what is an it training institute

what is an it training institute

What is an IT training institute?

what is an it training institute

what is an it training institute

what is an it training institute


what is an it training institute

What is an “IT Training institute”

First of all, let’s understand what a “training institute” is. It is an educational organization that is focused on developing the knowledge and skills of students and supporting them to get a job. These institutes equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to function in a particular job. In short, these Institutes make students ready for the industry.

Software training institutes  aka as IT training institutes are focused on developing the skill set required for a specific job in the IT industry. These IT training institutes hire either working professionals or directly tie with IT companies to offer industry based, job-oriented & trending skills to the students and working professionals. Their training offering includes short term (2-4 months) and 1-2 years rigorous skilled based training courses accredited by universities and companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft, etc.

Software Training Institute Types?

There are many types of jobs in IT, and all of them require a specific skill-set. Hence there are multiple types of software training institutes that focus on specific types of jobs. Let’s take a look at some of the types.

IT training institute in Pune

It training institute in Pune offer courses in different technical fields of IT like programming, software development, cloud computing, etc and these courses content are mainly designed based on software companies need in 21st century.

Technogeeks is one of the it training institute in Pune which provides the above mentioned facility to freshers as well as experienced people who want to upgrade their skill set .

Vendor specific IT training institutes

In these institutes, you will learn about the technologies specific to a certain vendor or company like Cisco, Microsoft Azure, AWS Cloud, Informatica Powercenter, Red Hat, Tableau etc.

Software training institutes in Pune 

Software training institutes in Pune provide an online and classroom platform for students to learn from anywhere in the world. Because of that, students with access to the internet can easily take the course they like.

Learn with Technogeeks, an IT training classes in Pune, from anywhere with 🎓💻  Live online training


Bootcamps are basically the crash courses of any skills like programming. They provide a short term course on any technology and equip students with the skills to quickly enter the industry.

Eg., Python Programming, Java programming,etc. 

Certification focused software Training Institute

These courses make students ready for certification exams like AWS Certifications. These certificates are considered as Industry Standard E.g. AWS, Azure) among the companies and demonstrate skills to recruiters or HR managers. You can post these certifications on sites like linkedin.com, Naukri.com, etc, so that these recruiters can find you.

Job oriented IT training institutes

Job oriented courses have a course that will set a student on a selected career path. They provide a curriculum that is designed specifically for a particular career option.


Benefits of joining IT training institutes like Technogeeks

There are multiple courses available throughout the social media platforms like youtube, which you can easily access and start learning. But it is important to join a dedicated training institute, like Technogeeks, to focus on your career goals. Listed below are the most important reasons to join a training institute.


Gain practical skills 

To get into any company, you need to have practical knowledge. Institutes provide you with just that with the help of highly qualified trainers.


Learn Trending Technology

Being connected to the IT industry,  IT institutes are on the forefront of the technology updates and constantly update their course content so that their students stay up-to-date with the industry.


Networking opportunities

IT institutes provide connections with the other students which helps them understand the culture. It also provides connections with professionals and potential employers.


Career development and support

IT institutes provide placement assistance to the students. They bring the employers to the students.

For Example, Technogeeks offers placement assistance to their students through a telegram channel @technogeekscs


Industry recognized certifications

IT training courses completion certifications provide professional proof of skills they invested and are committed to the career which increases their chance of getting hired by companies.



How To Choose the best IT training institute in Pune Suitable For You?

Choosing the right IT / software training institute can be a tedious task. If not chosen correctly, It will not only waste your time and money, but also decrease your overall confidence. While choosing, you first need to know what are the best career options after graduation for you. After you decide on your favorite career option, you need to do research for the best institute suitable for you. Let’s see some factors to consider for your research.

Factors to consider when choosing…

There are multiple factors that we should consider while choosing the best institute. Listed below are the most important factors that will affect your training and placement.


Whenever choosing, always look for an institute with a good reputation. You can check for reviews and ratings on sites. You can also check testimonials from previous students and professionals, which will tell you something about the reputation.

Course content

Check the course content of the institute and make sure it’s up-to-date. Also check the relevance with your required skill set.

Training methodology

Check the training methodology offered by the institute. Whether it provides hands-on training, theoretical and practical knowledge, assignments, projects, case studies, etc. These things have huge impact on your readiness towards the industry.


Always cross check the background of the trainer/ mentor to be assigned. Whether they have enough experience in the respective field, and also whether they have enough teaching experience.


In the IT industry, your knowledge matters the most, but the certificates create trust as they demonstrate your skills that make you stand out from the crowd. So it is important to check the validity of certification the institute provides.

Placement support

A good institute offers placement support to make sure their students get the job. So always be on the lookout for that.

Location and infrastructure

Make sure that the institute is in a location that’s easily accessible. Traveling to and from the institute should be comfortable. Make sure it has good infrastructure and facilities.


Always compare the cost with other institutes for the same course. But the cost doesn’t always define a good institute.

So, why should you go into IT?

IT is a very good choice for those who are looking for a new profession or a career change. Information technology, or IT, is one of the fastest growing fields across the world, that is providing constant job opportunities for professional success. The main feature /advantage of IT is that it offers quick employment, constant skill development, high salaries, and also it is easy to enter this industry without a college degree.

If you are willing to put in hard work and the time to prepare for your career, then let’s look at the reasons to join IT.

  • High demand for skilled professionals: As stated earlier, IT is a constantly evolving industry. So, the requirement for the skill sets is also increasing. If you have the right skill set, then the chances of getting the dream job will increase.
  • Variety of career paths: It provides multiple career options in various other fields. There are multiple career options in IT as well.
  • Pays well: Tech professionals have unique skill sets that make them invaluable for businesses. Which means they can demand a higher salary from the employers.
  • Constant Innovation and learning: Every job requires a unique set of skills. And for the constantly evolving industry like IT, people need to constantly improve to keep their jobs. This in turn helps towards the educational growth of a person.


  • Flexible work arrangements: Most of the work in IT is done on the computer. So most companies offer work from home to their employees.




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