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    SAP ABAP Syllabus

    Overview of ERP

    What is ERP< /> Objective of ERP< /> What is SAP?< /> Advantages of SAP over other ERP Packages< /> Different Modules of SAP< /> Product Overview of Functional Module< /> SAP Architecture< /> One End to End Life Cycle Implementation, Support Phase

    SAP Navigation and ABAP Overview
    Login to sap< /> Work Processes < /> Transaction codes < /> Data Types & Declarations < /> Control Statements (if,case,do,while)< /> Control Program Sequence Statements (Continue,Check,Exit)

    Data Elements< /> Domains< /> Tables (Transparent, Pool and Cluster)< /> Table Maintenance Generator< /> Primary Key-Foreign Key Relationship< /> Structures< /> Index< /> Type Casting< /> Type Groups< /> Table Types< /> Views< /> Search Helps< /> Lock Objects

    Internal Tables and Work areas
    Types,tables and work area declaration
    Append,modify,insert,loop,read statements
    < /> Commands in ABAP (Refresh,free,clear,delete,exit,continue,check,stop,describe)< /> Control Break Statements (At New,At End of,At First,At Last)< /> Open SQL (Inner & Outer join,For all entries)

    Events < /> GUI status creation< /> Demo Interactive program< /> Debugging Techniques

    Selection Screen
    Defining selection screens-Parameters and Selectoptions,checkbox,radiobutton.< /> Hiding input fields< /> Modifying input fields< /> Formatting selection screens< /> Calling selection screen< /> Useraction on the selection screen< /> Selection screen processing< /> Subscreens and tabstrip controls on selection screen

    Function Module
    Function Groups< /> Parameter Passing Mechanisms< /> Different Parameters in FM< /> Exception Handling< /> Sample Function Modules< /> Types of Function Modules< /> Demo on RFC Function Modules< /> Demo on Update Modules< /> Enhancement & Modification

    Pass by value< /> Pass by Reference< /> Pass by value and answer

    Type Pools< /> Steps< /> Field Catalogs< /> Layouts< /> FM used for Display Report< /> Event Handling for Top of Page

    Module Pool Programming
    Scrren Attributes< /> Screen elements< /> Screen fields< /> Layouts< /> Screen flowlogic< /> User actions on screen< /> Calling abap dialog modules< /> Input checks< /> Field help,Input help and Dropdown boxes< /> Modifying screen dynamically< /> Status icons
    Subscreens< /> Tabstrip controls< /> Custom controls< /> Table control
    SAP Scripts
    Layout,Header,Pages,Windows,Page windows,Paragraph & Character formats< /> Text Elements< /> Open form,write form,control form,close form< /> Control Commands< /> Text Formatting Options< /> Symbols (System,Standard,Pogram & Text)< /> Debugging Script

    Architecture< /> Form Design< /> Form Builder (Form Painter,Global Settings,Pages & Windows,Inferior Nodes)< /> Application Program< /> Language Conversions

    Data Transfer:BDC
    Types of BDC< /> File Handling on both application and presentation server< /> Function modules for session method in detail< /> Recording using SHDB< /> Call transaction method in detail< /> Display and Update modes< /> Difference between Session method & Call transsaction method
    Data Transfer:LSMW
    Introduction about LSMW
    Objects of LSMW
    Steps in LSMW
    Difference between BDC & LSMW

    Performance Tuning & Coding Standards
    SQL Trace< /> ABAP Runtime Analysis< /> Code Inspector

    Navigation Workflow Overview
    Introduction about Workflow
    Workflow Terminology (Events,Business Object,Methods,Business Workplace & Work Item,Rule Determination,Deadline Monitoring,Workflow transaction codes)
    Introduction to BRF Workflow
Sap Abap