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Data Scince Training Classes in Pune, Aundh, Pimple, Wakad

    Duration: 78-80 hours classroom program
    13-14 Weekends
    80+ Assignments in classroom
    5 POCs , 2 Real time Projects
    Note: We Implement Project in Classroom itself!!
    We Provide Proper Guidance on Resume Building

    100% Placements Calls Guarantee!!

    Section 1: Course Introduction

      • Introduction to the course
      • What is Data Science?
      • What is Machine learning?
      • Environment setup and Installation.
      • Jupyter Notebook Overview

    Section 2. Python Crash Course

      • Datatypes in Python (List / Dictionaries / Tuples)
      • Functions, Procedure, lambda expressions, string slicing and dicing.
      • Python comparison operators
      • Module Outline Loops and Conditionals statements.
      • Datatypes in Python (List / Dictionaries / Tuples)
      • Python Crash course exercise {mini project}

    Section 3. Statistics, Probability and Python Practice

      • Types of Data
      • Mean, Median, Mode
      • Using mean, median, and mode in Python
      • Variation and Standard Deviation.
      • Percentiles and Moments.
      • Probability Density Function; Probability Mass Function
      • Covariance and Correlation
      • Conditional Probability
      • Bayes’ Theorem
      • Exercise Solution: Conditional Probability of Purchase by Age

    Section 4: Python Data Analysis

      • Introduction to Numpy.
      • Numpy array Indexing, Operations.
      • Exercise on Numpy.
      • Introduction to Pandas
      • Pandas Series usage
      • Dataframes in pandas and its usage
      • Missing data treatment using pandas
      • Groupby merging joining and concatenation operations using pandas.
      • Introduction to Scipy library
      • Matrix Operations using Scipy.
      • Project1: Ecommerce Purchase order evaluations.
      • Project 2: SF salary

    Section 5: Python for Data Visualizations

      • Introduction to Data Visualization section
      • A Crash Course in matplotlib.
      • Implementation of matplotlib on various datasets.
      • Exercise on Matplotlib.
      • A Crash course in Seaborn.
      • Distribution plot
      • Categorical plot
      • Matrix plot
      • Grids
      • Regression plots
      • Exercise on Seaborn’s lib.
      • Pandas Built in Data Visualization.
      • Plotly and Cufflinks
      • Geographical plotting using Choropleth.

    Section 6: Introduction to Machine Learning

      • Introduction to machine learning.
      • Supervised, Unsupervised and reinforcement learning.
      • Classification vs clustering algorithms.
      • Linear Regression model theory with mathematical Implementation.
      • Linear regression with Python.
      • Exercise on Linear regression implementation using Scikit learn library.
      • Project: Customer Analysis (Comparing the company website vs mobile application)
      • Cross Validation and Bias variance Trade off.
      • Logistic Regression model theory + mathematical implementation
      • Where to use logistic regression, dataset analysis
      • Logistic regression with Python.
        • Exercise on Logistic regression implementation using Scikit learn library.
        • Multivariate Regression, and Predicting Car Prices

      • K-Nearest Neighbors + theory + Implementation with python
      • Mathematics behind K-Nearest Neighbor
        • Exercise on K-Nearest Neighbors implementation using Scikit learn library.

      • Decision Tree and Random forest + theory + Implementation with python
      • Mathematics behind Decision tree and
      • What is Ensemble method?
        • Exercise on Decision Tree and Random forest classifier its implementation using Scikit learn library.

      • Support Vector Machines + maths behind Support vector machines.
        • SVM kernels
        • Linearly separable data
        • Non Linearly separable data.
        • SVM project Overview

      • K-Means clustering + hierarchical agglomerative clustering + mathematical implementation.
        • Exercise on K-means clustering

      • Dimensionality reduction using Principal component analysis.
        • PCA with python
        • Exercise on PCA.

    Section 7: Recommender system

      • What is recommender system?
      • Application of recommender system in real time applications.
      • Types of recommender system (User based and Item based recommender system)
      • Techniques to implement recommender system.
        • Exercise on recommender system with python.
        • Project​: Movie recommendation for users.
          • Restaurant recommender system.

    Section 8: Natural Language processing. With Deep Learning

      • Introduction to Natural Language processing
        • NLTK Python library.
        • Exercise on NLTK

      • Neural Net and Deep Learning
        • What is tensorflow?
        • Tensorflow Installation.
        • Tensorflow basics.
        • MNIST with Multilayer perceptron
        • Tensorflow with Contrib Learn
        • TensorFlow Exercise

      • What is Keras?
        • Keras Basics.
        • Pipeline implementation using keras.
        • MNIST implementation with Keras.

    Section 9: Spark and Scala Introduction

      • Introduction to Spark
      • Introduction to Scala
      • Scala Oops Concept
      • Spark RDDs
      • Types of RDDs
      • Transformations and Actions
      • Spark Advanced Functions for Machine Learning

    Section 10: Spark SQL

      • Spark SQL
      • Data Set
      • Data Frame
      • Differentiation between Spark RDDs, Transformations and Actions
      • Usage of Spark SQL in Data Science
      • Scala Library for Machine Learning
      • Scala Application in Log and email Processing

    Section 11: Spark Streaming

      • Spark Streaming Introduction
      • Spark Streaming Library
      • Large Dataset processing using Scala with Spark

    Section 12: Spark and Scala Machine Learning

      • Scala Application in Machine Learning
      • Linear Regression
      • Advanced Analytics using Spark
      • Machine Learning and Graph Data Processing

    Section 13: Data Science and Machine Learning Projects

      • End to End KT on real-time application of Data Science and Machine Learning
      • How to use Spar, Scala and Python Libraries in different use case
      • Comparison of different libraries for different domains
      • Real-time use cases discussion
      • Profile preparation
      • Mock Interviews
We Provide Project and Course COmpletion Certificate
Course and Project Completion Certificate
There are total four modules in this course:
Data Science source systems including Hadoop and Data warehouse Storage systems
Machine Learning
Deep Learning

We also Cover Project with real time usecases part of this training
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We start a new Batch every Monnt
Batch Schedule : Every Saturday Sunday (Weekend Batch)

We Have multiple projects based on below mentioned domains: