Best IT Courses After Graduation in Pune [Updated 2024]

Best IT Courses After Graduation in Pune [Updated 2024]

IT Courses After Graduation

Best IT Courses After Graduation in Pune [Updated 2024]

Best IT Courses After Graduation in Pune [Updated 2024]

Best IT Courses After Graduation in Pune [Updated 2024]

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Best IT Courses After Graduation in Pune [Updated 2024]


Many of you guys who completed graduation have a question in mind about best  IT Courses after graduation. 

Because Nowadays college degree is not enough to get a job. In Colleges, students learn 80% theoretical part for passing an exam and 20% practical. So in this process they lag behind in practical skills but to be placed in IT you must have practical knowledge instead of theoretical. 

Another important reason is that in their graduation degree, students learn many technologies every semester. As a result, they are unable to master a particular technology. This results in students lacking expertise and practical skills in particular fields.

So the benefit of enrolling in IT courses after graduation is you can get professional training in a particular field that you want to start a career in and you can easily crack the interview. 

In this blog will explain about what are the best IT Courses After Graduation, skills, salaries,etc. 

List of Best IT Courses After Graduation

  • Data Science with AI
  • Web Development
  • AWS Cloud Computing
  • Software Testing
  • Business Analytics

Data Science with AI

If you want to start a career in Data Science you should be good at mathematics, and a basic understanding of coding is a must.

Data science is a field that focuses on using data to understand and solve problems. You get problem-solving skills from mathematics. Data science involves collecting, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting large amounts of data to gain insights.

As per LinkedIn statistics, there are 10,0000+ data science jobs in Pune. So starting a career in data science is a good option.  

Also, there are many Job roles in data science, such as:  

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Big Data Analyst

Which Institute is the best place to learn about a data Science Course In Pune? 

Technogeeks offers 6 courses in 1 Data Science specialization course  

  1. Python Programming
  2. Data Analytics and Data Visualization
  3. Mathematics and Statistics For Data Science
  4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  5. Databases
  6. Hands-on Projects 

After completing the course, you will go through multiple mock interviews, CV preparation, profile enhancement, and 100% placement assistance. 

Additionally, this course combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to analyze large amounts of data, extract meaningful data, and also work on AI projects using predictive analytics, natural language processing (NLP), etc.

Web Development –  

If you want to start a career in Web Development after completing graduation, you should have a basic understanding of these technologies.  

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap 

These are the main technologies used to create websites and web applications. 

The web development field is divided into three parts:  

  • Front end Development
  • Back end Development
  • Full Stack Development

Front end Development –  

Front-end development is about creating what you see on websites and apps. Front-end developers design and make things like buttons, menus, and animations that you interact with when you use websites or apps. 

Front-end frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js are commonly used to streamline the development process and create interactive user interfaces. 

Front-end developers write code that needs to work on many different web browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. They also have to make sure their code works on different versions of these browsers. 

So if you want to become a Front-end developer, you should be good at coding.  

Back end Development –  

The main task of a backend developer is server-side programming, which involves handling requests from the browser (front-end) on the server computer.  

The most common programming languages used in Backend Development are Python (with frameworks like Django or Flask), Java (with frameworks like Spring Boot), Node.js (with frameworks like Express), and PHP (with frameworks like Laravel).

Full Stack Development –  

A full-stack developer is someone who works on both front-end and back-end. They have knowledge about both front-end and back-end technology. 

Which Institute is the best place to learn about a Web Development Course In Pune? 

Technogeeks offers both Frontend and backend services, such as – 

  • MERN Stack (Full Stack With React)
  • MEAN Stack (Full Stack With Angular)
  • Full Stack With Django
  • Full Stack With Django

These Web development courses provide industry-based skills to students that they need to create web applications, full-stack applications, back-end applications, and front-end applications. Students who complete these Full stack courses will be able to establish and deploy frontend, backend, middleware and database-backed web APIs, as well as secure and manage user authentication and access control for an application backend. 

Students can choose any of the multiple Web Development courses offered by Technogeeks, like Python, Django, Angular, React, and Java.

AWS Cloud Computing –  

Everyone knows about this new trending technology, AWS Cloud Computing. AWS cloud computing is most in demand today as many people shift their businesses to cloud computing.  

For learning AWS Cloud Computing, you don’t require much coding experience. Students with less coding knowledge can choose AWS cloud computing as a career. 

As per Glassdoor statistics, the AWS salary in India ranges from 3–9 LPA. So starting a career in AWS Cloud Computing is the best choice, both income-wise and in terms of future scope.

Which Institute is the best place to learn for an AWS Course In Pune? 

Want to become an AWS Solution Architect? Technogeeks is the best place to learn. AWS course designed by working professionals so candidates get knowledge as per current market demand. 

Also 20+ AWS Services are covered during training. AWS Course syllabus designed AWS Solution Architect Certification level.  

So the candidates easily crack the certified level exam. 70% Training based on Hands-on practical and 30% training based on theoretical. After completing the course you will get 100% Placement Assistance.

Software Testing –  

Software Testing is also the best career option after graduation. As a Software Tester you have to identify bugs, develop test plans, and execute test cases to ensure that software meets the requirements before it is released to clients.  

With the increasing demand for high-quality software products, software testing professionals play an important role in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), making it an best career choice for graduates interested in technology and QA (Quality Assurance). 

Also, if you are from a non-IT background and want to start a career in IT, Software Testing is the best career choice for you. Learning Software Testing is easy and requires less coding compared to other IT roles. 

Which institute is the best place to learn software testing in Pune? 

Technogeeks is the best place to learn software testing in Pune. In the Software Testing Course we covered Manual Testing + Selenium Automation Testing. The course curriculum is designed by working professionals so candidates can gain knowledge as per current market demand. 

Business Analytics

The demand for analytics is increasing because we have a lot of data but not enough people who know how to use it.  

This is happening all over the world, not just in one place. Big data can be useful, but only if companies have skilled employees who know how to analyze it. This is also true in India.  

So, there’s a growing demand for business analytics professionals who can help companies make decisions based on data. A career in business analytics is likely to keep growing. 

According to statistics, the demand for business analysts is projected to grow by 22% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. 

Additionally, a basic understanding of programming languages such as Python and SQL is highly beneficial in today’s job market. It helps you meet business needs, increases job opportunities, improves data manipulation efficiency, enhances problem-solving abilities, and provides adaptability for the future. 

Which institute is the best place to learn Business Analytics in Pune? 

The Technogeeks business analyst course in Pune will teach you the skills needed to become a successful business analyst without the requirement of learning how to code. 

In this business analyst course in Pune, you’ll learn how to understand business requirements and write them in a clear and concise manner. You will start with an introduction to business analysis and project management methodologies before learning how to work with stakeholders to gather and analyze requirements and how to evaluate the feasibility of a project.


  • I hope you get a better understanding of the list of IT courses after graduation, which will help you start a career in IT.
  • Before choosing a career, first do research and choose a career that is best suited for you.
  • Also, research what educational qualifications are required to get a job.
  • If you are confused, contact us for free career counseling. Our career counselors guide you for the same. 

Best of luck on your journey. Keep learning and keep growing. 



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