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What is Live Interactive Online Training?

Technogeeks’ live interactive learning basically recreates classroom-type interactions in the digital space and emulates the physical environment through virtual, online classrooms, resources, student communities, and so on.

It helps remove the classroom training from the physical confines of a building or a location.

It is offered through an ed-tech platform that delivers the education to wherever you are.

There are a variety of short-term and long-term courses offered through live and interactive learning: programming, data science, machine learning, software testing, data integration, database development, certificate courses, masters programs, etc.

Features of Technogeeks Online Training courses

  • The same fee structure applies to online and classroom training.
  • You get Live Interactive Training, which means it’s a two-way exchange where students can be asked their questions directly to the instructors!
  • You can interact with your fellow students in these online training sessions.
  • These are recorded live sessions, so you will get the recording of every session.