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Digital Marketing Training in Pune | Digital Marketing Course in Pune

    Get trained on Digital marketing in Pune by Industry experts to get job based on Knowledge and analytics skills.

    Course Highlights

    • Digital Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • On page optimization
    • Off page Optimization
    • HTML coding standard
    • Digital marketing for Technical background people
    • Digital marketing for Non-Technical background people
    • Live website Project with proper hands on scenarios

    Module -1 Major terms Understanding

    • Types of websites
    • Digital marketing significance
    • Types of Websites structure
    • Types of SEO
    • On page SEO
    • Off page SEO
    • Important HTML tags for SEO
    • How website developer and designer develop websites

    Module -2 Foundation of Digital Marketing

    • Digital marketing concepts and foundation
    • Types of websites
    • Static website
    • Dynamic website
    • MVC Framework types
    • Model concept
    • View concept
    • Controller concept
    • Types of team members and roles and responsibilities in Digital marketing and SEO projects

    Module -3 Facebook and Instagram Marketing

    • Types of adds in Facebook
    • Major points to understand while creating camping
    • How to setup effective Facebook camping
    • Facebook for business
    • Open graph
    • Page creation
    • Content strategy
    • Hashtag
    • Facebook applications
    • Remarketing
    • Camping analysis
    • Facebook and Instagram marketing platform integration
    • Instagram content creation
    • Instagram paid marketing with common console.

    Module -4 LinkedIn Marketing

    • LinkedIn understanding
    • Differentiate between other social networking platform and LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn content strategy
    • LinkedIn posts types
    • Paid LinkedIn marketing
    • YouTube Marketing:
    • Understanding of YouTube as Digital marketing professional
    • YouTube channel creation
    • Video promotion
    • Annotations
    • Commenting on videos
    • How to enhance viewership
    • Strategy to promote your channel to increase traffic.

    Module -5 Google Analytics

    • Google Analytics Significance for traffic analysis
    • Google analytics setup
    • Goal settings
    • Dimensions
    • Metrics
    • key metrics- page views
    • Source
    • Medium
    • Bounce rate
    • Bounce rate control strategy
    • Segments
    • Sessions
    • Multi-channel funnels
    • conversion sources
    • goal analysis
    • Understanding customer demographic and behavioural aspects

    Module -6 Google Ad words:

    • Introduction to Google Ad words platform
    • How to use Google Ad words account
    • Account creation, Billing methods and understanding the ad words structure
    • Understanding payment modes- PPC, CPM, CPA, CPL, and understanding marketing funnel
    • Campaign structuring
    • Keyword planner and research
    • Landing page optimisation
    • Ad format and ad copies
    • Types of Ads
    • Ad words policies: Text format, Display format
    • Campaign Placement and targeting
    • Campaign Optimization: Geo-targeting, Bid Managements, time schedules, setting automated rule parameters.
    • Programmatic Bidding and automation setting.
    • Targeted ads on Google display network, Dynamic Ads on search network, Remarketing techniques
    • Performance monitoring and Campaign tracking, impression shares, shared library and reports
    • Remarketing list for search Ads

    Module -7 Email Marketing:

    • Understanding of Email marketing
    • Understanding how mail servers work
    • Frequently used terms- Hard Bounce, Soft Bounce, Open rate, inbox , spam
    • Email templates, landing pages, lead capturing, Mail Automation.
    • Inbound marketing concepts using mail services, customer bucket creation and content customisation

    Module -8 Mobile Marketing:

    • Types of mobile apps
    • Mobile app promotions
    • Techniques to improve downloads of apps.
    • Understanding the world of missed calls
    • Broadcast SMS marketing Campaigns
    • One-o-one SMS marketing Campaigns
    • Types of Mobile App stores
    • Mobile App store optimisation

    Module -9 On Page SEO:

    • Initial Site Analysis
    • Competition Analysis
    • Keyword Research
    • Keyword Density
    • Title, Description, Keyword, Other Meta Tags Development
    • Site (URL) Structure Analysis
    • Web Designing Basics
    • URL renaming/re-writing
    • Content Development Check
    • H1, H2, H3 Tags
    • Anchor Text
    • Existing Web Content Optimization
    • Image Optimization
    • Use of robots.txt
    • HTML Validation
    • Creation of XML/HTML/Text Sitemaps
    • Understanding Cannibalisation
    • Canonicalization
    • International targeting
    • Multilingual targeting

    Module-10 off Page SEO:

    • Understanding links, anchors, follow no follow
    • Google Mapping/Listing
    • Press release news syndication
    • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Local and regional search engine indexing
    • Forum Posting & Posting Free Classifieds, Yahoo Answer Link Building
    • Article submissions, PR submissions, Guest Blogging, Commenting

    Module-11 Affiliate Marketing:

    • Affiliate Marketing concept
    • Understand affiliate network
    • Selling through affiliate channel
    • Revenue generation affiliate marketing

    Module-12 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

    • Significance of conversion
    • How conversion rate matters
    • Conversion rate optimisation strategy
    • Conversion rate optimisation Tools.

    Module-13 Content creation checklist and FAQs:

    • Significance of content
    • Why content must be unique
    • Creating Info graphics
    • Video creation tools
    • Comic strip creation
    • Image creation
    • Access to paid platforms

    Module-14 Google Tag Manager:

    • Google Tag Manager set up
    • Triggering Tags through GTM
    • Creating and Understanding Variables and Events

    Module-15 Ads Monitoring

    • Social media metrics
    • Real time customer targeting
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Competitor tracking
    • Social media monitoring tools- hootsuite, social mention, brand24, buzzsumo, awario, etc.

    Module-16 Project

      We work on live project with live campaigns to understand the end to end flow in real time client project to fill the gap between learning and live experience.
Get training with quality knowledge and real time project followed by Certification, to be ready to work in companies from day one.

  • Get Basics Training
  • Get Advanced training
  • Get Project Training
  • Get Real time exposure
  • We don’t just finish training after few basic concepts
  • We provide basics to final project vision to our candidates
  • Multiple batches re-joining facility within one yearFor more details please contact us
Digital marketing course is designed in such a way that users can get the basic level knowledge and then we can drive them to get exposure of real time stuff related to type of work and concepts required to work in projects.

Our trainers are also working professionals and our course structure is designed in such a way that candidate can feel comfortable to settle down in new technology stack and can also boost confidence to work as individual contributor while working on projects. For more details please contact us!

We are happy to announce that most of our users are giving us 5 star rating and you can check it on multiple portals like google, Facebook, and other top rated portals.

We start new batches every month and for dates and timing details please contact us.

We cover multiple POCs and 2 projects, these POCs (Proof of concepts) are designed based on components which we deliver in training and finally we consolidate training with 2 projects to give the complete confidence and knowledge to the candidates. For more details feel free to reach out and our expert will give you up to date information.