Testing Comes Under Which Category Of Cost Of Quality

Testing Comes Under Which Category Of Cost Of Quality

testing comes under which category of cost of quality

Testing Comes Under Which Category Of Cost Of Quality

Testing Comes Under Which Category Of Cost Of Quality

Testing Comes Under Which Category Of Cost Of Quality


Testing Comes Under Which Category Of Cost Of Quality

Testing Comes Under Which Category Of Cost Of Quality –

A) Prevention Costs

B) Appraisal Costs

C) Internal Failure Costs

D) External Failure Costs

Correct Answer: B) Appraisal Costs


Have you ever thought about the various costs involved in ensuring a product is of excellent quality? That’s where the idea of “Cost of Quality” becomes important. And guess what? Testing, yes, the process of making sure things work as they should, falls into a specific category within this Cost of Quality framework.

Let’s Understand Testing Comes Under Which Category Of Cost Of Quality & Why Option B is the correct option.

Let’s First Understand “What Is the Cost of Quality?”


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What Is the Cost of Quality (COQ)?

Let’s break down the idea of Cost of Quality or COQ. Costs include product development and quality assurance before delivery.

Imagine you’re buying a toy for your kid. COQ is like the effort and money spent to guarantee that a toy is safe, fun, and in perfect shape before your child starts playing with it. Assuring you that what you’re receiving is top-notch so you don’t have to worry is everything.

COQ is like the unseen superhero behind the scenes, guaranteeing that your purchases are worth every cent and fulfill your and other customers’ requirements. It’s all about delivering quality with a capital Q!


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Cost of Quality (COQ) has divided into four main parts – 

  1. Prevention Costs
  2. Appraisal Costs
  3. Internal Failure Costs
  4. External Failure Costs


1. Prevention Costs

These are the costs you put in place to prevent issues from cropping up in the first place. Imagine it as the superhero cape that prevents problems from showing up. These costs are all about stopping defects and issues before they happen. The following things fall under this category.

  • Training employees
  • Improving processes
  • Creating detailed product specifications


2. Appraisal Costs

This is where “Testing” comes in! Appraisal costs are all about checking the quality of the product. It’s like giving the goods a full checkup to make sure it meets the standards. Inspections, tests, quality audits – these are all part of the appraisal costs gang. So, when you see a product being tested rigorously before it’s packed and sent out, that’s because of appraisal costs.


3. Internal Failure Costs

This occurs when things don’t work out as expected. These are the costs that happen when a defect is discovered before the product reaches the customer. It’s like catching a mistake early on, fixing it, and making sure the customer never even knows about it. These costs include rework, scrap, and all the behind-the-scenes efforts to resolve the situation.


4. External Failure Costs

This is the not-so-pleasant part. These costs happen when the defect is found after the product is out there in the world. Think of it as a product hiccup that reaches the customer. Not great, right? This category includes things like warranties, recalls, customer complaints – all the things we want to avoid but sometimes have to deal with.


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Let’s Come To The Main Question Testing Comes Under Which Category Of Cost Of Quality

The Correct Answer Is: Appraisal costs

As we know Software Testing is an important part of ensuring a product is of high quality. Imagine yourself making a delicious cake. You  did not want to serve it to your friends without tasting it, right? That is what product testing does! Makes sure they fulfill company quality standards. It’s like that extra layer of protection to catch any issues before the product is in your hands.

Testing involves many tasks.You have inspections, where the product is carefully examined for any defects. Then there’s testing for functionality – making sure the product works as intended. And let’s not forget about quality audits, where the production process itself is checked to ensure it’s following all the right steps.

Software Testing makes sure the product is great before it reaches you. It’s like the final check to ensure you get a quality product. And that’s why testing comes under the category of appraisal costs in the Cost of Quality framework.



I hope you now have a clearer idea of where testing fits in the Cost of Quality framework. We’ve discussed Cost of Quality, explored its categories, and learned that testing ensures high-quality products.


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