Mendix Developer Training Low Code No Code

Duration of course: 50 hrs

Mendix (Low Code No Code) Training in Pune

If you search for low code no code courses, look no further than Technogeeks Mendix Training.

In this course, you will find a variety of options to learn how to develop applications without knowledge of coding.  

At Technogeeks Software Training Institute, we offer the best Mendix development training. You can easily develop applications without the need for coding knowledge. 

In Technogeeks Mendix training, you will learn low-code application development, building an e-commerce application, building pluggable widgets with React, and building and integrating apps with external systems.

This Mendix course is designed for both beginners & working professionals. We also provide online and classroom training. 

The main goal of Mendix courses is to help people easily create and enhance applications without needing advanced coding skills. 

There are many people who are from NON-IT backgrounds or are not very interested in coding. It’s designed for easy development with low code or no code required.

What is Mendix?

So basically “Mendix” is a tool that allows users to create Web applications and mobile applications without having knowledge of coding. It helps businesses speed up the process of building and managing apps, from scratch to deploying and running them. 

With the Mendix tool, you can use Agile Methodology and DevOps when building applications, which means you can save organization time, work quickly and efficiently. 

Mendix provides two types of tools within one platform that is Low Code and No Code:

So you may have a question in mind about this concept of Low Code and No Code. 

Let me explain it simply:

1. Low Code: Low code means you rely less on manual coding to build applications. Instead of that , you use visual tools and pre-built components to speed up the development process. It’s really helpful for developers who want to work faster and more efficiently.

2.  No Code: In this No Code method, you don’t need any coding skills at all. You can create applications using easy drag-and-drop interfaces.

It’s also helpful for business professionals or freshers who want to build applications without writing any code.

Mendix Course Syllabus ​​

Best Blended Syllabus for Mendix Training

Course Program 01 - Low-code Application Development Course

  • What is Mendix 
  • How to Install Mendix? 
  • Fast Orientation to Mendix
  • Sales Management System and Business Problem
  • Creating Home Page
  • Improving UI
  • Creating Customers Page
  • Handling Errors
  • Creating Products Page
  • Creating Location Page
  • Creating Sales Person Page
  • Creating Sales Tracking Page
  • What is a Domain Model?
  • Creating Customers Entity
  • Creating Products Entity
  • Creating Locations Entity
  • Creating Sales Person Entity
  • Creating Sales Tracking Entity
  • What is a Relational Database?
  • Creating Relationship Between Entities
  • Defining Data Grid Sources
  • Creating Edit Pages
  • Creating Page Navigation
  • Adding Data To Customers Entity
  • Adding Data To Products Entity
  • Adding Data To Locations Entity
  • Adding Data To Sales Person Entity
  • Adding Data To Sales Tracking Entity
  • Creating Mobile HomePage
  • Creating Customers & Products Pages
  • Applying CSS & HTML
  • Adjusting Listview Cells with CSS
  • Adjusting Listview Cells with CSS 2
  • Understanding Data View
  • Understanding Data View 2
  • Creating Sales Order Draft Entity
  • Creating Sales Order Draft Page
  • Adjusting Sales Order Draft Page UI
  • Create Variable
  • Change Variable
  • If Statement
  • How to Debug Microflow?
  • How to Observe Database?
  • Retrieve
  • Loops
  • Create Object – Refresh Client – Commit
  • Change Object
  • Delete Object
  • Parameters – Nested Microflows
  • Merge Action
  • Break – Continue
  • Change List – Microflow As DataSource
  • Aggregate List
  • List Operations
  • Send Draft Sales to Real System
  • Xpath String Functions
  • XPATH Date Functions
  • XPATH as Datasource
  • XPATH & System Variables
  • Mendix Security System & User Roles
  • Data Level Security
  • Page Level Security
  • Microflow Level Security
  • Entity Level Security
  • Role Based Visibility
  • Attribute Based Visibility
  • Expression Based Visibility
  • Deep Dive to Domain Model
  • Validation Rules
  • Event Handlers – Create History Table
  • Calculated Column – Listen To Widget
  • Calculated Column with Entity Parameter
  • Delete Listview Item – Adjust UI of Listview Cell
  • How to Install Community Commons Package
  • Java Actions – DateTimeToLong
  • Java Actions – MonthsBetween
  • Generating Random Hash for Sales Orders
  • Java Actions – Split String
  • Asynchronous Microflows
  • Getting Current IP Address From REST
  • Getting Current Location Of User From REST
  • Sending User Location To System
  • What is Mendix AppStore?
  • Custom Widget – OnChange InputBox
  • Adding Buttons To Bottom NavBar

Course Program 02 - Building an e-Commerce Application [Advanced]

