Best career options after graduation

Best career options after graduation

Best career options after graduation

Best career options after graduation

Best career options after graduation


Best career options after graduation

There are mixed feelings when you graduate from college. There are a lot of job opportunities, which can make it hard to choose one.  In this blog will discuss the what are best courses after graduation.

What are the career opportunities after graduation in software companies in the IT industry?

Information Technology is one of the fastest and most skillful industries. Taking into consideration the increasing pace of technology in the entire world, most of the graduates are thinking of starting their careers in Information Technology as software engineers or upgrading their skills and getting knowledge of the current technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data – Hadoop, Selenium Automation Testing, cloud computing, AWS (Amazon web services), ETL Testing, Data Analytics, DevOps, Full Stack with Java, Full Stack with Python, Full Stack with Angular, Full Stack with React, Business Intelligence, etc. These are the courses after graduation that freshers have to consider.


This is a widespread discussion among students about learning various softwares and technologies related to IT. It has nearly become impossible to work without computers, as they play a very vital role in today’s world. Students must know computer technologies because they are essential in businesses, healthcare, schools, and many other industries.


Technogeeks is one of the best IT training institute. It has professional career counselors to guide students to recognize their interests and liking. Suppose they must acquire a career in the technology’s coding or non-coding part. Counselors guide the candidates from details about all the courses till the end. After graduation, candidates can have an excellent scope to enter the IT Industry. Career opportunities in the IT industry are open for both technical and non-technical graduates.


Benefits for Graduate Candidates

  • Any graduate or postgraduate student can get a job in the Information Technology industry today. For example, there are start-up companies that are hiring graduates with technical and non-technical backgrounds.
  • Making a career in IT at an early stage will be much more beneficial. Looking forward to the future and increasing technologies.
  • Getting into IT earlier will benefit the future hikes and increase job opportunities too. As CTC and salary hike entirely depends on experience and skill set.
  • In simple terms, after graduate courses, individuals may become eligible for higher-paying job opportunities and promotions.


Why should you think about the Information Technology industry for graduates

IT is an industry that stores, analyzes, and secures all the information of any company or business. In India and overseas, the IT industry is one of the most demanding and growing industries compared to the other sectors. Graduates who are from technical backgrounds can take advantage of this demand, along with graduates from different fields. With this in mind, IT is also one of the best career options after graduation in science.


Job oriented Courses after graduation for Graduates:-

Technogeeks has several basic and advanced courses after graduation that will mold the fresher graduates from zero until they are well trained and ready to face the real-time companies in the market.


Technogeeks provides courses after graduation for high salary such as Software Testing, ETL Testing, ETL Development, Full Stack Python and Java, Python Bootcamp, Data Analytics, Data Science, Big Data-Hadoop, Cloud Computing, AWS and DevOps, and Business Intelligence. These are the courses Technogeeks will provide all these courses with professional and experienced trainers. 


About the Testing course in Pune

Technogeeks provides Selenium Automation Testing with Java course in Pune, one of the easiest technologies to study. Compared to other technologies, coding in this is lesser and easier to use during practical implementation. Non-technical graduates can also think of this as an option to start their career in the Software Industry.

Another technology is Extract, Transform and Load (ETL Testing). Along with Testing, this technology has Development with the Informatica Power Centre. 


About the Data Science course in Pune

Graduates who are interested in mathematics, statistics, and Python coding can easily do this course. Technogeeks offers some of the best courses after graduation in Pune.

Data Science is one of the hottest courses after graduation in the market. It is used in many fields, such as finance, medical, marketing, mechanical, and IT. Data Science, also known as Artificial Intelligence, combines three courses interconnected with each other, which Technogeeks provides. Firstly, we will start with the programming language, Python, and the Flask framework will be included—followed by Data Analysis libraries and Data Visualization Tools like Seaborn, Matplotlib, and Tableau. At the end of the course Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning Algorithms, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing.


About Full Stack using Java, Python, Angular, and React (either one) courses in Pune

Full Stack can be done by any graduate, which will help you to get into Web and Software Development.

Technogeeks provides a Full Stack with Java and Python languages. This course will comprise Front End and Back End with Java or Python, and frameworks will be included. Both languages are well in demand in the market and have good job opportunities. 

Full Stack using Angular, also known as MEAN Stack, and Full Stack using React, also known as MERN Stack, frameworks in Front End are one of the technologies in the market.


About Big Data, Hadoop course in Pune

Hadoop is a technology  that handles Big data and can be done by graduates.

About Cloud Computing, AWS (Amazon Web Services) course in Pune

Any graduate or postgraduate fresher can do AWS. Seeing the market requirements, any student can get a job in cloud computing, as per skill set and practical knowledge.

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing product of Amazon. Technogeeks provides AWS Solutions Architect Associate Level Training. Cloud Computing is again one of the most demanding technologies in the market. We will start with Cloud Basics, Linus, and 20+ services trending today, like S3, EC2, Snowball, Route53, DNS, VPC, IAM, Lambda, etc.


About the DevOps course in Pune

DevOps is basically two words together, Development and Operations. Along with AWS or any other cloud platform like Microsoft Azure , GCP (Google Cloud Platform), DevOps is an additional skill set for any graduate or postgraduate. But, if we are talking only about DevOps individually, then this is possible mainly for experienced IT professionals or technical graduates.

This is not a technology altogether but a complete tool and service-based cloud integration. Knowing Cloud and DevOps is always an advantage for fresher candidates to enter the IT Industry.


About the Business Intelligence course in Pune

Business Intelligence, also known as BI, is a course that can be done by freshers of Commerce and Arts background and any other graduates.

Technogeeks provides this course with Advanced Excel and SQL databases. Visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau will be covered in the syllabus. This is an easy course as it does not have much coding, and the usage is more on Excel.


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How will Technogeeks help me in choosing courses after graduation

Technogeeks Institute has counselors who will guide and answer candidates’ doubts and queries. They will patiently guide them through the courses they are interested to know more details about.

Along with counselors, our trainers will further guide them with technical and practical skills. Assignments will be given on a daily or weekly basis. Real-time and Live Projects will be provided for candidates to get an overview of real company experiences.

We will provide placement assistance in which we will provide Resume Building, Profile Modifications, Mock Interviews, Technical Tests, Aptitude Tests, and Group discussions. This will help fresher candidates understand how interviews are conducted in the IT Industry.



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