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ETL Testing Training in Pune| Best ETL Testing Training Pune| ETL Testing Classes Pune


    Introduction to ETL and DW Concepts

    What is Data Warehousing?

    Differences between OLTP and Data Warehousing

    Why we need two separate solution for real time and warehousing


    How to extract data from several sources and load into same target table


    How to perform transformation logics on data


    How to load data into final target table

    Data Marts

    Need and usage of data marts and types of data marts

    Dependent DM

    Independent DM 


    Types of Tables:

    Fact Table

    Dimension table 


    Fact Table

    Star Schema

    Snowflake Schema

    Fact Constellation Schema 


    SCD ( Slowly Changing Dimensions )

    Different types of SCD’s which developer develops and a tester has to test as per different types of data needs of clients

    We implement SCD-1 and  SCD-2 in class to show the implementation part more transparently and explain SCD-3 to define how to work on limited historical data as well which is used sometimes






    ETL Tool Implementation and Testing Concepts

    Basic Concepts In Sql (Select, Update, Insert and Delete)

    How  to design frequently used testing queries to validate the data in source and target for both of the reasons Data Quality and Correctness to ensure that expected data came into the final and mediator target tables or not. 

    Overview Of Etl Tool Architecture

    How ETL tool works and what is the basic need of ETL tools in the market

    What are the similarities between ETL tools and SQL

    Why we use ETL Tools if SQL is the only standard which any Database or Data Warehouse can use

    How ETL Tools work at back end

    Different ETL Tools in the market

    What types of tasks tester performs on ETL for testing purpose

    Informatica PowerCenter (Leading tool in the market) 


    Coding and testing process in different transformation rules

    SAMPLE Loading from source to target

    SORTER Transformation

    FILTER Transformation

    EXPRESSION Transformation

    JOINER Transformation

    UNION Transformation

    AGGREAGATOR Transformation

    SEQUENCE GENERATOR Transformation

    SQL Transformation

    We provide this practice as additional benefit to you so that you can implement jobs  by yourself to understand that what developers do in real time which you have to test.


    Testing Techniques in ETL

    MINUS Query

    COUNT Query

    UNION Query

    JOIN Query 


    Informatica PowerCenter

    How developers work on PowerCenter

    Different components of PowerCenter

    Tasks developed in different components

    Additional benefits:

    Interview Questions

    Resume preparations

    Real-time Scenarios examples and solution discussion


We cover following topics:

  • Database testing
  • Data warehouse testing
  • Report testing
  • OLTP and OLAP testing
  • 100% practical oriented approach
  • Unix platform will be covered as part of training
  • 100% placement Assistance


  • Training is designed in such a way that you can learn all types of testing related to ETL data chain. means we cover database, data warehouse, etl and report testing as the part of training.
  • We also cover Unix platform which is also mandatory now as per project demands
  • We provide 40+ assignments and 1 Project
  • Real time project implement in classroom so the you can get the complete idea about how to work in actual projects and POCs in IT.
  •  Trainer is working IT professional and has expertise on ETL testing
  • 100% placement assistance for both working and Non-working candidates
  • Get JOB Support - Attend Interviews till you get Placed
  • You will be working in Project
  • 10+ Yrs Experienced Trainer
  • Latest Study Materials
  • Lab Facility to Practice after Class
  • Trained over 500+ professionals in Data Warehouse ETL Testing
  • Resume & Interviews Preparation Support

We provide ETL testing training with multiple flavors because we include following concepts in training:
Database Testing
Informatica etl tool testing
ETL Testing
Inrotmatica ETL tool testing
Data Warehouse Testing
Report Testing
Excel Testing
Unix Testing
We also cover Real time scenarios as part of project and assignment so that you can get end to end product and project knowledge. You will get In-Depth ETL Testing Knowledge on each Topic. Claases are available on weekdays as we;; as  Weekends .
After completion of training we also provide placement assistance to Experienced as well as Non-Working candidates.
You can call/mail us for any assistance or query.