and anything else. It also has a growing market worldwide. 


Tableau writers earn well because they analyze data and build business analytics. Fortune 500 organizations employ cutting-edge data visualization tool Tableau. This raises Tableau workers’ salary. 

Staying updated and learning Tableau may help coders find excellent jobs. Tableau developers’ high salary shows data analysis and business analytics are appreciated.


Does Tableau use coding?

Tableau doesn’t need much coding; it’s known for its user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface.

Which is better Powerbi or Tableau?

The choice between Power BI & Tableau depends on your needs; both are widely used tools, with Tableau often favored for its advanced data visualization features.

Is Tableau still in demand?

Yes, Tableau is still in high demand in the job market, making it a valuable skill to learn.

Is Tableau easier than Excel?

Tableau can be easier for complex data visualization, but Excel is simpler for basic data analysis and spreadsheet tasks.



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