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Best Python Certification Course

    Python Certification Training with Analytics and Visualization

    Technogeeks’s best combination for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science using Python programming certification course enables you to learn data science concepts from basics. This Python Course includes concepts such as object oriented programming, data operations, file handling and various Python libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn which are essential for AI. This course helps people to make career in AI Platform and even these essentials also helpful to grab the knowledge for other platforms integration with Python such as Embedded Systems, IOT, Biomedical etc. Our experts can help you to get more details about the same.

    Section 1 – Introduction to Python

    • What is Python and brief history
    • Why Python and who use Python
    • Discussion on Python 2 and 3
    • Unique features of Python
    • Discussion on various IDE’s
    • Demonstration of practical use cases
    • Python use cases using data analysis

    Section 2 – Setting up and installations

    • Installing python
    • Setting up Python environment for development
    • Installation of Jupyter Notebook
    • How to access our course material using Jupyter
    • Write your first program in python

    Section 3 – Python object and data structures operations

    • Introduction to Python objects
    • Python built-in functions
    • Number objects and operations
    • Variable assignment and keywordsString objects and operations
    • Print formatting with strings
    • List objects and operations
    • Tuple objects and operations
    • Dictionary objects and operations
    • Sets and Boolean
    • Object and data structures assessment test

    Section 4 – Python statements

    • Introduction to Python statements
    • If, elif and else statements
    • Comparison operators
    • Chained comparison operators
    • What are loops
    • For loops
    • While loops
    • Useful operators
    • List comprehensions
    • Statement assessment test
    • Game challenge

    Section 5 - UDF functions and methods

    • Methods
    • What are various types of functions
    • Creating and calling user defined functions
    • Function practice exercises
    • Lambda Expressions
    • Map and filter
    • Nested statements and scope
    • Args and kwargs
    • Functions and methods assignment

    • Milestone Project (Making tic-tac-toe in python)

    Section 6 - File and exception handling

    • Process files using python
    • Read/write and append file object
    • File functions
    • File pointer and operations
    • Introduction to error handling
    • Try, except and finally
    • Python standard exceptions
    • User defined exceptions
    • Unit testing
    • File and exceptions assignment

    Section 7 - Python modules and packages

    • Python inbuilt modules
    • Creating UDM-User defined modules
    • Passing command line arguments
    • Writing packages
    • Define PYTHONPATH
    • __name__ and __main__

    Section 8 – Object oriented programming

    • Object oriented features
    • Implement object oriented with Python
    • Creating classes and objects
    • Creating class attributes
    • Creating methods in a class
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Special methods for class

    • Assignment - Creating a python script to replicate deposits and withdrawals in a bank with appropriate classes and UDFs.

    Section 9 - Advanced Python Modules

    • Collections module
    • Datetime
    • Python debugger
    • Timing your code
    • Regular expressions
    • StringIO
    • Python decorators
    • Python generators

    Section 10 – Package installation and parallel processing

    • Install packages on python
    • Introduction to pip, easy install
    • Multithreading
    • Multiprocessing

    • POC - Implementing edit distance algorithm using python to give suggestions on mistypes.(like google suggestions)

    Section 11 – Introduction to Machine learning with Python

    • Understanding Machine Learning
    • Scope of ML
    • Supervised and Unsupervised learning
    • Milestone Project – 2

    Section 12 - Data Analysis with Python

    • Introduction to data analysis
    • Why Data analysis?
    • Data analysis and Artificial intelligence bridge
    • Introduction to Data Analysis libraries
    • Data analysis introduction assignment challenge
    • POC - Integration maps with python using folium. (This project involves creation of html files
      using python to display location based pointers on maps)

    Section 13 – Data analysis using Numpy

    • Introduction to Numpy arrays
    • Creating and applying functions
    • Numpy Indexing and selection
    • Numpy Operations
    • Exercise and assignment challenge

    Section 14 – Pandas and advanced analysis

    • Pandas series
    • Introduction to DataFrames
    • Missing data
    • Groupby
    • Merging, joining and Concatenating
    • Operations
    • Data Input and Output
    • Pandas in depth coding exercises

    • POC - Analysis of e-commerce dataset using pandas
      POC - Getting insights on employee salaries data using data analysis in python

    Section 15 – Data visualization with Python

    • Plotting using Matplotlib
    • Plotting Numpy arrays
    • Plotting using object-oriented approach
    • Subplots using matplotlib
    • Matplotlib attributes and functions
    • Matplotlib exercises
    • Seaborn visualization
    • Categorical Plot using Seaborn
    • Distributional plots using Seaborn
    • Matrix plots
    • Grids
    • Seaborn exercises
    Project - Data capstone project to do analysis and visualizations on 911 emergency call data.
    Project - Getting insights using python analysis and visualizations on finance credit score data.
    Pandas built-in data visualization
    Data visualization assignment

    Section 16 – Project and Resume Preparation

    • Project
    • Implementation
    • Optimization
    • Troubleshooting
    • VCS
    • SDLC
    • Resume Preparation
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Around 72 Scenarios
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