  • Creating Mendix Project
  • Setting Up Anonymous Module & Role
  • Mendix UI Design Hierarchy
  • Implementing Login Page Initially
  • Designing Initial Login Page, Creating Anon Entity
  • Styling Login page
  • Styling register page
  • Understanding Mendix Architecture
  • Microflows vs Nanoflows


  • Implement Login Functionality
  • Implement Register Function Without Validation
  • Implementing Validations For Registration Process
  • Adding Progress Bar to Nanoflow
  • Adding Custom SCSS to Login and Register Pages
  • Changing Folder Structure
  • Designing Admin Page and User Component
  • Creating Admin Role and Adding Sign Out Button
  • Prevent User to Access Admin Panel
  • Building a Products Page
  • Building Admin Panel – My Account
  • Create New My Account Page – Image Uploads
  • Redesigning My Account Page
  • Implement Event Handler For Profile Page
  • Changing Theme of App
  • Import Excel Data, MxModelReflection & Product Entity
  • How Domain Model Works
  • Redesign Products Page
  • Deep Dive into Non-Persistable – Persistable Entity
  • Applying Price Filter To Products
  • Implementing range slider – Designing Filter Pane
  • Creating ProductCategory Entity and Import Data
  • Assigning Random Categories To Products
  • Importance of Refresh In Client
  • Understanding Retrieve By Association
  • Implementing Product Category Filter
  • Understanding Nested Data Context
  • Using Non-Persistent – Persistent Entity Relation
  • Adding Selected Product Background
  • Many to Many relation between Non Persistent Entity
  • Checkout UI Implementation
  • Implementing Checkout Logic
  • Handling many to many relationships
  • Changing User Sales Grid Logic
  • Products – My Account Page UI Improvements
  • Applying Entity Access for Data Security
  • Changing Folder Structure
  • Generating Inventory Data
  • Redesign Product – Inventory Pages
  • Check Inventory Data For Purchasing Process – Before Commit
  • Error Handling Summary In Mendix


  • Adding Custom Javascript To Create Product Popup
  • Adding Styling to Product Popup Card
  • Generating Sales Transaction Data
  • Constraint Data Sources by using XPATH
  • Understanding Mendix Client API
  • Understanding and Using Promises Inside Javascript Actions
  • Manipulating UI with Mendix Client API
  • Calling microflow from Javascript
  • Solving Bugs with Javascript – Page Parameters
  • Redesigning Product Detail Page
  • Mapping Javascript Object to Mendix Entity – User Comments
  • Redesigning User Comments
  • Install – Configure Eclipse
  • Creating First Java Action
  • Setting Object attributes inside Java Action
  • Commit And Refresh Client From Java Action – Community Commons
  • Calling a Microflow Inside Java Action
  • Importing Java Libraries – Calculating Statistics for Sales Transaction with Java

Course Program 03 - Building a Pluggable Widgets With React Hooks

  • What is React?
  • Create First React Project
  • Project Structure
  • Component Tree
  • Adding Bootstrap
  • Coding User Component
  • Card Component & Props
  • Refactor Card Component
  • Looping Card Component
  • Styling of Components
  • useState Hook and re-draw UI
  • Parent Component State Update Behaviours
  • Child Component State Update Behaviour
  • Update Parent Component State From Child
  • Prop Drilling and useContext
  • Immutable State Update
  • Introduction to useReducer Hook
  • useReducer Hook Implementation
  • useReducer Refactor
  • useReducer & Immer
  • Add Random Product
  • Reusable Custom Hooks
  • Refactor User Component with Custom Hook
  • Refactor Main Component with Custom Hook
  • useEffect Introduction
  • useEffect with empty array
  • useRef Hook
  • useEffect with dependency variable
  • usePassFirstMount implementation
  • Install Yeoman and Widget Generator
  • Creating First Widget Project
  • Preparing Project Structure
  • Static Widget Types – String
  • All Static Widget Types
  • Showing Static Widget Types
  • Icon Component Widget Type
  • Image Component Types
  • Using Predefined Mendix Elements
  • Expression Type
  • Text Template Type
  • Component Widget Type
  • Action Widget Type
  • Attribute Widget Type
  • Set Attribute Value inside Widget – Big Js
  • Object Widget Type
  • Setting Up Widget Project
  • Layout Component Creation
  • Generate Product Data
  • DataSource Widget Type
  • Accessing List Of Object Attributes
  • Adding All Linked Attributes
  • Showing List Of Products On UI
  • DataGrid Header Implementation
  • SetOffset And SetLimit
  • Data Grid Top Bar
  • Pagination Functionality
  • Applying CSS More
  • Selected Object
  • Add Edit Remove Functions
  • Add Microflow
  • Passing Params to Microflow for Editing
  • Remove Functionality

