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DevOps training in Pune | DevOps classes in Pune

    complete DevOps track training classes in Pune with Terraform, Kubernetes, Ansible, Puppet, Nagios, Virtualization, Containerization, cloud integration, Linux essentials, Git, maven, Jenkins, multimode setup, project development, certification

    Module-1 DevOps Basics with complete Introduction

    • What is DevOps?
    • Development + Operations
    • Need of DevOps
    • Problems faced by IT companies without DevOps
    • Agile software development process and application to DevOps
    • DevOps Delivery Pipeline
    • DevOps Market Trends

    Module-2 Phases to choose the required tools from DevOps toolkit

    • Planning (Development)
    • Integration and Build
    • Deployment
    • Monitoring
    • Operate/Operation
    • Software distribution

    Module-3 DevOps and Cloud Concepts

    • Cloud Computing concept
    • Virtualization concept
    • Containerization concept
    • Application Servers and Deployment
    • Web/APP/DB Servers
    • Configuration Management

    Module-4 Cloud Computing

    • Introduction to Cloud computing
    • Differentiation between cloud computing and inhouse infrastructure
    • Types of Clouds
    • Cloud significance with DevOps
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Various AWS services
    • DevOps using AWS
    • Installation of DevOps tools

    Module-5 Linux

    • Basics of Linux
    • Types of Linux Distribution available
    • Command Line Interface
    • Frequently used Linux DevOps commands
    • Shell Scripting usage in Linux

    Module-6 Git

    • Git introduction
    • VCS (Version control System)
    • Git as SCM
    • GitHub repository
    • Git bash command line interface
    • Git advance commands

    Module-7 Maven

    • Maven Introduction
    • Build automation process
    • Software built and dependencies
    • Maven Snapshot build
    • Git and Maven integration

    Module-8 Jenkins

    • Introduction to continuous integration
    • Implementation of continuous integration
    • Installation
    • Jenkins Architecture and terms of Jenkins
    • Overview of Jenkins UI and How to configure system
    • Configuring a Jenkins job
    • Introduction to Plugins
    • Commonly used plugins (Git Plugin, Parameter Plugin, container deploy, Copy Artifact and Green Balls)
    • Configuring Jenkins to work with java, Git and Maven
    • Creating a Jenkins Build and Jenkins workspace
    • Configure Jenkins to check for source code changes periodically
    • Creating a Freestyle Build Job
    • Distributed builds
    • Notification System
    • Joins
    • Security

    Module-9 Terraform

    • What is Terraform?
    • Use Cases
    • Terraform Vs Other
    • Installing Terraform
    • Build Infrastructure
    • Change Infrastructure
    • Destroy Infrastructure
    • Resource Dependencies
    • Provision
    • Input Variables
    • Output Variables
    • Modules
    • Terraform Remote

    Module-10 Puppet

    • Introduction to Puppet
    • Puppet Installation
    • Puppet Configuration
    • Puppet Master and Agent Setup
    • Puppet Module
    • Node Classification
    • Puppet Environment

    Module-11 Ansible

    • Introduction to Ansible
    • Installation of Ansible
    • Working with command line tools
    • Configuring Ansible Roles
    • Write Playbooks
    • Executing adhoc command

    Module-12 Docker

    • Docker Introduction
    • Containers in Docker
    • Difference between VM and Container
    • How to create and run Docker Image
    • Docker Registry
    • How Docker is efficient
    • How Docker reduces size of application
    • Docker Container Management
    • Docker with Ansible

    Module-13 Kubernetes

    • Why do I need Kubernetes and what can it do?
    • Architecture
    • Containers
    • Workloads
    • Pods
    • Controller
    • Create cluster
    • Deploy application

    Module-14 Nagios

    • Introduction to Continuous Monitoring
    • Introduction to Nagios
    • Installing Nagios
    • Nagios Commands and Notification

    Module-15 Project Implementation and Resume Preparation with Mock Interviews

    • Project documentation
    • Project Phases discussion
    • Project Implementation
    • List of tools and their significance in Project
    • Code deployment and version controlling
    • Profile / Resume preparation
    • Mock interviews
    • Frequently asked questions in Interviews
Technogeeks provides Complete DevOps track training with a variety of tools used in DevOps and also provides training certification post completion of course.
DevOps training with Terraform, Kubernetes, Ansible, Puppet, Nagios, Virtualization, Containerization, cloud integration, Linux essentials, Git, maven, Jenkins, multimode setup, project development, certification

DevOps is a term that derived from software Development and IT Operations. There are several tools and terms in Devops like implementation, code integration, testing, release, deployment, Configuration Management and continuous monitoring. There is a variety of tools in Devops for different layers and tasks like:

  • Version Control System (VCS)
  • Source code management
  • Testing using tools like selenium
  • Continuous integration using Jenkins
  • Continuous Deployment using Docker
  • Configuration management using Puppet, Chef, Ansible
  • Continuous Monitoring using Nagios

So you can learn a complete ecosystem to manage a project end to end and can handle projects in any domain on any technology using DevOps . So this is one of the demanding and growing technology in the IT Industry and very few IT professionals are working on the combination of all above mentioned tools.
So if you explore this software Development and IT Operations category ecosystem (DevOps) then can get long term stability in this field. And we provide Training on DevOps by IT working professional on weekends in Pune.
Technogeeks is one of the best training Institute for DevOps where you will get the perfect combination of Theory and practical’s by IT working professionals on DevOps and after completion of training you will get ample opportunities to switch or to get job on DevOps in IT industry in MNC
So it is the 100% practical and job oriented session on DevOps and its related technologies like VCS, Jenkins, Docker, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Nagios and you will get complete hands-on on each of these components of DevOps and we also provide a complete project implementation and scenarios based VM so that you will get end to end idea about how companies use DevOps in projects for clients.

Trainers are IT working professionals and only highly skilled IT Experts train in Technogeeks having good training and technical skills

Technogeeks starts two batches every month, for upcoming batch details please contact us in chat window or drop your enquiry in enquiry box , you can also call us at 860-099-8107

Technogeeks provides complete hands on Training with Project and in Project part basically we take care of documentation, tools used and phases discussion in Project, code deployment and CICD pipeline discussion, post project completion, Technogeeks also help to prepare Resume and also prepare on mock interviews and frequently asked questions in most of the MNCs.