Software Testing Jobs In Pune

Software Testing Jobs In Pune

software testing jobs in pune

Software Testing Jobs In Pune

Software Testing Jobs In Pune

Software Testing Jobs In Pune

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Software Testing Jobs In Pune


As we all know, in every company, before a product is released, it goes through a careful check to make sure it meets all the requirements. When this is done for software, it’s called software testing.

Most people are not familiar with this job role, “Software Tester.” Most people think that if someone is in the IT field in the future, they will become a software engineer, web developer, data engineer, or programmer. But only a few people knew about software testing

Learning Software Testing is easy, and even people without a background in IT can switch to this field. The demand for Software Testers rises everyday. 

In this blog will explain what are software testing jobs in pune, skills, opportunities and career growth.

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Software Testing Jobs In Pune

If you search for Software Testing Jobs in Pune you should follow these steps – 

Step 1: Explore Job Listings with Location Flexibility

Look for job listings specifically mentioning flexibility based on location, as some companies may offer work from home , in office or hybrid work . Focus on job search platforms or company websites that allow you to filter job postings by location, particularly Pune. There are many job portals that you can search for jobs in pune like Naukri, LinkedIn, Indeed and more. 


Step 2:  Understand Job Requirements from Job Descriptions

Review the job descriptions provided by these companies to understand the specific skills and qualifications they’re looking for in software testing roles. 


Step 3: Research Companies with Job Openings

After finding companies with job openings you like, visit their websites. Look for information about what it’s like to work there,work culture, and what projects they do. 


Step 4: Update Your CV

When you update your CV just think about what an interviewer will see and what you are capable of doing in a job.


Step 5: Try Different Ways to Find Jobs

You have to try different ways to find a job that increases your chances of success. Besides looking at advertised openings, you can ask friends or contacts for help, or try contacting employers directly. 


Step 6: Organize and Modify Your Job Applications

  • You have to keep a record of all the positions you apply for, including the date.
  • Make sure your references are aware of the jobs you’re applying for, so they can speak about your qualifications if contacted by employers.
  • Customize your application for each job by sending a well-written cover letter and an updated resume that highlights your relevant skills and experiences.


Step 7: Prepare for Interviews with Practice and Research

  • Research Interview questions on Google, Youtube and many other platforms and start practicing these interview questions daily.
  • Practice answering these questions, either alone or with friends or in front of a mirror.
  • Make sure you can clearly talk about your skills and experiences to impress interviewers.

Enroll now and take the first step towards a successful career. Click here to join our Software Testing Course in Pune today!

What Skills are Required To Become a Software Tester?

Software testing is a skill which not taught in any college degree. If you want to learn Software testing, Technogeeks Software Training Institute is the best place to learn. 

Basic Skills Required To Become a Software Tester – 

So during the interview interviewer mainly focuses on these basic skills – 

1) Accuracy: As a software tester, your job is to carefully check the software for any bugs or errors, even tiny ones. You have to look at every small part of the application to make sure it works as per client requirements.

2) Problem Solving – When you test any application, you have to find bugs. After finding bugs, you will need to think hard and find out why this bug occurred and what the solution is.

3) Communication – Communication skills are very important because, as a software tester, you have to express your findings (bugs) to other team members as well. Also, you have to explain in such a manner that both technical and non-technical stakeholders can easily understand.

4) Time management – In the software testing field, deadlines are tight. So, you need to decide what’s most important, manage your time well, and make sure you’re organized. This means time management is very important, so as per client requirements, you have to divide the time wisely for different software testing jobs.

5) Curiosity and learning attitude: Last but not least, curiosity and learning attitude matter in this field. To be a successful software tester, you should be curious and always ready to learn new things. This means trying out new testing methods, using different tools, and finding ways to get better at your job.

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Technical Skills Required To Become a Software Tester – 

1) Knowledge of SDLC Models – Understanding the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) model is very important in the software testing field. In SDLC, there are different stages of software development, such as planning, designing, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Having knowledge of SDLC is very important, as it can help you plan and execute testing more effectively.

2) Testing Tools – Understanding these tools is very important, such as functional testing, non-functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and automation testing. 

3) Programming Languages – Programming is not required in manual testing, but in automation testing, it requires writing a script. So at least knowledge of one programming language is essential.

4) Database management skills – You have basic knowledge of database management systems like SQL queries, CRUD operations, and more.

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Software Tester Salaries In Pune 

As per Glassdoor Report, Software Tester Salaries In Pune, 2024 Are – 

QA Software Tester5 LPA
QA Analyst4-10 LPA
Software Quality Assurance Tester5 LPA
Manual Tester4.2 LPA
Automation Tester2.5 – 9 LPA

Note: You get the salary depending on organization, location, and, most importantly your skills.

Software Testing Career Growth In 2024

As per Global App Testing Report, Software Testing Market Growth is to $45 billion by 2027 with 5% CAGR. From this statistics it’s clear that software Testing will not only demand in 2024 but continue to do so in future as well. 

Which is the Best Software Testing Training Institute In Pune?

If you search for the best software testing training Institute in Pune, Look no further than Technogeeks. Technogeeks is the best place to learn Software Testing.

Technogeeks Offer Two Software Testing Courses – 

  1. Manual Testing 
  2. Selenium Automation Testing With Java 

Both Courses designed by IT working professionals so candidates get knowledge as per current market demand. Training starts from a very basic level so NON-IT background candidates can easily understand the concepts. For information about Technogeeks Software Testing Course you can check Google Reviews as well what our students say about our software testing course in Pune. 

After Completing Course you will Go through – 

  • 2 Real Time Hands-on Projects
  • Daily Assignments are provided during training
  • Multiple Mock Interviews
  • CV Preparation
  • 100% Placement Assistance

Call Us For Free Career Counseling +91 8600998107 / +91 7028710777.



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