Best Masters Programs In India

Best Masters Programs in Develpment, Data, Cloud & Full Stack with Placement Assistance

When the pandemic caused individuals all around the world to shift their lives even further online, it highlighted the importance of digital skills.

The rapid pace of technology advancement is a main contributor to the “IT Skills Gap” problem. Simply put, an IT skills gap develops when the demand for a particular IT job type outnumbers the supply of trained and qualified professionals. 

To resolve this skill gap, we created these Masters Programs specially tailored for freshers and working professionals to learn multiple skills and get hired easily.

Technogeeks’ Masters Program comes with a good mixture of theoretical and practical training. And can be a career-changing decision.

The training curriculum is informative and practical, it includes the assignments & projects that assess skills learned that helped you build a career in trending technology.

The masters program will give you an edge over other candidates while for a job change and help you ace interviews. If you are planning to shift your career to Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Full Stack Development will give you the knowledge and confidence to make the career switch that is needed.

These courses will give knowledge that will create confidence to weather all changes in the industry and build a foolproof skill base.

Best Masters Programs Courses in Pune

Take a step toward your dream career path with Master’s Programs Courses with 100% Placement assistance

► Duration - 300+ hrs of Assignment and Live training-based program
► Mode - Classroom / Online Interactive
► Batches - Weekdays / Weekend
► Projects - 2 Major Projects
Master's Programs In Data & Cloud Technologies
► Duration - 80 hrs of Live training-based program + Assignments
► Mode - Classroom / Online Interactive
► Batches - Weekdays / Weekend
► Projects - 2 Major Projects
Master's Programs in full stack development with reactjs and java

Masters Programs Courses in Pune with Instructor-led Interactive Live Online & Classroom Training

  • Those who are from Non-IT background and want to learn trending IT technologies related to data and cloud in depth. Or Those who are from an IT background but do not have much experience with tools and technologies and wanted to get exposure to upgrade themself and apply in MNCs 
  • Prerequisites covered by Technogeeks - Data Structure, logic building ability
  • Programming languages covered in this course: Python
  • Database languages covered in this course: SQL and NoSQL
  • Data Analyst libraries covered in this course: Numpy, Pandas
  • Data Visualization libraries covered in this course: Matplotlib, Seaborn
  • Data Visualization tool covered in this course: Tableau
  • Data Science concepts and libraries covered in this course: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning(ML), Deep Learning(DL), Natural Language Processing(NLP), Scikit learn, NLTK, Tensorflow, Keras
  • BigData and Hadoop section: HDFS, YARN, Mapreduce, and YARN differentiation, Hive, SQOOP, Spark, PySpark
  • Cloud Technology: AWS (Amazon web services) including EC2, S3, VPC, Route53.
  • Non-Technical skillset: Resume Preparation, Soft Skill, Group Discussion (GD), Mock Interview
  • In the Master's program, we cover full-stack web development tech stacks in React Ecosystem & Java Ecosystem (for legacy apps). 

  • Section "A" of course training includes tech stack related to the react ecosystem's frontend & backend development needs. 

  • In Section "B," you will learn Java Ecosystem for legacy applications and migration to react ecosystem.

Key Features Of Master's Program Course

With real-world projects and immersive content created by experienced IT experts, you'll learn multiple technologies & skills that top companies demand.

Our experienced instructors assist you in your learning by answering your questions, motivating you, and ensuring that you stay on track.

To help you progress your career and secure a high-paying role, you'll receive access to resume assistance, a Github portfolio evaluation, profile optimization.

  • Personalized feedback on projects and assignments.
  • Submissions until you pass the test and feedback loop on the capstone project.
  • Expert tips and industry best practices.
  • Additional learning resources are available.

FAQ - Master’s Program

These Master’s Program run over the 6 months Duration.During the training individual master’s program modules covers a comprehensive curriculum in programming,data & cloud technologies,assignments, and capstone projects. The course curriculum is developed to keep the students on track and to complete the courses by learning a minimum of 5-10 hours per week.

Each project will be reviewed by the instructor. Feedback will be provided and if you do not pass the project, you will be asked to resubmit the project until it passes.

Please see the course training enrolment Terms of Use and FAQs for policies on enrolment in our courses.

These programs are designed for freshers & experienced professionals (non-IT) who are looking for a career change or planning to start their own business in the IT industry.

You will get the opportunity to work on real-life projects with our team of experts. We have a number of corporate partners who will provide you with internship opportunities.

You get to learn from people who are working in the industry.

The program is taught by an expert team of full-time faculty members, who have years of experience in managing large-scale projects, developing software applications, and architecture.

Graduation or equivalent degree.

➤ IT & Non-IT background individuals

➤ Who Wants to learn trending IT technologies in data and cloud

➤ Who wants to upgrade

  • Depending on the student's learning speed, the course training can be finished in as little as two months.
  • See the Terms of Use and FAQs for other policies regarding the terms of access to our Master's Program Courses.

For an online Master's Program Course, you will need a computer with a good internet connection.

Note: Most of the consumer computers on the market today meet these requirements.

Hardware requirements:

  • Minimum 2 gb RAM
  • Core 2 Duo or any processor with similar specification
  • Minimum 100gb HDD
  • Job Opportunities after the Program
  • Technogeeks - placement Assistance till you get the job.

Based on skill sets that are covered in the program. Candidates are eligible to apply as,

➤ Data Engineer

➤ Python Developer

➤ AI Engineer

➤ Cloud + Big Data Engineer

➤ PySpark Developer

➤ MEAN Stack Developer

➤ Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer

➤ API Developer

➤ Web Developer

➤ Web Designer

MVC Module Developer

Our candidates are working with