Data Science Project Ideas In 2024

Data Science Project Ideas In 2024

Data Science Project Ideas In 2024

Data Science Project Ideas In 2024

Data Science Project Ideas In 2024

Data Science Project Ideas In 2024


Data Science Project Ideas In 2024

Data Science Project Ideas

There are a number of people who are interested in learning about data science and want to start a career in data science in 2024 because the field is changing quickly and is now very important to solving many problems, from medical issues like detection of diseases, finding breast cancer, sales, marketing, Ecommerce, Transportation and many more.

As per LinkedIn Report, This field of employment will likely grow by 23% over the next seven years, hitting $230.8 billion by 2026.

More and more people want to get into data science in 2024 and beyond. That’s clear from the statistics. 

To get a job in data science is not easy; you have to learn each and every concept, not just theoretical ones, but also hands-on experience, which is more important in this field.

Interviewers mainly focus on your CV, like what projects you worked on in your previous experience or, if you are a fresher, what projects you covered during your learning phase.

In this blog, I will explain Data Science Project Ideas for beginners, experienced professionals, and those at the most advanced level.

So Let’s First Understand What is Data Science?

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What is Data Science?

Different points of view have different ideas about what “Data Science” is . Some people say it is a combination of different statistics methods and Artificial Intelligence such as from regression to machine learning. Also data science is a way to solve mathematical problems by coding.

Data science is used in various fields such as – healthcare, social media, businesses, digital marketing and many more. Almost everywhere data science technology is used.

Basically, data science is like a flexible tool that can be used in a variety of ways to solve problems. Its versatility makes it an important tool for making decisions today, whether you’re working with difficult statistical methods or making important decisions especially for your business.

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Best and Easy Data Science Project Ideas In 2024

No matter how genius or skilled you are now or how skilled you want to become, the best way to improve is to get more experience. Take on projects on your own or with other students or friends to put what you’ve learned into practice because when you teach someone or share knowledge with someone your knowledge automatically increases and explaining concepts actually helps you remember and understand better yourself.

Beginner Level Data Science Projects

Creating Chatbot Project

create chatbot using data science
create chatbot using data science

First Data Science Project is creating a Chatbot. As we all know, chatbots nowadays are very famous. Nowadays in every website you can see a chatbot who interacts with customers or we can say answer the queries of customers.

So you might be questioning how they create chatbots, which technology they used, which algorithm used right ?

So chatbots are created in Different technologies such as- 

  • Programming languages like Python & Javascript
  • Chatbots Framework like Dialogflow, Microsoft Bot Framework, Rasa and more.
  • Using Web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • We can also create ChatBot using Cloud Computing Technology. AWS, Azure and Google Cloud offer services to create chatbots like AWS Lex, Azure Bot Service and Google Cloud AI.

But in this blog we discuss about Creating chatbots using data science technology so let’s discuss this first.

  • So we created a customer support chatbot using data science technology. 
  • First, get a set of interactions with customers and use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand and make sense of what they say.
  • Teach the bot to understand what the user wants, like asking about a product or having a problem with technology. Sort user questions into categories based on their problems or intentions. 
  • Popular algorithms used such as – Naive Bayes, Support Vector Machines (SVM), and Decision Trees.
  • Python is a popular choice due to its best libraries for data science tasks like NLTK for natural language processing and scikit-learn for machine learning models.
  • You could also use JavaScript or Java to connect to certain platforms .
  • Add the trained model to a chatbot framework, test it, and then put it to use on a site of your choice. 

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Social Media Influence Analysis Project

Social Media Influence Analysis Project
Social Media Influence Analysis Project


As we all know in this 21st century ton’s of people hang out on social media platforms, so ultimately these networks generate lots of data. There are now (2023) 4.95 billion active social media users around the world, up from 4.62 billion in 2022. This is a rise of 7.07% year-over-year.

This analysis is very helpful for businesses that want to connect with their target audience and make smart choices, as social media transforms people’s ideas and opinions and creates trends.

People who have many followers on social media mainly focus on how other people think, feel, and comment on their posts. This is called Social Media Influence (SMI)

Businesses and marketers need to use the Social Media Influence Analysis project to find important influencers, understand how their audiences feel, and change their content strategies in real time in today’s digital world. 

