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Python Training Institutes Pune for Data Analytics Classes, Tutorial and Machine Learning

    Duration: 42-50 hours class room program, 8 Weekends

    Prerequisites: No eligibility, course start right from installation

    Lab – 30 hours’ lab sessions + 50 plus exercises + 50 plus assignments

    After the classes – Students will easily crack Python interview and have advance knowledge of Python Automation and Data Science with Python

    Who get this training Python?

    Module-1: Python Introduction

    Module 2 – Core Objects and Built-in Functions

    Module 3 – Conditional Statements and Loops

    Module 4 – UDF Functions and Object Functions

    Module 5 – File Handling with Python

    Module-6 – Python Modules and Packages

    Module 7 – Exceptional Handing and Object Oriented Python

    Module-8– Debugging, Framework & Regular expression

    Module-9– Database interaction with Python

    Module 10 –Package Installation, Windows spreadsheet parsing and webpage scrapping

    Module 11 - Parallelism

    (Assignment and Live Examples)

    Additional Benefits:

    • Automation Engineers
    • Data analysts and scientist
    • Quality Analysts
    • DevOps
    • System Administrator
    • Networking Professionals
    • Hadoop programmers
    • Robotics Engineers
    • Hardware level developers
    • Syllabus:
    • What is Python and history of Python?
    • Why Python and where to use it?
    • Discussion about Python 2 and Python 3
    • Set up Python environment for development
    • Demonstration on Python Installation
    • Discuss about IDE’s like IDLE, Pycharm and Enthought Canopy
    • Discussion about unique feature of Python
    • Write first Python Program
    • Start programming on interactive shell.
    • Using Variables, Keywords
    • Interactive and Programming techniques
    • Comments and document interlude in Python
    • Python Core Objects and builtin functions
    • Number Object and operations
    • String Object and Operations
    • List Object and Operations
    • Tuple Object and operations
    • Dictionary Object and operations
    • Set object and operations
    • Boolean Object and None Object
    • Different data Structures, data processing
    • What are conditional statements?
    • How to use the indentations for defining if, else, elif block
    • What are loops?
    • How to control the loops
    • How to iterate through the various object
    • Sequence and iterable objects
    • What are various type of functions
    • Create UDF functions
    • Parameterize UDF function, through named and unnamed parameters
    • Defining and calling Function
    • The anonymous Functions - Lambda Functions
    • String Object functions
    • List and Tuple Object functions
    • Dictionary Object functions
    • Process text files using Python
    • Read/write and Append file object
    • File object functions
    • File pointer and seek the pointer
    • Truncate the file content and append data
    • File test operations using os.path
    • Python inbuilt Modules
    • os, sys, datetime, time, random, zip modules
    • Create Python UDM – User Defined Modules
    • Define PYTHONPATH
    • Create Python Packages
    • init File for package initialization
    • Python Exceptions Handling
    • What is Exception?
    • Handling various exceptions using try....except...else
    • Try-finally clause
    • Argument of an Exception and create self exception class
    • Python Standard Exceptions
    • Raising an exceptions, User-Defined Exceptions
    • Object oriented features
    • Understand real world examples on OOP
    • Implement Object oriented with Python
    • Creating Classes and Objects, Destroying Objects
    • Accessing attributes, Built-In Class Attributes
    • Inheritance and Polymorphism
    • Overriding Methods, Data Hiding
    • Overloading Operators
    • Debug Python programs using pdb debugger
    • Pycharm Debugger
    • Assert statement for debugging
    • Testing with Python using UnitTest Framework
    • What are regular expressions?
    • The match and search Function
    • Compile and matching
    • Matching vs searching
    • Search and Replace feature using RE
    • Extended Regular Expressions
    • Wildcard characters and work with them
    • Creating a Database with SQLite 3,
    • CRUD Operations,
    • Creating a Database Object.
    • Python MySQL Database Access
    • DML and DDL Operations with Databases
    • Performing Transactions
    • Handling Database Errors
    • Disconnecting Database
    • Install package using Pycharm
    • What is pip, easy_install
    • Set up the environment to install packages?
    • Install packages for XLS interface and XLS parsing with Python
    • Create XLS reports with Python
    • Introduction to web scraping and beautiful soup
    • GIL
    • Multithreading in Python
    • Create Threads with parameters
    • Create Daemon and Non Daemon processes
    • Multiprocessing in Python
    • Real time examples with live project for Google finance data extractions
    • Sample resumes helping you to create your resume
    • Hard copy study material
    • We provide real time scenarios examples, how to work in real time projects
    • We guide for resume preparation by giving sample resume
    • Will give you 2 POC (proof Of Concept) with Data set so that you can practice before going for interview
    • In 2 months training we provide study material’s soft copy in classroom itself
    • We provide hands –on in class room itself so that you can understand concepts 100%
    • We give assignments every week for practice
We Provide Training COmpletion Certification
  • We send you for interviews till you get a job
  • We get your PHP Resume Ready to attend interviews
  • Interview Preparation Support
  • Write Technical Exams before attending Interviews
  • Mock Interviews
  • Pre-Requisite: Job Seekers, any Graduates, Software Developer, Freshers , web developers, web designers, seo specialists
  • Projects: You Work on Live Projects
  • Latest and Update Course Contents as per corporate standards.
  • ONE-to-ONE Tuitions to make Students Web Developer Experts
  • 50 hrs Practical Classes
  • In Class, You Get In-Depth Practical Knowledge on each Topic
  • Weekdays Classes
  • Weekend Classes
  • Corporate Training and Online Classes Available
  • Pay only after Attending one FREE DEMO CLASS

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