Course Program 04 - Building & Integrating Apps With External Systems

  • What we are going to build?
  • How to Access Project Files
  • How to install Mendix 10.1?
  • How to create a Blank App?
  • Install Necessary Modules
  • Remote Object Creation With Attributes
  • BCO_RemoteObject Implementation
  • Inheritance & Nested Before Commits
  • Polymorphism & Microflows
  • Setting App Project Security
  • Conditional Form
  • Register Validation
  • Create Account
  • Setting Up Eclipse
  • Getting User Location With MaxmindDB (without REST API)
  • Implement Location Logic
  • Setup Entities – Connected Grids
  • Connected Grids CRUD Operations
  • Preparation for Data Employee Role
  • Creation of Data Employee Role
  • Is Owner Of Object?
  • Cascade Delete & Order Of Before Delete Event
  • What We Are Going To Build In This Section?
  • Data Creation for Connected Selectors
  • Connected Dropdowns Implementation
  • Solving Bugs – Optimize Performance for Connected Selectors
  • Implement Test & Config Builder page
  • What If Custom Widgets Not Found on Market?
  • Building Builder Component
  • Navigating Questions
  • Creating Question Form
  • Creating Preview Form
  • Improve Test Builder Form
  • Implement Save Test Function
  • Text Change Behaviour – Fixing Bugs With JS
  • My Tests Page Implementation
  • Adding Page Routes
  • Setting Entity Access Rules
  • Edit Test Logic
  • Editing Questions Directly
  • Implementation Of Delete Operations
  • What We Are Going To Build In This Section?
  • Implement Solver Module
  • Generate Solver Tests
  • Showing Solver Tests to User
  • Changing Option Selection Behaviour
  • Implementation Of Spent Time Logic
  • Implement Test Status Logic
  • Implement Review Mode
  • Implement Test Results
  • Solved Tests Page
  • Review Solver Test
  • Correct Wrong Option Colors
  • Fixing Dynamic Class Bug
  • Applying Entity Access To Solver
  • Solver Test – Lecture Association
  • Fixing Route Mistakes
  • Generate Builder Tests
  • Generate Solver Tests with 5 users
  • Adding More Demo Users
  • What Is OQL? (Object Query Language)
  • Writing First Query
  • Adding Utility Functions
  • Important Lecture : Passing Parameter to Dataset
  • Access OQL Functions Documentation
  • OQL Playground App
  • Get All Builder Tests
  • Extending Get All Builder Tests
  • Using Query Parameters with OQL
  • Using Paths as Parameters
  • Using Request Body as Parameter
  • Username Password Authentication
  • Custom Authentication


  • Generate PDF Of Builder Test
  • Dynamic Test Export as PDF
  • Standardization Of PDF Export For All Tests
  • Mock Interview 
  • CV preparation 
  • Placement best practices 
  • How to crack job interviews 
  • Course completion certificate

About Mendix Training Course In Pune​

Anyone who interested in learning Mendix Course including – 

  • Software developers interested in low-code development platforms.
  • NON-IT background candidates who want to learn application development but with less coding experience.
  • IT professionals look to enhance their skills in rapid application development.
  • Business analysts looking to build applications without much coding knowledge.
  • Anyone who is interested in developing applications and wants to start a career in development. 

Technogeeks provides best Mendix Training in Pune. Instructors are working professionals who provide detailed knowledge about the Mendix tools. Also you gain hands-on experience through daily assignments and real time projects. 

We provide best training by industry experts who have atleast 8 + years of experience at a very reasonable price, as requested by candidates.

After completing the course you will go through multiple mock interviews, CV preparations, and profile enhancement. Also we provide Course Completion Certification.

Also we provided recorded sessions to our students after completing each session so they watch the recorded sessions whenever they need to, helping them learn better.

Candidates must have knowledge of – 

  • Basics of Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS , JavaScript and Bootstrap
  • Basic Knowledge of Java Programming
  • Basic knowledge of Agile Methodology

The duration of Technogeeks Mendix Course Online/classroom training in Pune including course , project and interview preparation with trainer and self paced mode is 3-3.5 Months. 


Benefits Of Mendix Course In Pune​​

  • 0% Interest installments option.
  • No prerequisite.
  • Pay only after attending one FREE TRIAL OF RECORDED LESSON.
  • Syllabus includes basics to advance Mendix topics.
  • Live Interactive Sessions conducted by working IT industry professionals.
  • Comprehensive course covers all aspects of Mendix Application Development.
  • Tips from experienced professionals on writing clean and reusable code.
  • Suitable for both non-IT & IT professionals.
  • Evaluation after each topic completion.
  • Proof of concept (POC) for practical understanding.
  • Hands-on Experience with Real-Time Projects.
  • Resume Building & Mock Interview support.
  • Course Completion Certification is provided.
  • Flexible Weekday and Weekend batches available.
  • Get one year access to class recordings.

