SAP HANA Training and Certification Course In Pune

Duration of course: 40 hrs

Best Blended Syllabus for SAP HANA Course in Pune by a 100% Placement-Oriented Training Institute

SAP HANA is a special type of database that stores and handles data really fast. So basically, it’s a column-based RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) that is used to store, retrieve, and process data on core business activities such as sales, inventory, finance, customer information, etc.  

SAP HANA is still really important in 2024 and will continue to do so because it helps businesses a lot and offers good job chances for people.  

Technogeeks offers the best SAP HANA course in Pune with 100% placement assistance, ensuring that students have a great chance of securing a job once they finish the course. 

In the SAP HANA course, we will cover all the important concepts such as data modeling, database administration, SQL scripting, performance optimization, and real-world project implementations. 

It will also go over more advanced topics like data licensing, data loading, and models in SAP HANA. 

After completing the course, you will go through multiple mock interviews,  CV preparation, profile enhancement, and 2 real-time hands-on projects. 

SAP HANA Course in Pune Syllabus​

Best Blended Syllabus for SAP HANA Training in Pune by a 100% Placement-Oriented Training Institute

  • SAP HANA Overview
  • SAP In-Memory Computing Overview
  • SAP HANA Features
  • Look and Feel of SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Architecture
  • SAP HANA Landscape
  • Structure of SAP in-memory computing studio
  • Row Store and Column Store Architecture
  • Multi Version Concurrency Control (MVCC)
  • Persistence Layer in In-memory Computing Engine
  • Back-up & Recovery
  • High-Availability
  • Distributed System
  • Data Provisioning Options in SAP HANA
  • Reporting Options on SAP HANA
  • Security Options in HANA
  • SAP HANA Appliance Model
  • How SAP HANA Appliance is delivered
  • Sizing Considerations
  • SAP HANA – Licensing Options
  • SAP HANA Project Implementation
  • Overview: Key Activities
  • Key Roles
  • Key points to keep in mind
  • Administration
  • Modeling
  • Modeling Overview
  • Terminology
  • SAP HANA Studio Features
  • Information Modeler: Overview
  • Installation and Configuration of HANA Studio
  • Prerequisites for Modeling
  • Modeling Considerations
  • Levels of Modeling
  • Attribute Views
  • Analytic Views
  • Calculation Views
  • Modeling Considerations
  • Joins: Different types and when to use what.
  • Where Clause Vs Constraint Filters
  • HANA Studio Preview (use with caution)
  • Impact of Query Execution
  • Demo
  • Modeling Suggestions
  • Troubleshooting Modeling Issues
  • Export and Import Models
  • HANA, Reporting Layer & Connectivity Options
  • Reporting on HANA Clients.
  • Reporting on HANA Open Interfaces
  • Prerequisites for reporting on SAP HANA
  • IMDB client installation
  • Setting up new connection
  • SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 : Overview & tool comparison
  • Analytical Reporting on HANA
  • Relational Reporting on HANA
  • Reporting on HANA: (Demo Included)
  • Native Excel Interface via ODBO
  • SAP Business Object Analysis (Office Edition)
  • SAP Business Object Explorer
  • Semantic Layer Approach
  • IDT Vs Universe Designer
  • SAP BOBJ Xcelsius
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • Enterprise Vs 2011
  • Front end tool reporting considerations on top of HANA
  • Troubleshooting common reporting issues
  • Modeling Overview
  • Calculation View: Overview & Types
  • SQL Script: Motivation
  • SQL Script: Overview
  • SQL Script Processing
  • Data Type Extensions
  • Scalar Data type
  • Table type
  • Functional Extension
  • Concept
  • Procedure
  • Procedure Calls
  • Implementing Functional logic
  • Operators
  • SQL Script/Built in Function
  • Debugging and troubleshooting SQL Script
  • Restrictions for SQL Statement
  • Data Provisioning: Overview
  • Data Provision Options
  • Trigger Based Replication
  • ETL-Based Replication
  • Log-Based Replication
  • SAP Business Objects Data Services 4.0 and HANA
  • ODP enabled Extractor Support in Data Services 4.0
  • HANA and Data Service Process flow for SAP and non-SAP data
  • How it works for SAP System
  • How it works for Non-SAP System
  • Advanced Data Service Options
  • Column tables creation
  • Bulk Loader Options & Config
  • Bulk extracting Options & Config
  • Log Based Replication Overview
  • Technical System Landscape
  • User Administration
  • Authorization
  • Installing Log Based Replication
  • Updating the SAP Host Agent on Source System
  • Installing Sybase Components
  • Deploying the SAP HANA Load Controller and Related Components
  • Configuring Log Based Replication
  • Configuring Sybase Components
  • Sybase Replication Server
  • Enterprise Connect Data Access (ECDA)
  • Sybase Replication Agent
  • Test Sybase Components
  • Configure SAP HANA Load Controller on SAP HANA System
  • Initializing Replication using SAP HANA Load Controller
  • Data Provisioning Overview
  • SAP Landscape Transformation Set-up
  • Options for SLT Landscape Installation
  • Post Installation Step
  • Concept of SLT Replication
  • Architecture and Key Building Block
  • Technical Requirement and System Set-up Information for LT Replication Server
  • Key Benefits of LT Replication Server
  • Transformational Capabilities
  • Operations
  • Creation of Users
  • Creation of Roles
  • Assignment Privileges to Roles
  • Assignment of Users to roles

About SAP HANA Course

Technogeeks believe in sharing best practices with learners to build a great career in IT. 