So let’s discuss about Project Social Media Influence Analysis – 

  • By using APIs (Application Programming Interface), you can get information from most popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. You can gather information about users, such as their accounts activity, posts, comments, and most important engagement matrix.
  • Analyze post and comment text using NLP. To understand topic or user sentiment, perform sentiment analysis.
  • Use machine learning algorithms to identify trending topics and hashtags. 
  • Create a model that can predict how engaged users will be based on past data and find potential content.
  • Use visualization tools to make an interactive dashboard that makes it easy for users to look at research results.

Experienced Level Data Science Projects 

Airline Passenger Sentiment Analysis

Airline Passenger Sentiment Analysis Project
Airline Passenger Sentiment Analysis Project

Implement a sentiment analysis project focused on airline reviews using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to automatically find reviews as – 

  • Positive Reviews
  • Negative Reviews
  • Neutral Reviews 

It provides airlines with actionable insights for improving customer satisfaction.

Data Collection:

Collect a diverse dataset of airline reviews from platforms like online reviews, social media, and surveys and many other resources ensuring a representative sample of passenger sentiments.

Text Preprocessing:

Clean and preprocess the textual data by removing stopwords, handling punctuation, and standardizing text formats to prepare it for NLP analysis.

Sentiment Analysis Model:

You can use NLP tools like NLTK or spaCy to create a sentiment analysis model. Train the model with labeled data and describe text using either a bag-of-words approach or word embeddings.

Feature Extraction:

Extract key features from the reviews, such as sentiment scores, common phrases, or sentiment-bearing words, to understand the drivers behind positive and negative sentiments.


Create visualizations, such as bar charts or pie charts, to display the distribution of sentiment across reviews and highlight prevalent positive or negative aspects.

Dashboard Development:

Develop an interactive dashboard that allows users to input new reviews and receive real-time sentiment analysis results. The dashboard should also present historical trends and insights.

Root Cause Analysis:

Implement techniques, like topic modeling or keyword extraction, to identify recurring themes and specific issues contributing to positive or negative sentiments.

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LinkedIn Job Recommendations Project

LinedIn is one kind of social media platform which is mainly used for business and job recommendation. So you ever thought how linkedIn recommends jobs as per our skill set?

So basically this complete method for recommending jobs on LinkedIn scrapes dynamic data from job listings based on location and based on your query.

The information that was scraped, like job names and descriptions, is stored in a MongoDB database. To make the model more accurate, users name some samples by manually using either an easy-to-use front-end application or a Jupyter notebook interface.

Data scraping and prediction jobs for the production server are handled by automation scripts. A clean front-end application organizes and displays top job suggestions based on what the user wants.

Advanced Level Data Science Projects

Credit card fraud detection

Credit card fraud detection
Credit card fraud detection

Advanced data science techniques are used by the Credit Card Fraud Detection project to improve security and protect users from unauthorized transactions. 

The project starts with a large collection of credit card transactions and includes exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, and thorough data preprocessing. 

There are two types of Machine Learning Models – 

  1. Anomaly detection algorithms 
  2. Supervised techniques

These are based on past data to predict and find unauthorized transactions.

A real-time monitoring system is created to constantly look over new deals and mark those that have a high chance of being unauthorized so they can be looked into right away. 

Traffic Management Project

traffic management project
traffic management project


Traffic management is very important in places like Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore, where rapid urbanization, population growth which causes traffic jams and transportation issues.

So the main goal of the Traffic Management Project is to overcome these problems. In this project we used Data Science Technology.

Many road signs are always there, but drivers miss them or in many cases they don’t understand what they mean.  Traffic Sign Recognition System can correctly find and identify road signs in both images and videos.

Using a CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) , the system can recognise things in real time, making it a strong option for finding traffic and road signs on its own. The system uses CNN (which is a subset of machine learning) technology to make the roads safer, make drivers more aware.


In this blog, we covered the best data science project ideas. We categorized these project ideas into three parts: beginners, experienced, and advanced-level projects.

When you work on these projects, your skills automatically increase. When you start a beginner-level project or start working on your first project, it will be hard for you because, from the initial stage, we face many problems and try to find solutions to them.

But if you work on an experienced-level or advanced-level project, you can easily complete your project because you gain experience from your first projects, like knowing about the solution and how to solve it.

So be confident when you work on projects and be successful in your data science career.

If you want to learn Data Science with Artificial Intelligence or want to start a career in data science?

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