Instructor-led Mendix Live Online Interactive Training

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Mendix Course In Pune With Placement From Technogeeks Will Help You With,

  1. Career Opportunities in Mendix
  2. Improving Reputation as skilled professional
  3. Competitive Advantage among the cohort
  4. Proof of Learning
  5. Establishing Professional Credibility

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The Mendix learning path starts with basics like understanding the platform and its features. Then, it progresses to building applications step by step, covering things like data setup, design, coding, and deployment. 

Also cover advanced topics like Low-code Application Development, Building an e-Commerce Application, Building a Pluggable Widgets With React Hooks, Building & Integrating Apps With External Systems, etc. 

Mendix offers many tools to support rapid application development:

  • Mendix Studio
  • Mendix Studio Pro
  • Mendix Platform
  • Mendix App Store
  • Mendix Runtime
  • Testing tools
  • Deployments tools

Low Code No Code tools, such as Mendix, make it easy to create software without writing a lot of code. 

They mainly use visual interfaces and ready-made components, so anyone can build applications fast, even if they’re not expert programmers. 

It’s also beneficial for business people and experts in specific fields who need applications without the difficulty of coding, but it still allows professional developers to add extra features when required.

Mendix Training fee in Pune is very nominal comparatively which is offered by Technogeeks and you can enroll in INR 5000 to book your seat so that you can get in touch with our career counselors. 

  • Mendix allows easy access to data with high security for applications and data.
  • It handles everything from configuration to resources to applications.
  • Applications can be deployed with just one click, either on Mendix’s cloud or an existing
  • Mendix provides a great mobile experience across various devices, with attractive interfaces.
  • Visual App Deployment makes it quick to create business applications.
  • In Mendix, there are two types of coding: Mendix No Code and Mendix Low Code.
  • Low code helps developers create applications quickly by simply dragging and dropping elements.
  • Mendix’s low code platform is crucial for fast app development.

A Mendix developer is someone who builds websites and mobile applications using a tool called Mendix. It’s similar to being a software developer, but instead of manually writing code, they use the Mendix platform. Here, they use simple visual tools and a drag-and-drop interface to create applications quickly and easily.

Becoming a Mendix developer can be a great career choice in 2024, and continue to do so in the future. More companies are using low-code platforms like Mendix to make applications faster.  

As we know, in this fast paced world, every organization wants to work quickly and effectively. Also, technology advances day by day, so being a Mendix developer can offer good opportunities for growth and good pay.

We can say Mendix is a full-stack developer, which means Mendix covers both frontend and backend development parts. 

Mendix developers can work on Front-end such as designing user interfaces, creating layouts, and many more. Also work on Back-end parts such as Data models, data structures, database integration, etc. 

Yes, Mendix uses Java Programming language. It creates Java code in the background to run the applications made on its platform.

Mendix is a low-code no code platform, which means it reduces the manual coding task. Some level of programming knowledge is beneficial, mainly for some complex changes and connections.

But mostly, Mendix uses visual tools and a drag-and-drop interface to create applications quickly and easily.

As per Ambition Box Report, Mendix Developer salary in India ₹ 2.5 LPA to ₹ 13.0 LPA. 

Note: Salary depends on the location, company, experience and most importantly skills. 

Mendix and similar low-code tools are likely to do well in the future because companies are focusing more on technological changes and want applications made faster.  

Mendix low code no code tool is easy to use and can quickly make applications, which is what businesses need as they change.

Here are the names of few companies that use Mendix tools – 

  • Siemens
  • KLM
  • Deloitte
  • Capgemini
  • Coca-Cola European Partners
  • Liberty Global
  • Vodafone
  • Santander
  • Schiphol Airport

Pune, oh, it’s known as the “student’s paradise” for some really good reasons. You see, this city has this amazing blend of rich educational opportunities and a vibrant, youthful culture. 

First off, there are world-class universities and colleges in Pune. The place is like an educational hub. 

You’ve got places like the University of Pune, which is a big name in itself, and then there’s the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), which is renowned globally for cinema and television education. 

Some of the most visited attractions in Pune are: 

With a student-friendly environment, it’s no wonder they call it a “student’s paradise.” 

Students from all over the country flock to Pune to enroll in various programs. And it’s not just about the University of Pune; there are numerous other institutions that provide a wide range of courses, like Technogeeks

The legacy of education in Pune is truly rich, and that’s why students come here for a promising future.

But Pune isn’t just about academics. Making it a hotspot for professionals, the city offers excellent job opportunities. 

It’s considered the second-largest IT hub in India, so tech enthusiasts find their haven here. 

And let’s not forget the weather. Pune boasts a lovely climate throughout the year, which is quite a relief compared to some other cities with extreme temperatures.

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