It’s known for teaching SAP HANA really well and offering 100% Placement Assistance. 

Learn the SAP HANA Course in Pune from working IT professionals with 5+ years of experience. The SAP HANA course syllabus is designed by working professionals to ensure candidates get knowledge as per current market demand. 

In the SAP HANA course, you will learn SAP HANA Architecture, Basic Modeling, Analytics Option on HANA, Advanced Data Modeling with SQL Script, Data Services and Sybase Replication, SAP LANDSCAPE TRANSFORMATION (SLT), Security and User Management in HANA, etc. 

SAP HANA Training starts from scratch, ensuring that candidates from any background can easily grasp the concepts. 

We at Technogeeks mainly focus on practical training because we know it works. Our focus is on hands-on learning rather than just theory. 

By doing real time hands-on projects under the guidance of a trainer, candidates gain skills they can actually use in the real world. This approach really helps to build confidence and crack job interviews easily. 

The Technogeeks SAP HANA course in Pune is a professional training course that trains candidates about SAP HANA technology, which is a type of database and application platform.

It covers different parts of SAP HANA, like how it’s built, how to organize data, how to get data into it, how to create reports, how to do advanced analysis, and many more. 

Additionally, covering real-time hands-on projects in the training helps candidates apply their knowledge in the real world.

After you finish the course, you will go through multiple mock interviews and work on your CV to be ready for real interviews.

Technogeeks Software Training Institute provides multiple software courses in Pune location, and the SAP HANA Course is one of them. We are providing online/offline courses, the Handson Project, well experienced trainers, career guidance, and placement assistance. 

SAP HANA Course in Pune duration is 2 months at nominal charges in Technogeeks. You can pay the two installments, which are inclusive of the enrollment fee of 5000 rupees and GST.

There are no prerequisite skills required to enroll in the Technogeeks SAP HANA Course. The course is designed for both fresher and experienced candidates who want to upgrade their knowledge. 

The course is made for anyone, no matter their background. It explains things clearly and gives you practice to improve your skills step by step.

SAP HANA Course in Pune Benefits​

  1. Pay only after Attending one FREE TRIAL OF RECORDED LESSON.
  2. No prerequisite.
  3. Course designed for non-IT as well as IT professionals.
  4. Flexible batch switch is available.
  5. Classroom & Online Training – Can switch from online training to classroom training with a nominal fee.
  6. 100% placement calls are guaranteed till you get placed.
  7. Working professionally as an instructor.
  8. Proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate or self-evaluate the concept or theory taught by the instructor.
  9. Hands-on Experience with Real-Time Projects.
  10. Resume Building & Mock Interviews.
  11. Evaluation after each Topic completion.

Training Projects​

  1. Real-Time Analytics Dashboard
  2. Data Integration and ETL Project
  3. SAP HANA Security and Authorization
  4. SAP HANA Performance Tuning Project

Instructor-led SAP HANA Live Online/Classroom Training

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SAP HANA Training Completion Certificate

To Obtain The SAP HANA Course Completion Certification, You Have To Fulfill The Following Criteria

  • Complete the SAP HANA Course Online/Classroom Training
  • You can attend multiple batches of the same trainer & complete the SAP HANA Course Training
  • Completion of all exercises, assignments & capstone project.

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FAQ's on SAP HANA Course in Pune

Yes, we will provide you with placement assistance until you get a placement after course completion. Technogeeks’ placement team will help with –  

  • job search
  • resume reviews
  • interview preparation
  • connecting with potential employers. 

SAP HANA is a very popular field, and many companies are looking for skilled professionals with knowledge. Many companies are looking for properly certified candidates in today’s job market.  

Therefore, having an SAP HANA certification can be a great asset. It’s important to note that Placement assistance is not a job placement guarantee. We will fully (100%) support you with your job search. But educational qualifications, experience, and job market conditions can affect the job search. 

You can check out our Telegram Channel for Placement Assistance:

According to the Ambition Box Report, SAP HANA salaries in India range from 3.6 LPA to 16 LPA.  

Note: Salary depends on location, company, skills, and experience. 

Any graduate or Postgraduate can learn SAP HANA. Also, those who are interested in database management, business intelligence, analytics, or enterprise resource planning (ERP) can study SAP HANA. 

Technogeeks SAP HANA course starts from scratch so any background candidate can easily grasp the concepts. 

The course begins with the basics, explaining everything thoroughly and giving you practical exercises to learn SAP HANA from the ground up. 

It’s suitable for freshers in database management as well as experienced candidates who want to improve their skills. 

SAP HANA involves some coding, but you don’t need to be a coding expert. Basic understanding of SQL is helpful & basic knowledge of Python or Java can be beneficial too. 

Basic understanding of coding helps with tasks like organizing data and making custom applications in SAP HANA.

You can watch a recorded demo session before you enroll. In the recorded session, you can find out for yourself how the instructor teaches and the overall learning environment.

After the course is completed, mock interviews are conducted to check your knowledge, as well as a live project work completion check, and you will receive a training certification from Technogeeks.

The SAP HANA course from Technogeeks is taught in a Pune classroom with the help of Google Classroom software. All sessions of the course are recorded while streaming live, where students can interact with the instructor during a live SAP HANA class and get the same experience as being in the classroom.

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