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How to become a Hadoop Developer in 2019? - Technogeeks

How to become a Hadoop Developer in 2019? - Technogeeks

Do you have a passion for Big Data Hadoop?
Join a certification program in Pune TECHNOGEEKS. Big Data has become essential requirement for all industries. That’s why its requirement is increasing pace to pace. If you wish to build your career in this technology, TECHNOGEEKS welcomes you.
We need to understand that what is Hadoop Big Data?
Big data is a structured, unstructured and semi structured data on a large scale. In every industry data generation is increasing with a pace. To utilize this data we need to store, process, analyse and visualize and interpret big data.
Who can be Hadoop Developer?
Programming is essential for Big Data and fluency in different languages is important. There are many technologies required in big data. Data analysis includes data collection, data warehousing, and data transformation and after these it is data analysis.
·       Data collection includes some technologies that one should know are Data APIs, SQL etc.
·       Data warehousing is an important stage, one should expertise in DB2, Oracle, MySQL, HDFS, HBase etc.
·       Data transformation is required process for data analysis and again one must be expertise in technologies like ETL tools, Linux/Unix etc.
·       The final process is Data analysis and you must be expert of Hadoop, MapReduce, Cloudera etc.
Interpretation of data: 
·       Big Data is not that easy, sometimes it can be difficult to assimilate even with the help of above technologies. One should have a skill to interpret data in accordance with the organization’s requirement.
·       Domain knowledge is also must for who is a newbie in a field. Domains are different for different organizations. So, you will have a need to understand the domain, will help you to understand the organization’s business. Once you will able to understand organization’s business you will easily able to analyze and interpret data.
Scope of big data Hadoop in an IT industry:
This is the good time to enter in an industry. There are number of vacancies for big data Hadoop, but skilled employees are very less. It is a growing stage of big data Hadoop and you can get an exponential growth in this field. Huge demand of big data employees is still there in the market, will rise with the growth of companies, start-ups, Ecommerce etc. Around 1.4 lakhs jobs are vacant for big data employees and most probably it will rise by 2.3 lakh by the year 2021.
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