Why Should You Choose Live Interactive Training?

Why Should You Choose Live Interactive Training?

Choosing Live Interactive Training

Why Should You Choose Live Interactive Training?

Why Should You Choose Live Interactive Training?

Why Should You Choose Live Interactive Training?


Why Should You Choose Live Interactive Training?

What Is Live Interactive Training?

Live Interactive Training Class trainers, course instructors, and students come together to learn. They can interact one-on-one with the instructor or other students, chat live and ask questions, or add comments on certain topics, which makes the class more interesting, leads to more conversation, and lets teachers answer questions quickly.

Live interactive training has a higher level of engagement for several reasons, such as the ones below.

Learning Opportunities With Working Professionals

Live interactive training helps to connect freshers with IT working professionals. They can learn about trending technologies and get complete information about what skills they need to grab job opportunities in data science, cloud computing, software testing, and other trending skills in the year 2023.

The rapid pace of technological advancement contributes to the “IT Skills Gap” problem. Simply put, an IT skills gap develops when the demand for a particular IT job type outweighs the supply of trained and qualified professionals.

It can be addressed by the professionals from the IT sector who are professionally trained by MNCs in various soft and hard skills, from leadership to big data skills.

Another issue that live interactive training addresses is the fast pace of innovation and rigid educational syllabi that take years to finalize in India. But software training institutes like Technogeeks can move fast with changing technological landscapes and update their training materials to reflect this.

Affordable Compared To Traditional Educational Institute

Live interactive training is cost-effective and spares the students from extra costs. All that is required of students is to spend two to four hours on study & practice.

If you check the university courses, they generally take 3–4 years to complete.

But not directly connect with the industry to understand and update the syllabus according to current and future needs.

On the other hand, software training cum professional training institutes like ours can update or create new courses according to industry needs.

Convenience & Flexibility

Live interactive classes are convenient in terms of flexibility. These training sessions are held in hybrid mode so that if you cannot attend the session for some reason, you can attend the session online or watch the recorded sessions.

This hybrid learning is convenient for people who must balance studying with a job and other responsibilities. They can learn easily if their schedules are flexible and there is less pressure.

Most classes will be recorded and made available to students for free afterward, so you can catch up on what you missed or use it to learn.

So your continuity of learning will stay intact, and you will be able to complete the course on time.

Learning Pace

Instructors have an effective method for delivering lessons to students through live interactive training. Instructors can use all the resources available for online learning, including podcasts, PDFs, and videos, as part of their lesson preparations. Instructors can improve by expanding the lesson plan beyond standard books to include online resources.

Students can catch up on what they missed or find difficult to understand and use it to learn or revise the concept.


Live interactive training facilitates the freshers & career changers to connect with the trainer, itself an IT professional, fellow learners which can help make a bright career in new technologies with better job opportunities.

Live Demonstration On The Tools

In live training, students can learn with ease about tools and technologies like Tableau, Power BI, Python programming, and Java Programming.

Live demonstration with hands-on experience can give learners first-hand experience with these tools on how to install & use them.

Confidence Building Practice

In live interactive training students can interact with instructors and other students which can lower their fear of public speaking in a corporate/ company environment.

This soft skill is important when students appear for an interview where they have to go through rounds like group discussion which are essential for HR’s to evaluate candidates.

Learning with Community

Learning with a community can help you make fewer coding errors or logical decisions. The direct unfiltered guidance from your mentor makes learning time less than learning in your way.

So, if you’re looking for a new skill to learn, you should always consider LEARNING THROUGH A HUMAN TOUCH will be a factor that can lessen your efforts and maximize the return through the community of learners.

Check out our professional training through the recorded sessions.

P.S.: Here, you must connect with our human career counsellors’ for recorded lessons!

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