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Digital Marketing Course & Training in Pune - Technogeeks - Digital Marketing Institutes, Classes, Centers in Pune.

    Duration of the course : 6 Weekends

    Training includes : 20+ assignments, 3POCs

    and 1 Real time Project



    1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • The 4-Cs of Digital Marketing
    • Customer Persona
    • Comparing digital and offline marketing
    • Introduction to Google Analytics and Webmaster tools
    • Introduction to sales funnels 
    2. SEO-Keyword Planning
    • Introduction to SEO
    • Inbound Vs Outbound traffic
    • Keyword Planning
    • Domain Authority
    • Page Authority
    • Using Moz Toolbar 
    • Handouts: 
    • List of Keyword research tools 
    • Keyword research plan


    3. SEO-On Page
    • Understanding how Google search works
    • On-Page SEO
    • Optimizing Text
    • Optimizing Images Using Meta Tags
    • URL Structure
    • Redirects
    • Handling duplicate content
    • Site Speed
    • Using Webmaster tool for On Page SEO 
    4. SEO-Off Page
    • Off Page SEO
    • Link Building Technique
    • How to get Backlinks
    • How to build content for Backlinks
    • Using media and PR for Backlinks
    • Internal Linking
    • Using Webmaster for Off Page SEO
    • Using SEO Powersuite to track keyword Ranking 


    5. Social Media Marketing-1
    • Introduction to Social Media
    • How to get referral traffic from other sites
    • How to get Social Media referral traffic
    • Driving referral traffic from Facebook
    • Driving referral traffic from LinkedIn
    • Driving referral traffic from YouTube
    • Driving referral traffic from Twitter
    • Other sources of Organic traffic 
    6. Social Media Marketing-2
    • Running ads on Facebook,LinkedIn,YouTube and Twitter
    • Using URL tagging and Google Analytics to track these paid campaigns 


    7. Search Engine Marketing-Google Adwords
    • Introduction to Google search ads
    • Sources for paid traffic
    • Creating Ads in Google AdWords
    • Display advertising
    • Creating and Managing your Ad Campaign 
    8. Email Marketing
    • Introduction to Email Marketing
    • Email Marketing Cycle
    • Building Email List
    • Creating a lead magnet
    • Setting up a squeeze page
    • Tackling spam
    • Effective Content strategies
    • Tips to improve conversion 


    9. Affiliate Marketing
    • Introduction to Affiliate marketing
    • How Affiliate Marketing Works
    • Major Affiliate Marketing channels
    • How to set up and run Affiliate Marketing
    • Making money from Affiliate Marketing as a blogger 
    10. Understanding Google Analytics
    • Introduction to Google Analytics
    • Introduction to sales funnel
    • Using Google Analytics to understand visitor behavior
    • Heat Maps
    • Introduction to Landing Pages
    • Using Unbounce to create an effective landing page 


    11. Mastering Google Analytics-1
    • Conversions & Goals
    • Ecommerce Analytics
    • Multi Channel Funnels
    • Adwords Analytics
    • Tracking website performance using Google Analytics
    • Tracking form submissions and clicks using events
    • Optimizing the overall campaign performance 
    12. Mastering Google Analytics-2
    • Introduction to Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics
    • Learning from your competitors
    • Using Tools for competitive analysis