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Online Training

Technologies we are offering in Online Training are Hadoop Training, Oracle Training, PHP Training, Mainframe Training, Web Designing Training, Java Training, .NET Training, Software Testing Training, Data Warehousing Training, Teradata Training, Android Training, SharePoint Training, C & C++ Training, UNIX SHELL Scripting Training, PERL Training, Microsoft BI Training, SEO Training and for more visit our courses page.

Online training is given to the different personals like persons who are in abroad, working in the software companies to improve their knowledge, working in the government circle for getting a post in the software companies, working in the private companies in software field.

Technogeeks is not only an institute which gives software training to various categories of personnel’s in various fields either to improve their personality skills or to get best placement in the MNC’s.

The results of the survey undertaken by the private personals in the field about Technogeeks Training in Pune have made us a joyful heart. So, we have started the online training along with the retail training at Pune with the brand name of Technogeeks-Training in Pune.

We are giving training to the needy ones in the field of software for the past ten years without any break in a well-planned manner. On the same pattern we are giving ONLINE Training with the normal fees structure. Without hesitation you can join in Training in Bangalore for getting ONLINE Training. Our sincerity, mode of approach with the personals, speedy clearance of doubts either in the field of fees structures or in the field of training will attract you.

So, If you want to learn without sitting in class room its a great opportunity for you. Please Contact Us. We will give you clear structure before joining with us.